Orange Julius Birthday Freebie

Orange Julius Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer $2 Small Premium Fruit Smoothie coupon
  • Beverage
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Oh man, that image above for the Orange Julius birthday freebie looks like a coupon some people will print. Don't do that. Instead sign up on their site and they'll send you a coupon around your birthday.

It's like a birthday miracle! Or, you know, an efficient e-mail marketing system.

8 comments on “Orange Julius Birthday Freebie”

  1. Orange Julius (in with Dairy Queen in these parts – SE Michigan) is not offering any freebies for birthdays. Booooo!!! πŸ™

  2. Not sure about other areas, but the two are separted in Georgia. Orange Julius typically only sells deserts (smoothes, ice cream, milk shakes). The one closest to me food wise only sells hotdogs and nachos.

    So, want a treat, Julius. Want a meal? Dairy Queen πŸ™‚


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