Brunswick Bowling Birthday Freebie

The Brunswick Bowling birthday freebie was one that I actually used last year. I know, it's shocking that I wasn't able to take advantage of all 100+ birthday freebies we have listed, but it's true. The bowling was fun, especially the part where I scored a strike in the lane next to mine. I fruitlessly argued I should get a 50 point bonus for pulling off that feat, but my “friends” weren't having any part of it.

Signup Freebie: Free BOGO game of bowling.
Birthday Freebie: Two free games of bowling.

Insert obligatory link to our birthday freebies list here.

3 comments on “Brunswick Bowling Birthday Freebie”

  1. Today is my 53 Birthday , I like to know if I bowl for free or do I still have pay like every body else? I really don’t mine paying for my own bowling lanes if I come now , just practice up with my bowling on strikes, spears, tonight for glow bowling that starts at 10:30 pm-1:00pm. June Szulc

  2. Hi, Goob. When I went to the Brunswick site and signed up, the birthday discount seems to be for children only. Did I miss something? Thanks. Judy


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