Deal: Free Redbox Instant Trial plus 4 Free Rentals

I don’t normally post these type of membership deals, but a million and one Hiffers wrote in to let me know we can all get a free 1 month trial of Redbox Instant. What is that? It’s basically like other video streaming sites. For $7.99/month, you get unlimited streaming online plus 4 free kiosk rentals.

So today you could sign up, enjoy the service, and then either cancel within 28 days and not pay a dime for the month’s service you enjoyed or keep it and be charged $7.99 every month from here until you cancel. You can obviously do whichever is best for you, I have no idea, but just be warned it’s a cost if you don’t cancel within the first month.

The More You Know

  • Maura Shortridge

    I’m not the only one who sang “The more you know” in my head when I saw that, am I?

  • crkrjak2001

    I tried Redbox streaming. I quit after asking repeatedly if they were planning on adding subtitles for hearing impaired people. After failing to receive any reply, I switched to Netflix, where almost every movie & tv show has captioning available. Now I just wait for promo codes to rent from Redbox.