How to Get a FREE Congratulatory Letter from US Senators!

Politics aside, did you know most US Senators send out free congratulatory letters and all you have to do is ask?! These letters of recognition come on official letterhead and make for unique keepsakes to memorialize important milestones in your life.

Senators will only send letters to their own state residents, so make sure to request a letter from your two Senators. Don't worry, I have direct links below! ⤵ The turnaround time on these freebies range from 2-12 weeks, so be sure to make your request well in advance if you want to frame it or give it away as a gift.

Common Congratulation Topics

Eagle Scout
Girl Scout
New Citizen
Organization event
Weddings/Civil Unions
Wedding Anniversary

While these are congratulation topics, they're not limited to this list! Most forms have an “Other” option where you can describe what the letter is for and they'll customize their letter for you. So you can celebrate all sorts of events, like winning a college scholarship or earning a local award, and you'll still get a customized letter commemorating your achievement. Pretty cool, huh?!

Let's randomly select Senator Stabenow from Michigan and see what her Special Recognitions form looks like. As you can see, her office sends free commemorative greetings and recognitions for special events and achievements for Michigan residents.

Anniversaries – 25 years of marriage or more
Birthdays – 80 years of age or older
Retirement – Employment, military
Scouting Achievements – Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Award recipients
Special Recognitions – Requests for recognitions of educational achievements, building dedications, new U.S. citizenship, special events or other significant personal achievements will be given individual consideration. If you would like to request a special recognition, please take a moment to fill out this form.

On top of these frequent specified recognitions, she has a catch all “Congratulations / Recognition Personal” like I mentioned above!

Request A Free Senator Special Recognition!

So how do you get your own? By using this table with direct links that I keep updated!

Some Senators have “Special Request Form”, which are what we want! For other Senators, you'll need to use their normal contact form and select the “Congratulatory” or “Congratulations” subject line. And finally, the remaining Senators don't have a unique subject line for congratulatory letters, BUT you can select “Other” and still usually get a letter sent to you!

Here's a quick tutorial video I made showing how to use the information below!

One last tip: New Senators who just took office this year are still using the default governmental landing pages. It typically takes a few months for them to get their own websites up and running, so I'll circle back around on them later this year.

SenatorStateContact FormSpecial Request Form
Tammy BaldwinWIContact Senator Baldwinyes, use ⬅️
John BarrassoWYContact Senator Barrassoyes, use ⬅️
Michael BennetCOContact Senator BennetSpecial Request Form
Marsha BlackburnTNContact Senator Blackburn
Richard BlumenthalCTContact Senator Blumenthalyes, use ⬅️
Cory BookerNJContact Senator Bookeryes, use ⬅️
John BoozmanARContact Senator Boozman
Mike BraunINContact Senator Braunyes, use ⬅️
Katie BrittALContact Senator Britt
Sherrod BrownOHContact Senator BrownSpecial Request Form
Ted BuddNCContact Senator Budd
Maria CantwellWAContact Senator Cantwell
Shelley CapitoWVContact Senator Capitoyes, use ⬅️
Benjamin CardinMDContact Senator Cardin
Thomas CarperDEContact Senator CarperSpecial Request Form
Robert CaseyPAContact Senator CaseySpecial Request Form
Bill CassidyLAContact Senator Cassidyyes, use ⬅️
Susan CollinsMEContact Senator Collins
Christopher CoonsDEContact Senator CoonsSpecial Request Form
John CornynTXContact Senator CornynSpecial Request Form
Catherine Cortez MastoNVContact Senator Cortez Mastoyes, use ⬅️
Tom CottonARContact Senator Cottonyes, use ⬅️
Kevin CramerNDContact Senator CramerSpecial Request Form
Michael CrapoIDContact Senator CrapoSpecial Request Form
Ted CruzTXContact Senator CruzSpecial Request Form
Steve DainesMTContact Senator Dainesyes, use ⬅️
Tammy DuckworthILContact Senator DuckworthSpecial Request Form
Richard DurbinILContact Senator DurbinSpecial Request Form
Joni ErnstIAContact Senator Ernstyes, use ⬅️
Dianne FeinsteinCAContact Senator FeinsteinSpecial Request Form
John FettermanPAContact Senator Fetterman
Deb FischerNEContact Senator FischerSpecial Request Form
Kirsten GillibrandNYContact Senator Gillibrand
Lindsey GrahamSCContact Senator Graham
Charles GrassleyIAContact Senator Grassley
Bill HagertyTNContact Senator Hagerty
Margaret HassanNHContact Senator Hassanyes, use ⬅️
Joshua HawleyMOContact Senator Hawley
Martin HeinrichNMContact Senator Heinrich
John HickenlooperCOContact Senator HickenlooperSpecial Request Form
Mazie HironoHIContact Senator HironoSpecial Request Form
John HoevenNDContact Senator HoevenSpecial Request Form
Cindy Hyde-SmithMSContact Senator Hyde-Smith
Ron JohnsonWIContact Senator JohnsonSpecial Request Form
Timothy KaineVAContact Senator KaineSpecial Request Form
Mark KellyAZContact Senator KellySpecial Request Form
John KennedyLAContact Senator Kennedyyes, use ⬅️
Angus KingMEContact Senator KingSpecial Request Form
Amy KlobucharMNContact Senator KlobucharSpecial Request Form
James LankfordOKContact Senator Lankford
Mike LeeUTContact Senator Leeyes, use ⬅️
Ben LujánNMContact Senator Luján
Cynthia LummisWYContact Senator Lummis
Joe ManchinWVContact Senator Manchin
Edward MarkeyMAContact Senator Markeyyes, use ⬅️
Roger MarshallKSContact Senator Marshall
Mitch McConnellKYContact Senator McConnellyes, use ⬅️
Robert MenendezNJContact Senator MenendezSpecial Request Form
Jeff MerkleyORContact Senator Merkley
Jerry MoranKSContact Senator MoranSpecial Request Form
Markwayne MullinOKContact Senator Mullin
Lisa MurkowskiAKContact Senator Murkowski
Christopher MurphyCTContact Senator MurphySpecial Request Form
Patty MurrayWAContact Senator Murray
Jon OssoffGAContact Senator OssoffSpecial Request Form
Alejandro PadillaCAContact Senator Padillayes, use ⬅️
Rand PaulKYContact Senator PaulSpecial Request Form
Gary PetersMIContact Senator Petersyes, use ⬅️
John ReedRIContact Senator Reedyes, use ⬅️
Pete RickettsNEContact Senator Ricketts
James RischIDContact Senator RischSpecial Request Form
Mitt RomneyUTContact Senator Romney
Jacky RosenNVContact Senator Rosen
Mike RoundsSDContact Senator Rounds
Marco RubioFLContact Senator RubioSpecial Request Form
Bernard SandersVTContact Senator Sanders
Brian SchatzHIContact Senator SchatzSpecial Request Form
Eric SchmittMOContact Senator Schmitt
Charles SchumerNYContact Senator SchumerSpecial Request Form
Rick ScottFLContact Senator ScottSpecial Request Form
Tim ScottSCContact Senator ScottSpecial Request Form
Jeanne ShaheenNHContact Senator Shaheen
Kyrsten SinemaAZContact Senator Sinema
Tina SmithMNContact Senator Smith
Debbie StabenowMIContact Senator StabenowSpecial Request Form
Dan SullivanAKContact Senator Sullivan
Jon TesterMTContact Senator Tester
John ThuneSDContact Senator ThuneSpecial Request Form
Thom TillisNCContact Senator TillisSpecial Request Form
Tommy TubervilleALContact Senator Tuberville
Chris Van HollenMDContact Senator Van HollenSpecial Request Form
J.D. VanceOHContact Senator Vance
Mark WarnerVAContact Senator WarnerSpecial Request Form
Raphael WarnockGAContact Senator Warnock
Elizabeth WarrenMAContact Senator WarrenSpecial Request Form
Peter WelchVTContact Senator Welch
Sheldon WhitehouseRIContact Senator Whitehouse
Roger WickerMSContact Senator Wicker
Ron WydenORContact Senator Wydenyes, use ⬅️
Todd YoungINContact Senator Young
SenatorStateContact FormSpecial Request Form

If you'd like to check and see if any Senator has created a new special request form, here are the Google searches I use! Just substitute “NAME” for the name of your Sentaor.

If you find any I'm missing, please share the link in the comments! And if you get a cool letter, please let us know as well!

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