Free Sonic Drink Coupon

There are few things as good as a freebie. One of those things is a fun freebie, such as this free Sonic drink coupon game. If anybody reads my personal blog over at Shyzer, they’ll know I’m something of an ad fan. In short, Sonic has good ads. Coupled with good food and fun ways to get freebies and you’ve got a recipe for a successful business.

In the game, you’ve got to find the secret 5 ingredients that make TJ’s favorite drink. It’s basically trial and error, but if you use the hints at the bottom that tell you how many ingredients you have in your current drink choice, it should only take a few minutes to figure out. If you’re lazy though, highlight the text below for the solution.

blue coconut, watermelon, Minute Maid Apple Juice, Minute Maid Cranberry Juice, and Coca-Cola. Enjoy!