Free Exederm Skincare Sample

This free Exederm skincare sample will definitely help with any dry weather you may be experiencing. It's designed for eczema and dermatitis sufferers with sensitive skin.

I'm hopeful it'll keep me from setting up a humidifier in every single room in my apartment. Otherwise, I turn into a shriveled raisin just in time for Christmas every year.

Their easy freebie signup form states there's a waiting list, but that more samples are expected to ship in 1-2 months.

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  1. Here is an email I received from Exerderm. I’m not sure from which blog I sent for this free sample. This is not the first time I have received this type of email. Is any effort made to check out these freebies before they are posted? I surely hope there is. Thanks.

    Dear virginia,

    Thank you for requesting a FREE sample of exederm intensive moisture cream.

    Normally we get 30 to 40 requests per day from visitors to our website. However, within the last 72 hours we have had over 30,000 requests and they are still coming.

    That’s the power of the internet! We are still trying to figure out how exactly this happened.

    As a small, independent company it is going to take us some time to be able to handle the enormous increase in demand for free samples – we simply do not have the resources to do this quickly, so please bear with us.

    We currently estimate that delivery may take between 45 to 60 days (in some cases longer).

    In the meantime, by way of an apology, we have decided to offer you an extra special coupon which can be used at our online store right now! [Valid thru 9/31/09. One per customer]


    Simply enter coupon code at our checkout to save $10 on any purchase.

    (Delivery on normal orders is 3/5 days & free shipping is available on all orders over $50 after discounts)

    In the next few days we will also email a copy of our 12 page booklet on “Exederm and Managing Eczema”.

    virginia – thanks for your understanding and patience, and sorry for the delay on the free sample.

  2. Guess what? It is no longer August.

    Just thought I would point it out. Oh and all this nice cool weather means a very cold winter is in store. So get thos e warm coats out and cleaned now before the big “I’m freezing to death rush”.

  3. I got an email from them saying they didn’t know how their giveaway got all over the internet so fast, and that it may take 60 days to catch up to all the requests


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