Brunswick Bowling Birthday Freebie

As of January 2020, all Brunswick Zone centers have been rebranded to either Bowlero or AMF properties. Brunswick Bowling's old school birthday offer was two free games of bowling, but I've yet to confirm if these offers have carried over with the new brands.

I've always loved bowling. Especially the part where I scored a strike in the lane next to mine. Then I fruitlessly argue I deserve 50 bonus points for pulling off the feat, but my “friends” never have any part of it.

/Insert obligatory link to our amazing birthday freebies list here.

3 comments on “Brunswick Bowling Birthday Freebie”

  1. Today is my 53 Birthday , I like to know if I bowl for free or do I still have pay like every body else? I really don’t mine paying for my own bowling lanes if I come now , just practice up with my bowling on strikes, spears, tonight for glow bowling that starts at 10:30 pm-1:00pm. June Szulc

  2. Hi, Goob. When I went to the Brunswick site and signed up, the birthday discount seems to be for children only. Did I miss something? Thanks. Judy


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