Buffalo Wild Wings Birthday Freebie

Buffalo Wild Wings Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free order of 6 buffalo wings
Today's Freebie Free chips and salsa with a $10 purchase
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It's back! As of this year, the Buffalo Wild Wings free birthday offer is an order of wings!

I like how it still gives us permission to party like it's our birthday. Does that mean I can dance and sing karaoke in the middle of the restaurant? This is probably even more likely since I need to buy so much beer to hit my $25 limit!

Obsolete 2018 Heartbreaking Update

Tragedy has struck the buffalo. He flew too close to the sun and had his wild, wild wings fried to a crisp.

For years, the Buffalo Wild Wings birthday freebie was a free snack size of wings. Glorious, delicious, and free. Just like a free birthday offer should be.

And now? Now it's some $5 off coupon for a much larger order.