Upcoming Michaels Free Makebreak Events

Michaels has released their upcoming free Craft Sunday Make Break Events schedule. On the select days below, your local Michaels will host these in-store events between 2-4pm where you can participate in creating a free craft kit.

They recently changed their policy and now require you to reserve a spot! So be sure to book now if you're interested in any of the freebies & events listed below! These events are completely free, aimed at beginners, and all supplies are included.

  • July 7 – Crystal Accessories Join us in-store to add a sparkle to your hair accessories with brilliant crystals! All you need to do is purchase the hair clip base of your choice or bring a hair pin / tumbler of your choice from home and Michaels will provide the rest.
  • July 21 – Sunrise Wood Plaque Painting – At this week's MakeBreak we're painting the perfect graphic sunrise. Purchase an unfinished wood plaque, then head to the MakeBreak table to create one to take home.

Free Michaels MakeBreak Event Sunrise Painting

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