Books-A-Million Birthday Freebie

Books-A-Million Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer 20% off next entire purchase
Today's Freebie 15% off next $25+ purchase
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Who wants to read? Haha, the joke's on you because you already are even if you don't want to!

Now that you're reading, you might as well sign up for the great Books-A-Million birthday freebie. The coupon is sent out via their newsletter. The registration box is hard to find on their site, but the signup link above will take you right to it.

This 20% off promo code is only valid for online purchases and is supposed to be valid for 7 days after your birthday only. But the crazy part is the code doesn't look to be unique – my code in January 2022 was H01BD22. So there's a chance this 20% off code will work for anybody, all year long. My guess is that the 01 field is based on the month and the 22 field is based on the year, so you might need to tweak the code as the calendar changes.

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