Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film

I always have trouble writing a post about something like these free VCF contraceptive films. I'm not even qualified to use one of these things, much less write something witty about them. Remember the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carell had absolutely no idea what to do with the condoms? Yep, that's me right there.

Ladies, the line forms to the left! Single file, please!

[Thanks to Hiffer Kate for the reminder on this!]

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  1. lol When i scrolled down and saw the header “Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film” I thought to myself Oh god what is THE GOOB going to write about this! And from what u say Goob you had some pretty good things to say but u refrained from it and kept it clean!

    We are proud of you Goob…..or are we?



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