Uno Pizzeria Birthday Freebie

Uno Pizza Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free dessert with purchase of an entree
Today's Freebie Free appetizer with purchase of entree
  • Dessert
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It's should be painfully clear that we're in the midst of a freebie drought. I don't know which Hiffer pissed off the Freebie Gods but I'm looking at you, Jerry! It's kind of hard running a freebie site that focuses on quality freebies when there aren't any quality freebies around. Shocker.

I only bring this up to let new readers know this is normal. It sucks, but it happens for a few weeks at least once or twice a year (like my dating life). I have no hard evidence to prove this, but my gut tells me the drought will end next week. I can feel it in my bones as nobody says. In fact it might be the Sample Source freebie pack that gets the ball rolling.

But until the freebies return, I'll post the next best things: birthday freebies.

One of the newest members to the club is the Uno Pizzeria birthday freebie. What made for the sudden change in heart? I'm gonna go with … wizard squirrels? No, wait, 17! I never was good at tests…

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2 comments on “Uno Pizzeria Birthday Freebie”

    you don’t get no free entrée they gave me a $10 off coupon on a $25 purchase rofl…. my total was $17.31 for a deep dish that was not that dang deep…. heck cici pizza has deeper pizza and crust tasted like pot pie crust yuck I have pot pie crust… deep dish was $19.99 rofl then to get to $25 I had to buy a half a spinach & egg plant pizza I admit it was real good but u only get 4 tiny flatbread slices OMG super rip off pizza chain

  2. Unless my calendar is wrong, your birthday is just around the corner. This year I hope you have your cake and eat it too. So we’re giving you $10 off your birthday feast at Uno Chicago Grill®.

    You DONT get a FREE personal pan pizza…

    People should be treated like Numero Uno on their birthday. So grab your crew and join us at Uno Chicago Grill® for a tasteful birthday celebration amongst friends. We think you’ll like our gift, just don’t expect it to be wrapped.

    We’ll celebrate with you soon,
    Your Friends at Uno® Kissimmee.


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