Free American Spirit Gift Certificates

Free American Spirit Gift Certificates

The classic free $20 American Spirit gift certificate used to arrive via physical mailers. They're about to discontinue them in 2020, but you won't miss out. Their new freebie system is going digital! It's like discovering a brilliant TV show during its third season. The only difference is one kills you through lung cancer and the other though heart disease. Tomatoes, tamatoes!

Here's how to get your free American Spirit gift certificates.

  1. Log in with your free account. If you need to make an account, American Spirit is legally required by federal law to confirm your identity as an adult 18 years or older. They must do this to keep children out, so they ask for your last 4 digits of your social security number.
  2. Visit this page on your smartphone
  3. Tap “Get Gift Certificate”
  4. Choose a store to redeem your gift certificate.
  5. Select your gift certificate.

Please note that it must be redeemed within five minutes once selected. So I'd sign up at home, then wait until I'm near the store to redeem the free coupon.

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      • I went into site and registered for coupons. it shows i will receive gift certificate with coupons to my address through mail. but it shows i will receive it with in 6 to 7 weeks. does it takes that much long time?

  1. Just tried using my American Spirit Certificates and so far no one has accepted them , Last Year they did but this Year some say they don’t know how to do it or too much paperwork !

  2. Are these like 20, 1 dollar off coupons or can I use them how I want and basically get a pack for free with a 10 dollar gift certificate?

  3. The coupons arent accepted everywhere. In fact they probably dont accept them anywhere near you. I tried these at two places (THAT AMERICAN SPIRITS SAID IT WORKS AT), and they didnt accept it.

    Might just be a waste of time, and a sign-up to spam mail.

    do at your own risk!

  4. I am a smoker of american spirit cigerates. Please send me some coupons to;
    Joseph Somberg, 1260 N. Harper ave., West Hollywood, California, 90046. Thank you

  5. The only store around here (PGH, PA) that sells them is Sheetz. Maybe the American Spirit website can tell you where to find them in your area. Some sites do list the stores that carry their product. With the price of gas who can afford to drive around looking for them?
    Good luck.

  6. I love this freebie and have received it in the mail. My only problem, I can’t find a store to except them. American Spirits are hard to find around here anyway, the specific type I smoke is only sold at one store out of probably thirty around here. That store doesn’t except the gift certificate, I gotta find a store.

  7. Hey Guys, will send you out $10.00 in FREE Coupons if you enter the promo code:

    MAR1726 (This is a new offer)

    They are for $1.00 off of 1 pack-(10 coupons total) OR
    $5.00 off of a carton-(2 coupons total)

    Just thought some of you could use it.

  8. I didn’t know what American Spirit was either. I could sign up my friend, who is a smoker, but I am trying to get her to quit. I won’t tell her about this freebie.

  9. I’ve been an American Spirit smoker for over 10 years now. They have definately had this around awhile. It is actually (2) $10 certificates good towards ANY A.S. purchase. Once you are signed up you will receive a $5 givt certificate on your b-day in the mail, periodic for no reason what-so-ever $5 certificates. After you have requested your first certificates, you can request them again after 12 full months, and every 12 months after again.

    One last thing. Random new signees will receive in the mail an offer for 1 free carton of your choice, just pay $14 S&H. My wife has received this offer 3 times and I haven’t got any. She don’t even smoke. Just gets them for me.

    If anyone gets these and wont use them pass my email on to them and I will cover postage to mail to me. πŸ™‚

  10. That’s GREAT and try to keep it that way!!!

    FYI all: These cigs are very slow burning with no additives. However, they cost way more than Marlboro which I thought was a little odd considering they’re a relatively unknown brand trying to make a name for themselves!!
    Ah well….


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