Free Genome Poster

Head on over and fill out a form to receive your very own free Human Genome poster that maps selected traits and disorders mapped to chromosomes.

Unfortunately they've run out of physical copies to mail out. However, they still have many high-res images of the poster, good for printing or looking at on computers.

4 comments on “Free Genome Poster”

  1. Thanks Goob!!! I am getting a pretty good little poster collection going on here. One of these days I plan on getting the best ones framed and hang them on the walls!
    My Favorite is an original print of the “The Lion King” That I got from Disney a while back! free of course!!
    Thanks again!

  2. I did get this awhile back.I remember because when I got it I was like wtf,why did I get this?!lol I ended up giving it to my little brother.he’s weird…


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