Flat Top Grill Birthday Freebie

Flat Top Grill Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer BOGO "creation," which I really hope is an entree bowl
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Don't let the giant asterisk in Flat Top Grill's birthday freebie email worry you. I cut off the fine print, but I assure you there are no sneaky catches. It's not a BOGO, you don't have to have a flat top haircut, and teeth grills are only optional. It's simply a straight up freebie, just the way we like them. Now if only they had more locations than in four midwest states…

Now here's the rub. I signed up for all these freebies in February / March to test them out and back then their offer was a free stir fry. However, they've since updated their main site to say their offer is $5 off on your birthday and yet their birthday signup page says it's still a stir fry. So I re-signed up this week and got a second birthday email for … a free stir fry! They're probably in the midst of changing their system, so if you want to get this freebie, jump on it now.

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3 comments on “Flat Top Grill Birthday Freebie”

  1. I have received my coupon in the middle of July-my birthday was the 28th-for years. It originally was for one free meal, not BOGO, but it looks like they’re cutting it each year. However, since I didn’t even get an offer for the discount price this year, nor can I find a way to sign up online, it certainly sounds like they’re regretting their past generosity. When I talked to the manager about, he did give me a card and said to ask for it, but he also said I could sign up on line so this wouldn’t happen again. I can’t find that, and since my income is below the poverty line, I’m not going to ask somebody else to come in with me unless I’m sure of getting the meal.

  2. As of Nov 1, 2012 it’s back to Free Stir Fry during your birthday month. Β Just got my coupon on Nov 1st, as Nov 8th is my birthday.


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