Free ‘500 Great Ways to Save For Dummies’ eBook

Now through November 22, you can get a free “500 Great Ways to Save For Dummies” eBook from TradePub, in partnership with Wiley, the publishers of the popular For Dummies book series.

They're also offering a free “ChatGPT For Dummies eBook, but this offer is only valid through November 15!

These are valued at $12 each and here's how they describe the Save For Dummies book:

Get smart and start saving–without sacrificing the things you love.

With high prices for everything from food to gas, how can you make ends meetβ€”and still have enough for the things you love? 500 Great Ways to Save For Dummies is packed with creative ideas for cutting costs in small and big ways, in dozens of categories, ranging from groceries and healthcare to education, travel, and major purchases. This fun book helps you get into a saving mindset, know where your money goes, and whittle down debt. These quick tips are so easy you can start saving today!

  • Reduce everyday costs of groceries, restaurant meals, gas, utilities, home maintenance, healthcare, and insurance
  • Save money on fitness, pet care, entertainment, and all your hobbies
  • Cut costs on big-ticket items including vacations, cars, and appliances
  • Find free stuff, special discounts, and money-saving apps

This is the only book you need to save money throughout the year!

If you're interested in perusing all of TradePub's offers, you can do so here. They mainly focus on free professional and technical research, white papers, and case studies. However every now and then I'll find a cool magazines or eBook freebie (like the ones above!)

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