Abuelo’s Birthday Freebie

Abuelo's Birthday Freebie
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  • Dessert
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Today's birthday series post is for Abuelo's birthday freebie, which is a free dessert. I figured I should get a smaller restaurant in here since not everybody eats at large chains. It's also reassuring to get visual confirmation that the dessert comes on a plate and not on the waitstaff's head.

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  1. Beginning in 2017, Abuelo’s changed their reward system from a simple email sign-up to having a 14-digit membership card. It appears that they were still sending out their normal emails through 2018, but I’ve received diddly-squat for my Jan 2019 birthday, so it appears that they have totally switched over to only sending sign-up/birthday/anniversary gifts to membership card holders.

  2. So Goob, did we find out a little something about you by accident.? Is Ryan your name? Continuing in this vain, given that the freebies pool is not very full for you to pull from lately, why not provide a mini autobiography. What brought you to doing this wonderful freebie site…etc. etc. etc. HIFers want to know.


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