Taco John’s Birthday Freebie

Taco John's Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free Mexican donut bites
Today's Freebie Free crispy or softshell beef taco
  • Dessert
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I've never had the Taco John's birthday freebie before, but if they're as delicious as they are hard to spell, I'm excited.

FYI, Taco John's moved their free birthday food offer to their app-only a few years ago. If you were previously getting your Taco John's free dessert offer by email, you may have noticed it stopped showing up in your inbox years ago. But it didn't end! You simply need to access your account via the app and it'll transfer your info over.

If you're new and signing up now, there's no field to enter your birthday online. However, via their app, you can enter your birthday under “Profile” and trigger their freebie!

12 comments on “Taco John’s Birthday Freebie”

  1. Figured something was up when there was a lull in your postings. Hope you are back to 100% soon…any samples can wait until then.

  2. hey Goob, just wanted to let you know that I spend today driving around town using about a dozen birthday freebies thanks to Hey It’s Free! thanks for a great site!!

  3. C’mon Goob! No more frre stuff? You’re slackin’! Haha, And apparently – if you sign up for rewards at DSW you can get $15 off a pair of shoes on your birthday. Just sayin’.

  4. Someone please send Jorge a gift. A swift kick where it hurts will do.
    These are actually good. Taco Johns are mainly in the central states only.


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