Hot Dog on a Stick Birthday Freebie is No More

Hot Dog on a Stick Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer --Reward program closed as of January 15, 2024.
Today's Freebie Earn up to $3 off your online order of $10 or more when you opt into the Hot Dog on a Stick Text Club.
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I don't understand why, but HDOAS ended their reward program on January 15, 2024. As such, I believe the Hot Dog on a Stick birthday freebie no longer exists.

They only have a text alert program now, where you can get up to $3 off an online order of $10+. But there doesn't appear to be any sort of birthday field.

It's rare that I make one of these birthday freebie posts to announce the ending of an offer! I hope you were able to get many of their free Funnel Cake Sticks over the past few years. I guess those all those $3.49 freebies really added up on HDOAS's balance sheet 😂

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