Free Swagbucks Code For New Users

EDIT: This code is no longer valid.

How many times have we written about Swagbucks here? A gazillion? It probably has something to do with how awesome the site is – in fact, I just cashed out my fourth $5 Amazon giftcard this weekend thanks to them.

For anybody who is new to HIF, SB is basically Google + prizes. You search with them just as you would with Google, but the key difference occurs randomly when you win swag bucks, which can ultimately be redeemed for gift cards, books, posters, and starting today – video games!

In fact, to promote some of the new changes they’ll be rolling out this week, they’ve given HIF an exclusive code. Signing up for a free account will net you 3 points automatically. Then you can use the code FREECODE to gain an additional 3 points, giving you 6. For reference, a free $5 Amazon giftcard costs 45 points, so you’ll already be 13% of the way towards your first prize. Like I said in my previous post, I average about 2-3 swag bucks a day though my normal search habits, which takes me about 15-20 days to earn my prize of choice. (the code above will expire on June 16 at 11:59pm PST)

Some of their new features this week include a widget that you can place on your blog / website, a newly designed frontpage, and a favorites section in their store. If you were ever wondering why Swagbucks destroyed Blingo and Winzy, I think you now have your answer!

I know it kinda stinks that the Swagbucks code doesn’t work for members who have already registered, but they are holding point giveaways for all users on their Twitter, Facebook, and blog this week. Plus, I’ll be starting another survey tomorrow afternoon with some prizes. So there’s that to look forward to :)

  • Michelle

    I never knew about this site, thanks so much for sharing! I’m going to save up for a starbucks card. can never have to many of those

  • sharon

    i need one for swagbuck for my third gift card, darn i just cant seem to get it.

  • Crystal

    Thanks Goob I wondered why I see alot of ppl talking about swagbucks! I thought “what the heck is a swagbuck” well thanks to you now I know :-)

  • Jess

    This site is fantastic! I’ve been promoting it to everyone I know (to get extra swag bucks of course!). I’ve done the Amazon cards a few times but now i’ve got my eyes on a larger prize, i’m thinking something electronic…

  • Lori

    Good idea, but it would not let me sign up. It kept saying that my email address was formatted wrong

  • shyla

    Never knew about this either! Cool though. I tried to substitute it for my google, but i couldnt. SO it will just be my side thing. Butttt thats really cool how you win stuff! Thanks Oob

  • Lesley Boatright

    Still digging the Swagbucks. I’m up to around 130 and saving ’til Christmas. I figure it will get me a few presents off of Amazon.

  • Samantha

    Signed up today! It’s no google, so I mostly just use it when I would have clicked on the wiki link anyway. Searches like “Charisma Carpenter” totally fine. My search for “calcium-regulated calcium release”… less good.

  • Sherri

    This code did not work for me. :) I do love this site, I just cashed in my 5th $5 amazon gift card.

  • Keri

    I went to sign up for this site, but I couldn’t get the code to work…. :(

  • pat

    signed up yesterday but couldnt get the( freecode) to work. any suggestions?

  • Goob

    If you’re having trouble with the code, make sure you’re typing it in all caps like I did – it’s case sensitive.

  • Crystal

    This sb site is cool but the whole scavenger hunt thing is the pits!I don’t work well under pressure lol,they are like you have 15 mins. to find swag codes hidden in 5 games out of 5 million! I got 2 out of 5 which is crap because I clicked madden 07 twice and didn’t see a code,oh well I will keep trying lol

  • Michelle

    Tried the all caplocks for the free code still didn’t work,,,but hey still an awesome site!!!!!! Thanks:)

  • D.L.

    Signed up today and got the extra 3 points!! Thanks!

  • Taylor

    So how exactly do you get that many points a day b/c i barely get any??

  • B.A.

    enter code TradeIn, it worked for me!!!!

  • Lockerz

    do you have twitter? it would be cool to put updates on there.

  • ojesvii

    It does not work

  • prakriti


  • Vinnie

    I woude be very glad if help me earn more swagbucks. My name is vinnie

  • DevonteM

    Hey Anyone Can You Please Give Me SwagBucks Codes :} Thanks.

  • DevonteM

    Will.. I Gussed So Still Please Anyone Send Me Codes

  • amsikwitit

    thats cool i try to contrbute

  • Meatball

    looking for swagcodes can be a pain however I earned hundreds of dollars worth of Amazon giftcards from the site:)

  • death

    I have over 500 swagbucks saved up. im going for a ps3