Buffalo Wild Wings Birthday Freebie

Buffalo Wild Wings Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer 6 free buffalo wings
Today's Freebie Free chips and salsa with a $10 purchase
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It's back! The Buffalo Wild Wings free birthday offer is an order of wings! For a few years in the last 2010s, tragedy had struck the buffalo. He flew too close to the sun and had his wild, wild wings fried to a crisp – by which I mean bdubs only offered a $5 coupon.

But now, I've confirmed 2024 is back to their classic (and better!) offer for a free snack size of 6 wings. Glorious, delicious, and deep fried. Just like a free birthday offer should be!

Your free coupon is valid for the entire month of your birthday and can be located in the Buffalo Wild Wings app. They previously delivered their bday reward via email, but they phased that system out in favor of an app-based system like most other restaurants in recent years.

So it's best to sign up for a new Blazin' Rewards account if you haven't already!

The BWW rewards program is one of the better at sending our free monthly coupons & deals in-app too, so that's another nice perk.

Their old birthday mailer gave us permission to party like it's our birthday. But then I did one drunken karaoke dance in the middle the restaurant and they changed their email the next year. A coincidence, I'm sure… πŸ™‚

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