Crumbl Cookies Birthday Freebie

Crumbl Cookies Birthday Freebie
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Did you know that you can get a Crumbl Cookies birthday freebie each year? Well now you do! All you have to do is make a free loyalty account and then you'll get one free cookie of your choice during your birthday month each year.

Crumbl Cookies is a popular cookie brand that has over 600 locations in the United States. Its popularity comes from the fact that it sells 6 gourmet limited-edition cookies via a weekly rotating menu that changes every Sunday night. To find out what the crumbl cookies this week are, just check out their homepage.

Much like a sneaker brand, this creates a “hype cycle” around these disappearing flavors. It’s also popular on TikTok (2.8 billion views on its hashtag), which drives even more hype for it.

How to get your Free Birthday Crumbl Cookie

At the start of your birthday week, Crumbl will text you a unique link that you need to click in order to redeem your free cookie offer. In order to get this text, you just have to make a free loyalty account ahead of time.

Here's what it'll look like. Mine came from 833-236-3571.

Crumbl Cookies Birthday Freebie

You'll then be shown a QR code to scan in-store, on the web, or within their mobile app. This free birthday cookie voucher is valid for 5 weeks.

Crumbl Cookies Birthday Freebie Cookie

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