Captain D’s Birthday Freebie

Captain D's Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free dessert with the purchase of a meal
Today's Freebie Free 1-piece Fish and Fries
  • Dessert
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Who would win in a fight: Captain D or Captain Goob? I don't know what he's rockin' these days, but the USS HIF was recently outfitted with two brand new, state of the art water cannons. They might not scare most sailors, but they strike fear into the heart of my neighbors. Nobody in a three block radius even bothers checking their mail for freebies anymore. They know whose territory they're on!

Too bad I don't have anything as cool as Captain D's birthday freebies.

20 comments on “Captain D’s Birthday Freebie”

    • I did not receive my free birthday dinner coupon this year. Would you know why this did not happen? I live in Knoxville, TN Thank you.

      David C. Bryant

  1. I can’t really sign up for it because there are no participating locations anywhere near me. I don’t know why the ones around here, especially the one in town, don’t participate in it.

  2. Not sure if they’re even offering this anymore. i’ve been getting them annually for the last 5 years and this year it didn’t come. it has always come 3 days before my bday and this year i got nothing and my bday is tomorrow. maybe its just late but it has never been late. 🙁

    • Go to the old coupon email you were sent, if you have not deleted this email. Clicl on the old coupon banner. It will up date the year, like from 2017 to 2018. I found this out by accident. I could not believe it!!! Take care, David

  3. another NO PURCHASE freebie… meal was good but no drink with ur meal…. I got the 2pc fish cole slaw and fries mmmmmm cant wait til next year… They get 4 out of 5 stars

  4. I printed my birthday coupon but lost it and I have deleted the offer. Please send me another so I can have
    lunch today. My birthday was 1/30/50. Thanks

  5. Every year I can’t wait to get my Birthday coupon to eat free at Captain D’s, but this year I was very sad, I never recieved a Birthday coupon. I tried to email and also tried to rejoin Captain D’s Birthday club and the system denied me saying I am already a member, so how do I get my birthday coupon? Very sad this year.

    • Go to the old coupon email you were sent, if you have not deleted this email. Click on the old coupon banner. It will up date the year, as in from 2017 to 2018. I found this out by accident when trying to download the old coupon from the previous year. I could not believe it!!! Take care and GOD BLESS, David

  6. Check your local Captain D’s about participation. I live in Charlotte, NC. There are many Captain D’s in my area but none of them participate. If you sign up at their website and don’t see your local Captain D’s listed, its a good indication that they do not participate. I signed up almost 3 years ago. Even though no Charlotte Captain D’s were listed on the website, there were 3 in my area that would accept the email coupons. About a year ago they all stopped accepting them, and even posted signs saying that they do not accept the email coupons. The nearest participating Captain D’s to me is over an hour and half away.


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