Free Portal 2 Soundtrack

Whenever I'm looking for ambient or random soundtrack styled music, I don't really listen to soundtracks. I'd rather just pop on some Explosions in the Sky or maybe just go all avant garde with some Miles Davis or Coltrane.

But for some people who think that the cake isn't a lie, I'm sure they'd enjoy this free Portal 2 soundtrack. Me? I'd rather stick with those who tell the truth shall die, or those who tell the truth shall live forever…

6 comments on “Free Portal 2 Soundtrack”

  1. Hey chickenlady –

    I think you asked me this one before, but maybe I’m just thinking of someone else. There just have been a lot of music freebies that have crossed my linkage recently, so we’ve been passing them along.

    That, and when it comes to Goob and I? I’ve always sorta been the music guy. So whenever I’m around posting a lot more full-time, you’ll see a lot more music related posts, just because I happen across a lot more of those. πŸ™‚

  2. Explosions in the Sky.. I only heard one of their songs, Your Hand in Mine, and it seems like that was years ago, but I was impressed enough to learn to play it on guitar. However.. Portal 2, baby!


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