Deal: Walmart Beauty Box for $7

Walmart has a seasonal sampler beauty box that changes each quarter. For only $5 shipped, you get a Walmart beauty box with samples based on the season and your answers to a few basic questions. They all center around your demographics and personal preferences, so it should only take a minute or two to complete.

I'm kinda kidding, not kidding, but those purple, orange, and white teardrop looking things are just part of the graphic design, right? They're not some weird teardrop adhesives people stick to their faces for beauty reasons that I'm only just now discovering, correct? … Okay, cool, yeah, that's what I thought too.

Now, has anybody ordered one of these Walmart beauty boxes before? What'd you think? How do they compare to Target's beauty boxes? Let us know in the comments!

4 comments on “Deal: Walmart Beauty Box for $7”

  1. It has more products than the Target box and costs less. Sometimes some of the samples are just single use packets, but others are travel size or even full size. The color of a cosmetic might not be right for me, but for $5 four times a year, it’s fun to get myself a little treat and try new products.

  2. I subscribe to this one. That’s one of the best parts – you sign up once and it just keeps coming. I’d say it’s like your basic sample box. All very small sample sizes, but there’s a good 7 or so items in there. Great stuff for traveling or to toss in my purse. And I have to say my favorite part is the actual box! It’s a nice sturdy box with a removable lid, and it always has some sort of design on it and coordinating tissue paper inside. Just slap a sticker over the Walmart logo and you’ve got yourself a great gift box!


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