HoneyBaked Ham Birthday Freebie

HoneyBaked Ham Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer BOGO free ham classic sandwich
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Awww man. I thought the HoneyBaked Ham birthday freebie was a cute wife and two smiling kids. Instead it's just a free sandwich.

2018 Update

You have to select your nearby store before you can join their Honeybake Club. You should see a box to join on the right sidebar.

I mean, not that I'm complaining about a free sandwich! I take it all back, don't hold it against me. Just let me keep my free sandwich!

12 comments on “HoneyBaked Ham Birthday Freebie”

  1. My birthday is the 24th of Feb and ask at the honey ham store and they said they did not give out free sandwiches, so I guess dont go there on your birthday.

    • There’s been a Honeybaked Ham near my house for at least 5 years (Tustin) and I know there are other locations in Orange County. You almost scared me out of a free ham sandwich.

  2. Sign-up freebie is also a free sandwich. I signed up yesterday and the email was in my inbox this morning, Yay! Thanks Goob πŸ™‚


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