Comparing Costco and Sam’s Club Freebies

Costco vs Sams Club Free Samples

This article is freebie-adjacent, so I felt like sharing it here. Business Insider compared Costco and Sam's Club free samples and came away with a clear winner.

On paper, Sam's Club and Costco are almost identical – both are membership-based warehouse stores that offer customers discounted prices on products bought in bulk and other services such as eye and ear exams, a pharmacy, one-hour photo printing, and a food court.

We decided to put one of their best-known perks to the test: the free samples.

Both chains are known for their generous sample policy and customers frequently brag on Twitter about heading to the stores for a free meal.

There is a method to their madness, however. By offering free samples these stores improve the shopping experience for the customer and make them more loyal. It's also a way for customers to try new products and spur them into buying more.

“What started as a fun idea more than 30 years ago is now a core experience that our members love. Sharing samples is a great way to highlight cool, new items and showcase the quality and value offered by our curated assortment,” a spokesperson for Sam's Club told Business Insider.

Who do you think won?

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  1. No, there really wasn’t a “clear” winner. I was hoping for a better article, because I was really curious how it would go.

    They visited one Sams and one Costco total. They admitted they visited Sams at a bad time (and was different timing then when they visited Costco). Then they concluded “Costco had around a dozen sample stations, which is over double what Sam’s Club might have had on one of its better days.”

    I’ve been to Costco when they only had a couple of samples. I have been to Sams when they have had over a dozen. What would have been helpful was visit the 2 stores (and more than one of each) on the same day and at the same time of day.

  2. My guess is Cosco. I have never been to a Cosco but the people who give the samples at Sam’s are very pushy and rude! The people who do the samples at BJs are so much nicer

  3. We belong to Costco and I’ve had many a sample there. Leading into Thanksgiving, they have so much to offer you can’t eat it all, no matter how determined you are. Generally, I stick to just one sample per station, but, ok, sometimes it takes a second tasting to really decide if I like something, ahem. My fondest memory, though, was hitting the station that was offering slabs of brie on slices of french bread just as the server was about to close up. She begged everyone to eat their fill because she would have to throw away anything that was left at the end of her shift. (She wasn’t allowed any for herself.) How could I allow perfectly good brie and bread to be thrown away? Happily did my duty. I’ve never been to Sam’s, so I can’t compare but I’ll guess Costco. Generally do not think highly of Walmart and their business practices so I don’t grace their stores much.

  4. Probably Costco. We’ve had both memberships, and so far, the moment we moved in a place with Costco, we dropped Sam’s and never looked back. It may cost more, but service, offerings, and just overall how they treat people is way beyond anything Sam’s ever did or will do. You cannot pay us to go back to Sam’s Club.

    • I would guess Costco. They seem to have more vendors available. My only complaint would be the rudeness of the customers, especially those who are truly feeding their children a meal there & they refuse to leave the stand until they are full! I feel sorry for those who have to cater to these folks!


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