Free Redbox Rental Codes

If you're looking for some cheap entertainment, then I've got ya covered! The following code will give you a free Redbox movie rental.


More Free Redbox Codes

In addition, new users can try using the following codes for free Redbox rentals. These codes can only be used once per account, but seem to be frequently available.

  • PUSH
  • DVDATWAG – only works at Walgreens locations
  • WALGREENS – only works at Walgreens locations
  • RDBOXHEB – only works at HEB locations
  • REDBOXHEB – only works at HEB locations
  • DVDATWEG – only works at Wegman's locations
  • DVDKROG – only works at Kroger locations
  • DRIVEIN – only works at Sonic locations

Does anybody miss the days of sharing their free Redbox codes? When they first came out over a decade ago, my local kiosks always had three or four people lined up. I'd have fun coming up with goofy ways to announce the code and make everybody happy knowing they were getting a free rental that night.

🎂 Don't forget, there's a free Redbox birthday rental offer as well!

Signup today and you'll get both a free rental for joining, plus another freebie during your birthday month!

And if you're new to movie rentals, we have a Redbox guide here!

About the Author: Goob

I'm a nationally renowned freebie finder & sample vetter, which I never imagined I'd be doing while getting my Bachelor's Degree in History almost 20 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.

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  1. Write the code on a sticky note, put it in the wallet, then when you use it, stick it on the Redbox machine. The gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Thanks for the codes! And seriously! I agree with you about the lingering at the ‘box! One time I was waiting behind this woman having a 5 minute phone conversation about whether or not she should rent “the hunter games” While it was her turn! I wanted to scream “HUNGER games! now move out of the way!”

  3. I did a live chat with Redbox because I am tired of getting codes that do not work. The response I received is as follows: ” I see that the code is valid for online reservations only. It will not work at the box.” It is only good today.
    Why doesn’t someone do such a simple thing like I did before posting?

    • It is always surprising to me when people get upset about having difficulty getting something free that somebody else found for them. Goob has the best track record in the freebie game for checking things out and keeping us safe.

  4. Thank you so much! My kids love going and picking out movies and games at Redbox, and if I can get some free ones, that is even better. Personally, I love using the Blockbuster@Home service I have through Dish, because I can get newer releases about a month before it is available on Redbox. The kids don’t mind watching older movies, and they can keep watching the same movies repeatedly. Tonight after I finish work at Dish, I will definitely head over to Redbox and try out some of these codes.

  5. After you have clicked on the above page and link, RedBox gives you a code. Then go to the RedBox kiosk & find a disk you like. To check out you will have to swipe a debit/credit card, but it will ask for your promo code (type in your code) and it should tell you you won’t be billed unless you don’t bring it back, it dispenses the movie, you go home happy πŸ™‚ i <3 RedBox free codes!!

  6. Thanks Goob, I have 3 boxes 2 blocks across the road. One free code for joining Redbox, then this one means mega movies with cards.
    If you just become a fan, you won’t get a code in your email.

  7. Super_Bre, I had the SAME EXACT THING!!! I tried twice, and same thing happened. I even checked back to make sure I had the code right, but it was not able to process. Grrrrr

  8. BOO! I tried it three different times at three different machines (i’ve got so many within my daily route ) and none of them worked πŸ™ it would “process my promotion code” for 5-8 minutes then tell me it was unable to process it at this time.

    sad day. we got the movies anyway b/c it was only $1 – so no hard feelings.

    i’ll try again next week though.

  9. Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for posting all these free codes. My family looks forward to them every week. Keep up the great work love the site.

  10. Christi-

    Yes, the codes are only good for that ONE day.

    My Redbox was broken last night so I didn’t get my free movie πŸ™

  11. Bloom – True, that would be nice. I went to get ‘The Punisher’ for hubby tonight and it denied me πŸ™

    So, then i though, is this ‘hey, it’s free’ site a fraud…but it doenst seem to me, so that is why i was asking if these are only good on mondays, which would make sense since the code is posted on mondays ONLY!


  12. Oh man. If I had known it was NATIONAL Toast Day, I could have stayed home from work. My calendar just said “Toast Day,” so I didn’t realize it was a federal holiday. Hmmm. Thursday is “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day,” so maybe I can stretch it into a long weekend by turning Thursday AND Friday into National French Toast and Cinnamon Toast Days.

  13. Mo, You enter the code right before check-out. There will be a button at the bottom that says “Enter Promo Code”.

    And Alex, a credit card is required. If you don’t bring it back on time, they need a way to charge you somehow. πŸ™‚

  14. thanks for the tip, i wasnt sure about it and then it worked great. I got the dark knight. you might want to tell people that a credit card is necessary however, or tell me how you do it without the card.

  15. I used to love the Redbox rentals, until 2 times in a row, i returned the movies and they said I didn't, they charged my credit card $26 each time, thats WAY more than you would pay for the new movie if you purchase it! Everyone watch out with them!

    • Try contacting their customer service. One of my movies got stuck in the slot when I tried to return it and I was charged for a week's rental, when I only had it one day. I called them and they quickly refunded the extra charges.

  16. I wen to their Website and it says you can reserve movies and also return them to any Redbox. That's really going beyond anything I expected from them.

  17. I'm loving all of these free movies. They're just in time for some of the Oscar winners to be released soon. Hey Goob – I just saw on my late local news (WESH in Orlando) that they're doing a story called "Hey, It's Free!" tomorrow night. Can I expect some choice quotes direct from the source?

  18. And Redbox is so easy to use! This was the first time I actually used it, and even with using the code, it only took like 2 or 3 minutes to complete the transaction. I will definitely be using Redbox in the future.

  19. I think this is totally a great ongoing freebie! I searched and the closest redbox is almost 50 miles from me, But I still let all my friends know about it,,,well i just tell them to check out, but essentially its the same thing…right?!


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