Free Michel Germain Parfum

Free Michel Germain Parfum

Here's a page offering a free Michel Germain SΓ©xΕ«al Noir Eau de Parfum 1.2ml sample. Just enter your email and then go through the checkout.

There should be zero shipping or handling fees, so please let me know in the comments if they add one later.

Free Erborian CC Cream

Free Erborian CC Cream

SoPost has restocked their free Erborian CC cream, which is skincare product from South Korea.

I was approved for a sample right off the bat without any demographics hurdles to jump over, so that's a nice departure from typical SoPost freebies!

Free Target Insider Sample Box

Possible Free Target Insider Sample Box

Target and Sampler have teamed up to offer a possible free Target Insider sample boxes full of freebies and coupons! Simply log-in with your Sampler account and answer the demographic questions to see which freebies you qualify for.

I answered truthfully that I have no children and that qualified me for absolutely nothing, so take what you will from that!

Free Lancome Perfume

Free Lancome Lotta Letters Perfume

SoPost is back with a new offer for free La Vie Est Belle Eau De perfume.

I guess this is technically a “parfum,” not to be confused with a parfait. They both sound similar, but trust me, they taste wayyyy different.

La vie est belle is the epitome of happiness itself. This classic scent includes notes of iris, patchouli, and warm vanilla.

Free Riversol Skincare Sample

Free 15-Day Riversol Sample

Copy and paste the link below in order to get a free 15-day supply of Riversol.

So what is this stuff?

Get skin that looks fresher, brighter, and smoother. In only 15 days, you can brighten your complexion and smooth lines for noticeably younger-looking skin.

I love a beauty regime that only takes two weeks for results, because that's about as long as I can remember to use something consistently.

After entering the address form, you should get a confirmation order number and a $0.00 total. If they sneakily add a shipping or handling fee later, please let me know in the comments!

Free Pinkizh Pink Clay Mask

Free Pinkizh Pink Clay Mask

Sign up here in order to get a free Pinkizh pink clay mask.

Or pink clay mask contains vitamin C, aloe vera, and select botanical essential oils. We know you're going to love it after just one application.

I honestly don't think this sample will ever arrive, but who knows. I wanted to share just in case I'm wrong, which usually occurs 50% of the time.

Free Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Serum Foundation

Free Lancome Paris Teint Serum

The official title for this offer is free Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Serum Foundation. Jesus Christ, somebody send Lancome a proper copyeditor.

I know this URL looks a bit weird, but I'm fairly certain this is a legit freebie. And so what if it isn't? The sun will consume our world in a few billion years, so what do we have to lose?

Free Prada Beauty Perfume

Free Prada Beauty Perfume

Man, SoPost is really firing on all cylinders lately, aren't they? Today they're back with another sample in to form of this free Prada Beauty perfume.

Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum, the new feminine signature fragrance, is the essential expression of Prada femininity in all its forms. Featuring notes of Neroli, Amber, and Musk Paradoxe is the immediately recognizable signature of the woman impossible to frame.

Who among us doesn't have fond memories of passing notes around class with Neroli and Musk Paradoxe?