Free Ambroise Nourishing Hair Fragrance

I could write a whole post on how I don't like the current direction of the freebie world. Case in point, this free Ambroise Nourishing hair fragrance.

This site just screams Spam City to me. There's hardly any info on the site. The domain was registered 13 days ago. The freaking image of the CEO is AI generated!!!

And yet!

Here I am posting this is because their official Instagram account mentioned this earlier today. I pulled their LLC records with the state and the official company is still in business as of last winter. They were also at a local NYC beauty show in May, so I believe they are still in operation, so I'm posting this.

Why are companies hosting their giveaways on spammy lead pages?! 😫

I will admit my initial concern was that I worry some small businesses are getting their social media profiles hacked. The Internet is awash in tiny companies that people start and then soon stop working on. However, they often forget to pull down the associated social media accounts.

So imagine you start a small soap company and use a weak password to setup all your socials. Then a little while later you throw in the towel on the soap company and thus stop checking on those social accounts. If you don't actually delete them, then somebody can come along later and get into your account since you used a weak password. Now this bad actor can post a “freebie” to your “official” account and collect people's information.

Again, I don't have any hard proof that this is going on right now, especially with this specific freebie. But I'm starting to see small indications here and there among the freebie world. I'll obviously keep looking around and let y'all know what I discover.

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