Bruegger’s Birthday Freebie

Bruegger's Bagels Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free bagel with cream cheese
  • Breakfast
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Bruegger's Bagels birthday freebie reminded me that I've never blown a candle out of a bagel. What can I say, I have a reallllly weird bucket list.

In order to get your freebies, make sure to sign up in advance and be on the lookout for your birthday coupon near your b-day. If you're an old member of Bruegger's eClub and haven't gotten a birthday deal recently, then you need to re-join. They upgraded their rewards system sometime around 2016 and didn't transfer over all the subscribers.

Their email to me mentioned it was time to “enjoy the best bagel of your life!” Do people actually remember the best bagel they've ever had? I've probably eaten hundreds and they all tasted virtually the same to me. Well, almost all of them. There was that one I ate which turned out to be a toy bagel made of rubber. I knew it was a bit too chewy, but I didn't want to waste any food!

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  1. To start out, I used to work at Bruegger’s, so I know how accepting coupons at the register works: we don’t scan any bar codes; there are no individualized coupons.ย  This means that when you get a coupon for a free cookie or the signup coupon for the free bagel, all you have to do is open it up in an image editing program (MS paint even) and change the expiration date.ย  The font is 10.5 Arial bold.

  2. But most emails aren’t meant to be printed. Even their regular emails with run of the mill offers or calendar of specials have the lines all over them.


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