Sonic Birthday Freebie

Sonic Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free small side with any purchase
  • Dessert
  • Beverage
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The Sonic birthday freebie used to be one of the few offers that let you choose your own birthday reward from one of three options. However, they've since changed their annual offer and it looks like they're rotating between the freebies.

In 2017, you got free medium tater tots, which was one of the old offer options. In 2018, we get a free small classic shake, which was another of the old options. We got a free corndog in 2019 and then a global pandemic in 2020. Gotta say, I liked the corndog better.

I was initially bummed over this, but then I remembered I'm terrible at making up my mind. So thank you, Sonic, for making my life just that much easier.

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  1. I am trying to sign up for your Birthday Club freebie. Can you give me instructions as to how to sign up. I put my e-mail in an address box and that’s as far as it would let me go.????

  2. I was happy to get the coupon and select the creamslush one. But was super bummed when the Sonic I went to gave me the mini size one. πŸ™

  3. When you get a gift card for Sonic and register it on their site, you can also choose from the freebies. It varies depending on the value of your card. But be sure to wait until you are about to use the card because that coupon expires within a month of registering.


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