2010 Freebies Review & $50 GC Contest

So, let’s see. 2010 for HIF saw:

  • 1,242 Freebies Posted
  • 1,026 Freebies Received (including movie rental codes and online free points)
  • 268 Magazines Received
  • 1 $50 Gift Card being given away in this post

These stats don’t count anything I got in January 2010 since I didn’t start the Freebies Received series until February. It also doesn’t count freebies that were posted in the past few weeks that I’ll receive in the future, so I have to be ecstatic with those numbers.

One thing I noticed while going over the past year was the number of food items given away this year. Granola bars, oatmeal, cookies, tea, coffee, cereal, crackers, popcorn, candy, gum, deli meat, bacon, macaroni, Bisquick, chips, energy bars. I’ve always food is one of the three most common freebies, but geez, you don’t realize how much we got until you add it all up.

But what about my absolute favorite freebies? I thought for a bit, looked around to see what freebies I still use to this day, and came up with the following.

Top 10 Favorite Freebies of 2010

  1. US Postal Office Sample Showcase – This box came with 12 freebies and it was glorious. Coffee, shampoo, steak seasonings, lotions, soap, and more – it was all put to good use!
  2. Uniball Super Ink pen – I haven’t used a different pen since the day this baby arrived. I actually lost it a few weeks ago and bought a few packages of them at the store. Anybody who says freebies don’t convert to paying customers should think again.
  3. Multi-tool pocket knife – No more opening packages with my teeth!
  4. Kraft Sample Pack – Ten food products (including three free full-sized ones) came in the box. I buy Wheat Thins now due to this freebie alone.
  5. Kraft Coupon Book – Kraft again? You better believe it. One tiny brochure brought six coupons for free full-sized Kraft products from deli meat to macaroni to a free pizza. I ate well that week.
  6. American Apparel thong – Only because I had a heck of a time explaining it to my friends who saw me open it.
  7. Tena Adult Underwear – These freebies helped me execute a longterm prank where I convinced my youngest brother that I wasn’t potty trained. It ended when his teachers started sending home notes about the topic he brought up during “Share Time” in class.
  8. LED UFO light – Let me paint a picture for you: I’m alone in the mountains in the middle of a monsoon when my car breaks down. I had an idea what the problem was, but both the bulb in my hood and my cell phone were dead. Enter the UFO light, which I had inexplicably thrown into my glove box. Long story short I slept in my bed instead of my truck that night.
  9. Extra Dessert Delights gum – I selected the mint ice cream gum and it tasted so genuine that I bought both of the other flavors. I am now addicted to the Key Lime Pie and am begging my friends and family for an intervention.
  10. Playboy and Macworld magazine subscriptions – Both of these tie for the final spot as they’re wonderful reads. Seriously. I read them for the articles!

Another realization I had while going through the archives was the number of full sized freebies that I received, be it through the mail, coupon, or rebate. For the list below, I didn’t include anything that could (or should I say, should) be used or consumed in one sitting. Doing so would have more than tripled the list as there were plenty of drinks and travel sized toiletries handed out.

Full Size Freebies

  1. Bar of Dove soap
  2. Package of Double Stuf Oreos
  3. 7 bottles of Excedrin medicine – Did anyone else remember that in addition to the free coupons Excedrin has recently bombarded us with, they also gave away a few in January / February of 2010? I sure didn’t.
  4. Bottle of Louisiana hot sauce
  5. Package of Heluva Good Dip
  6. Package of Borden cheese
  7. Bag of Reese’s Pieces
  8. Pantene Nature Fusion shampoo
  9. 2 bags of Planters Trail Mix
  10. Pack of 5 React gum
  11. Pack of Stride gum
  12. Jar of Enfamil baby formula
  13. Bottle of Renu Multi-Purpose contact solution
  14. Package of Oscar Mayer turkey bacon
  15. Box of Kraft macaroni
  16. Package of Oscar Mayer deli meat
  17. Package of Uncle Ben’s rice
  18. Package of Kraft Cheesy macaroni
  19. Jug of Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice
  20. Box of Kool-Aid
  21. Box of Mac & Cheese
  22. One DiGiorno’s pizza
  23. Box of 100 calorie cheese bites
  24. Package of Oscar Mayer deli meat
  25. Box of Ritz Crackerfuls
  26. Package of Pilot pens
  27. Bottle of Suave Professionals shampoo
  28. DiGiorno deep dish pizza
  29. Bottle of Pure Scent~sation hair remover
  30. Bottle of V8 V-fusion green tea
  31. Glade candle
  32. EasyGlide Bic pen
  33. Mrs. Fields cookie tin
  34. 2-liter of refreshe soda
  35. Package of Cottonelle flushable moist wipes
  36. Two Proforce cleaning kits
  37. Bag of Natura Advantage dog food
  38. Pack of Extra Dessert Delights gum
  39. Can of Pringles Xtreme chips
  40. Box of Barilla pasta
  41. Bag of Food Should Taste Good chips
  42. Bottle of free Dream Water

Forty-two full sized freebies! How can anybody hate on that?!

So what was your favorite freebie of 2010? Share it with us in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win one of the $50 prepaid American Express gift cards given to me by P&G last month!

If you’re reading this via Facebook, email, or an RSS feed, then please click here to comment and enter. I’ll use Random.org to pick a comment on Wednesday, January 5, at 8:00pm est and email the winner!

  • Sara

    Kraft sample pack was my FAVORITE!!!

  • Emily Miller

    I got a lot of great freebies this year, but my favorite were the Starbucks VIA coffee samples! I didn’t know they’d be so delicious!

  • kristina grant

    My favorite was the FREE HARLEY DAVIDSON poster. My husband and I are using it to remind us of our goals to pay off our credit cards and eventually get a nice ride!!!

  • FRED


  • Michelle

    The kraft one was my favorite. It came at a week when we were super broke, and was used in my daughters lunch.

  • I enjoyed the Food Should Taste Good chips. A whole bag! Yes!

  • Meghan

    Definitely the US Postal Service Sample Showcase box! I loved it!

  • Sarah

    My free magazine subscriptions I will never pay for you again!

  • Extra Dessert Delights gum was seriously my absolute fav. freebie last year as I cannot seem to shake NEEDED this gum – it is fabulous!

  • Found the site recently, but am liking it a lot so far. :)

  • di

    The Extra desserts gum..I never would have bought it on my own..now like you I am addicted too!!

  • Denise

    My favorite was the USPS sample pack also. As soon as I got it, I quickly filled out the survey on the site in hopes that all of the positive feedback will help urge them towards doing it again! Thanks HIF for everything!!!!

  • Gina

    Gotta go with the “masses” – the Kraft Sample Pack rocked!!!

  • Vicky

    Any freebie samples for our dog, Bingo. He appreciates each and every one of them — and so do we!

  • I get so many good freebie magazines. I believe of the many I receive, the only one I paid for is Real Simple and that was $5. I get Ode, Good Housekeeping, Vogue and a couple of others (used to have Oprah Magazine and Martha Stewart Living but they ran out). Free entertainment every week!

  • Sarah

    My favorite by far was the free Glamour Magazine Subscription! Thanks HIF! Keep up the good work!

  • christine

    My favorite was the kool-aid

  • Daneisha

    Definitely the excederin! I bought mine last week just in time because my wisdom tooth is bothering me!

  • McSchweg

    I’d like to thank you for everything. I especially love the plethora of travel sized items, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc. They’re perfect for weekend getaways & airline travel for the longer trips!

  • Kelli

    I liked the adult underwear because we were able to use it for a dirty Santa gag gift…that an 8 year old opened! Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy with his selection!

  • Nancy

    My favorite freebie for 2010 by far was the coupon for free CoffeeMate creamer. I just love my CoffeeMate!

  • Amber

    My favorite was definitely the Extra Dessert Delights gum. I got the Key Lime Pie sent to my apartment, and loved it so much that I wanted to try the Strawberry Shortcake…so I cheated and had the freebie mailed to my parents’ house. I love both flavors, but every time I try to convince one of my friends to try them, they say it’s “too weird” and won’t try it! :(
    I also got my boyfriend the free Maxim subscription so he’ll have something to read while I’m clipping coupons. :P

  • Melissa

    My favorite freebie was the Kashi GoLean Crisp sample w/ $3 and $1 off coupons!

  • The Theory

    My favorite freebie was definitely the Smoker’s Jacket t-shirt. It is a thing of beauty. And makes me look oh-so classy when I smoke cigars, pipes, and such.

  • Jen Leo

    My favorite was the full size bag of Green Mountain Coffee!!

  • BGryphon

    I most appreciated the Suave Professionals shampoo.

  • Paul

    Free Advil and Bag of Food Should Taste Good chips really rocked this year

  • Morgan

    I took advantage of a ton of the freebies offered on this site, but I really liked the American Apparel thong most. How often can you get free underwear in the mail?

  • crystal carlisle

    I really love all the freebies I get! My favorite one so far would have to be my $30.00 gift card from Office Depot!!

  • jackie

    LOVE MY FREEBIES>>> I’m addicted!!! Thanks for everything!

  • lorry

    my fav was the extra dessert gum

  • Judy Grabowski

    UFO led light was my favorite!

  • erin

    my all time favorite freebie was a full size roll of duct tape from scotch!!! i live on a farm and in a very old house with 2 children and a third on the way. dont have much extra money to fix things so we get out the good old duct tape. it has come in very handy!

  • Louise

    I liked USPS sample box, too.

  • Jordan

    I definetly have to go with the proforce cleaning kit we got, the one that weighed like 50 lbs. I still have floor cleaner! :) WONDERFUL!

  • Melanie

    My fave has got to be the free magazine subscriptions – redbook in particular.. everytime i see the mags in the store for sale i think ha-ha i already got it.. FREE! :) Thanks so much Goob/Adam – your freebies make my day! :)

  • paige baranayi

    scotch painter;s tape and extra dessert gum is the best////

  • Heather Brown

    It is hard to choose ONE favorite thing because Hey! It’s ALL Free!! But to enter the contest I will have to say the magazine subscriptions top my list.

  • Mrs. SG

    My favorite was the full size box of Hamburger Helper from the Latin sample website. I was low on groceries and I was able to use my high school Spanish skills to decode the website!

  • Crystal

    My fave had to be the Kraft sample pack it was just loaded with goodies

  • Nikki Stafford

    Its so hard to choose just one! I would have to say I had a few! The Starbucks Via Coffee oh so delicious! And the Extra Delights Gum the Mint Chocolate Chip I couldn’t get over how delicious it was and told everyone I knew about it! I am not a huge mint chocolate chip ice cream fan but man I fell in love with this gum!

  • Hugh

    It’s hard to pick just one but my top 3 were the magazine subscriptions, the pens (agree with freebies make consumers) and the Kraft Box!! Thanks again and Happy New Year Goob!

  • Marilyn Smith

    The Sleep Number travel pillow. Vey comfy.

  • I loved my free advil!

  • Rebecca

    So, so many to try and pick from. The Excederin, Kraft sample pack and Extra gum pack top the list. I missed out on the USPS sample program. Hopefully they will offer it again.

  • Mary

    Everything I’ve received has been great! Thanks Goob!

  • Nancey

    My favorite was Tide because I bought fabric softener instead of detergent by mistake. When I was ready to do the laundry instead of being frustrated I opened and used my sample!

  • Karen P.

    After finding HIF,I received so many great freebies.I have to say the best freebie I got was the full size package of Green Mountain coffee with the mug.That was the best coffee!Thanks HIF

  • Sharon

    I loved the Kraft sample pack as well. I used the coupons toward a $10 rebate offer, so it was almost like they paid me to use their products. It was an awesome score! My friends call me the Queen of Freebies.

  • Brenda

    I liked the Free Barilla Pasta and coupons i received!

  • I get so excited about all my freebies, but I would have to say the Jose Cuervo Margarita Ball…which I ended up getting three of! But I really had to work at that freebie, so I considered it quite an accomplishment!

  • Shannon C

    The Extra Desserts Gum. Mint Chocolate Chip…mmm…and the blue painters tape from Scotch because I genuinely needed it. :)

  • Keri

    It’s tough, but my kids would vote for the free Oreos and the free gum samples. I’m with everyone else – that Mint Chocolate chip gum is fabulous!

  • Monica S

    My favorite was a free small bag of dog food!

  • Debbie

    By far the Kraft sample pack and Uniball pen and I can’t forget all the magazines. Happy New Year Goob and thanks for alll you do!!!!!

  • Shannon McGrew

    I loved the Free pocket knife from Copenhagen. Wow, it’s so nice looking and comes with it’s own case. I mean I didn’t think you could get that quality anymore in pocket knives ( I think they called it something else though…)

  • Kerry Smith

    I have to hand it to the Louisiana Hot Sauce, it was a fiery hit in our home !!!!!

  • melissa

    I LOVED getting free Melissa & Doug toys from Gilt Credit! I use the BBX codes atleast once a week, and the FREE MAGAZINES!

    My husband is thankful for Playboy & Maxim especially!

  • Elizabeth

    Starbucks Via! samples, those were a hit at our house. And we wouldn’t have tried them without the samples….I guess Starbucks knows what they are doing, it’s now a staple in the pantry.

    Thanks for everything! I’ve referred so many friends here who are now avid followers, it’s just too much fun not to check it out daily!

  • Melissa

    I love free clothes! I really enjoyed my American Apparell thongs and tank top :)

  • tony

    smoking jacket t-shirt

  • Phoebe Toble

    EASY question! I found this site just a few measly months ago…weeks really … and by far my favorite FREEBIE last year was http://www.heyitsfree.net !!!
    I am really looking forward to the new year and keeping track of my own list — I am jealous reading yours about all I missed! :) THANK YOU for this wonderful site!

  • Susan C

    The USPO Sample kit was my favorite. Hope they do it again in 2011!

  • Dawn

    The Kraft sample pack was my favorite. I received a lot of great things this year though, it was hard to choose. My husbands fave was the free beer glass. Very cool!

  • Laura

    My favorite and most used freebie was the Thermos from Copenhagen!!

  • Jennifer

    I got the new EA Active 2 game and a second set of monitors FREE from houseparty.com. If you ask my cats, they would say all the Purina samples they got.

  • yelena leychik

    I love the Harley Davidson Catalog!

  • Liz

    My favorites were the Advil, Kraft Sample Box, and the Food Should Taste Good Chips. The Sweet Potato chips are good.

  • Amanda

    I have to agree with Melissa… “My favorite freebie was the Kashi GoLean Crisp sample w/ $3 and $1 off coupons!”

  • michelle deibel

    i have to agree the kraft sample pack, rocked…… Oh and I like all full size freebies, thats always a bonus…

  • Megan

    I am new to Hey It’s Free! I am excited to see all the new samples I can get through the mail!!!

  • Tara

    My favorite was a full size pack of Oreo’s! We used them as snack for my girl scout troop that week!

  • Crystal

    The smoking jacket t shirt. I gave it to my hubby and he wore it to work for Halloween. He added a pipe and a set of bunny ears I had from Easter to complete the outfit. He was the hit of the office!
    Thank you so much! :)

  • Stacy Flowers

    Definately the Kraft coupon book. I now only buy the homestyle mac and cheese now and the white cheese kind is out of this world.

  • Michelle

    My favorite freebie has to be all of the free magazine subscriptions. I think the best was the playboy I got for my husband. I think that won me the world’s best wife status!

  • Crystal W

    My favorite freebie was the Jose Cuervo Margarita ball I got 3 of them and gave 2 away :)

  • jen

    I’m new to your site so I will tell you in 2012 what my fav 2011 freebie was
    But I love those full size freebies best!!

  • Becca

    My favorite freebie that I received before discovering this site was definitely the US Postal Service box.

    From this site, the best was definitely my magazine subscriptions!

  • CJ

    I love my UFO keychain light!

  • Natasha

    I received the Kraft free sample pack too and LOVED it! So awesome! Thanks for everything!

  • claudia

    OMG the Key Lime Pie Dessert gum was the best food item, the 50$ Target GC I won from the Dr. Oz thing and the 30$ Office Depot GC. However, I appreciate all the freebies I receive. Its turned a blah errand into Christmas everyday……it doesnt get better than that!

  • Barb

    Free Excedrin

  • shoptlidrp

    one of my faves was a suction cup hook thingy… works great I also love the pens… heck I love all my freebies make going to the mail box a treat!

  • Jenn

    My fav was probably the Kraft sample pack as well, but a close second was the Johnsonville mini sausage thingies- that is after they finally mailed them! All was YUMMY!

  • Glen G

    the uniball super ink pen, although it ran out of ink and i havent been able to find them in the stores

  • Dedra S.

    My favorite by far was the diamond dazzler stick. It really works and makes my wedding ring and other diamond jewelery shine!

  • Sarah

    My top favorites were the Kashi GoLean Crisp, the EasyGlide Bic pen, the box of Ritz Crackerfuls and the Green Mountain Coffee.

  • marlena

    I have to say that the dog food and treat throughout the year are the best! My favorite was a free 6lb bag of all natural dog food! My 4 pups love to get new treats!!! A big thanks for all you guys do for us freebie-aholics!!!!

  • Samantha

    by far the uniball pen.. it is the only one I use. I have been searching for them in my local stores and cannot find them.

  • Carol

    I’m with you…the postal sample pack…who knew! It was so chocked full of goodies!

  • I think the magazine sub to maxim was my favorite, again just for the articles ;)

  • Mary

    Happy New Year Goob!

    My Favorite?
    It’s a tie between the US Post Office Sample Box and
    Uniball Super Ink. I hope the US P.O does another sample box in 2011;
    it’s great advertising for those products. The pen is still going strong!
    Thank YOU for all your hard work posting all the freebies. Have a great 2011.

  • Sarah

    I liked the Purina cat food samples.

  • TanyaTomato

    My favorite are the plenitude of small household items that I can send to my son who has recently moved out on his own. Now I know he has toothpaste, kleenex and soap despite if he decides to use it or not.

  • Marcia

    This is a tough one since I love getting the surprises in my mail each week. I’d have to go with the Kraft freebies since they were for full size products. Love Kraft’s generosity!

  • Barb

    Shout Color Catcher. I accidentally threw a tee shirt in the wash and the colors ran. I had handwashed it before so I knew better. That sheet actually saved an entire load of wash from having streaks of teal green. I couldn’t believe how well it worked.

  • Lydia R

    I’ve gotten a lot of great freebies this year since joining you on here. It’s hard to pick one, but I loved the Kraft freebie, we love Kraft here at my house.

  • Dr KAZ

    my fav give away was really 2 – one a weight loss package from Atkins with books, ferebies to eat and guidance on how to lose weight and my coupon for a free bag of 25.00 organic dog food – brilliant and the pups loved it too.

  • O my gosh! To pick a favorite from everything I have received because of this site? How painful! I would have to say the Uni-ball pens are at the top of my list. I too have rarely used another and I am super protective of them.. Very few others are allowed to use my pens (I managed to get two)! The multi-tool knife comes in at a near tie though because I use it all the time as well. And the Jose Cuervo promotion is in my top three because that was just cool! For very little work, got tons of GREAT stuff! Thank you for it all!!

  • Julie

    My favorite was the Home Made Simple package I forgot I had signed up for. It was a good sized both that came from FedEx and included full sized samples of household cleaning products. I love these products and because my kids were there to help me open the package, they love to use the samples to help me clean!!!

  • Nikki P

    The USPS Showcase box & also the Uniball pens. Those are the only pens we buy now!

  • Kevin

    The free magazine subscriptions like to Car and Driver, Auto Week, the ones my wife would not frown about. The excuse “but it’s free” sometimes still doesn’t fly on certain things.

  • Scarlett

    M favorite was the Uniball Pen. Very cool.

  • Angela

    My favorite free item was the Pantene Shampoo. Everyone uses shampoo!

  • Linda

    The Macworld magazines. My favorite by far.

  • Suzy

    Our family favorite was the Johnsonville Deli bites. I can’t find them in stores, though. My mom and son fought over the last pack of the freebies!

  • Jordan

    My favorite was the Uniball pen. I also get upset when I lose it; I guess that means I have to go and buy some more!

  • Chris Rentmeister

    My favorite was the Suave shampoo.

  • Whitney

    Starbuck’s Via samples were great! 4 different flavors and all tasted really good!

  • GT

    The Neil Med neti-pot. I’ve wanted one since Oprah praised it on her show. Then I saw an episode of Cougar Town where one of the characters used it and aspirated saline into his lungs. The next scene showed him being rushed to the hospital. I laughed and laughed!

  • Amanda

    I loved the dessert gum and I got chocolate chip mint too!

  • Vicky

    Free luggage tags from KLM. I put my all-time favorite vacation photos on them!

  • Jennifer Edwards

    I liked all the food samples, because they cut down on my grocery bill. My dog likes the Better than ears samples and my husband likes the starbucks samples. All in all, it has been a GREAT “free sample” year. I’m looking forward to another awsome year packed full of free samples :-)

  • Toni H.

    Too hard to pick just one! I love all the travel size samples…

  • Brittany J

    My favorite freebie was the BioTrue contact solution. It saved me from buying a travel size for my trip overseas.

  • Emily

    Free advil, for when actually paying for things is a pain in my…

  • Patricia Treskovich

    the kraft sample box was reaaly nice

  • Kari Kurtz

    Kraft Sample Pack!

  • That Girl

    I love the free subscription to Family Circle magazine.

  • Deanna Landers

    I would have to say ALL THE STUFF!! Cell Phone, Tampons, Pads , Soaps, Lotions… BIC MARKERS! I love getting things in the MAIL! Plus they give coupons so doing this is helping us save money~

  • Kelly

    Free travel thermos from Copenhagen. Somehow this magical device keeps hot beverages hot, and cold ones like ice. Never again shall I be caught dehydrated!

  • kelly

    look forward to checking out your site daily the nescafe sample pks were great but I love all the samples

  • Molly

    My favorite were all the coupon books. Getting mail at college = lots of fun, but getting mail at college that helps you pay less for food and other stuff = handy!

  • Nita

    Free Advil was mine also, but my kitties really liked all the free food they received, especially the Purina One.

  • Winnie W.

    My favorite freebie is Forbes Magazine! Saves me the cost of a subscription as it’s one of my favorite financial magazines. And it gets passed along to the man in my life.

    Great job culling thru the true freebies for us!

  • Tiffany Ginn

    Love all the freebies!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work all year finding such wonderful Free stuff!!
    I think I have gotten the most use out of the Uniball pen…I have used it all year and it is still going strong:)

  • tim

    free advil it worked so much better than generic

  • Christy

    Wow,Imissed a lotofgreat freebies. Where was I? My favorite was the Kraft box. I did however just to the Marlboro Outwit the West contest and won a netbook. I signed up with them thanks to you and now I am getting a free netbook. Awesome freebie but a lot of work.

  • Tessa

    I love the smoking jacket. I now make my friends and family (including my husband) call me Tessa Hefner.

  • Aly

    I also loved the USPO Sampel Box.

  • Shelli

    I love freebies! Thank you for all the hard work you do!!

  • Julie

    My absolute favorite freebie was the BlueStar Flag from MyBlueStar. My brother is an Army Soldier…

  • william borja

    Coupons for free Excedrin, I use it!!

  • Cheryl

    Advil, Kraft Sample Box and Johnsville Deli Bites

  • Andy

    It is hard to say which is my favorite, I love it when my wife makes fun of me for all of the samples we get in the mail and then we get something that she really likes. A good freebie for her = happy wife, which equals happy me! My favorite was probably the Digiorno pizzas.

  • Michelle

    The Extra Mint Chocolate Chip gum for sure!!! OMG it is delish..my new fav.. YUMMY :)~

  • kristi c

    Loved the smokers jacket tee… santa gave it to my father and he got a huge kick out of it.

  • mary

    Hard to choose but my fave will probably be one I don’t even have yet – but I won it in 2010 so does that count? It’s the mountain bike from the Marlboro Outwit the West promotion! See, I knew US Geography would come in handy someday!

  • Christi McClintock

    I love everything I got- but I guess my fave was the Uniball pen- they have always been my fave pen (I know, I am a dork)! Thanks so much for this site- I love it!

  • Carole

    Free Self Magazine Subscription! :)

  • Diane

    Looking forward to another great year of freebies thanks to Goob. All the freebies were really appreciated.

  • johnd

    This site has been great…i love getting free stuff in the mail! even if i dont use it ;)

  • Carol

    My favorite was the full size bar of Dove soap and all the shampoo/conditioner samples. Thanks so much for this site! It is really helpful!

  • The knife. I like mumblety-peg. Oh and the uniball which resulted from a slip of the knife.

  • Laura

    My favorite was the Tylenol package containing a CD and a sleep mask. Both are great! Thanks for so many wonderful freebees. Looking forward to another great year, Goob.

  • Mark

    I received out the blue two $3 coupons from Brach’s.

  • Loved the US Postal Sample box, too, although I think I might’ve liked the Starbucks VIA samples even more!

  • Chris

    My favorite was the Kraft Sample Box!

  • Monica

    There were so many good freebies, but my favorite was probably the free Teen Vogue subscription.

  • Tim

    I have to say for me it was the kraft snack pack. How can you beat free or reduced eats!

  • Amy

    I loved the USPS sample box. When I received it was very excited.

  • Regina

    Pick one? I loved them all!! Thanks Goob!

  • Natalie

    I have to say the free magazines are my favorite. I currently have wave after wave coming. My kids have magazines stacked next to their beds to read! We are loving this. I have even got a few subscriptions going for a friend and for my Dad! I have to say I really enjoy this website, and keep up the good work :)

  • I just found this website in September, but I received so many freebies in the past few months. I loved all of the free magazines, but my favorite was the full roll of Scotch blue tape. I was painting a lot of rooms in my house and the blue tape came just as I was running out of a roll. Thank you for all of the wonderful posts. Can’t wait to see what comes up in 2011!!!

  • Lisa

    My favorite freebie of the year was the Blue painters tape. I put it to good use.

  • I loved a Bottle of Renu Multi-Purpose contact solution. I get allergic to different solutions from time to time, so trying something new was refreshing :)

  • Mike

    I’ll pick something I actually buy now – the Tom’s Toothpaste sample. Thanks for everything

  • Courtney Bennett

    My absolute favorite freebie was a roll of tissue. Pay day was 2 days away and my honey and I were completely broke. I grabbed some paper towels from work (rough as sandpaper) and when I got home, there was a full roll of tissue! My bottom was SO appreciative.

  • KDubs

    Th Johnsonville mini sausages, they sent SO many! My husband just loves them!

  • Claudia

    My favorite was the Dove shampoo and conditioner. I had never tried it before, but since getting the free sample I buy it consistently.

  • Terry

    I love all the free magazines – I read them & then pass them on to family & friends! Thanks Goob!!

  • Gabe

    Big fan of the pack of Stride gum!!

  • Tammy

    My fave was DEFINITELY the Uniball pen!! My husbands: Playboy! Thanks, Goob! He even said I was the BEST. WIFE. EVER! XOXO

  • srg1

    Wow, that’s a lot of amazing freebies!!!!!


    The US Post Office Sampler – not only was it full of great things – but it was a great gift from someone unexpected – the Post Office! Way to go guys!

  • My favorite freebies were the free magazine subscriptions I received – nothing like cheap entertainment :)

  • Peacefrog

    I know my mail lady may hate me but deep down I know she looks at all my FREE stuff and wonders…..where did all this good stuff come from. I love my Uniball Super Ink pen got two and shared with co-worker we love them nothing else like it WOW.

  • Stephanie

    Definitely the USPS Sample Showcase. That was like 10 freebies in one, and all really good stuff. Would love it if they offered it again!

  • butterfly_net2

    So many good freebies….I guess if I had to choose, then it was the box of Barilla pasta.

    Thanks for all you do to bring these freebies to me, Goob.

  • Sue

    I liked the Package of Cottonelle flushable moist wipes.

  • Lori

    My favorite was the desert gum. Thank you!!!

  • The Pack of Extra Dessert Delights mint ice cream flavored gum was my favorite but it was a difficult choice. So many nice items to try for free.

  • louise liu

    My favorite freebie is the the blue tape I got in the mail. Full size and very handy to use.


  • Tara

    My Favorite was #38: Pack of Extra Dessert Delights gum. I was genuinly delighted when I received this! :)

    I love this website! Thank you so much for all the freebies!

  • I think it’d have to be the Starbuck’s VIA samples, although the great stainless steel insulated thermos from Copenhagen was pretty wonderful, too. Happy new year!

  • Kary

    Definitely the Extra Desserts gum. So yummy!

  • Stacey

    Love, love, love the Extra Dessert Delights gum! I think I’ll chew a piece now..lol.

  • sarah

    The best was definitely the extra desserts gum! YUMO!

  • Melissa H

    I enjoyed the Extra Dessert Gum! I managed to get a few of these freebies, and the kids loved them in their stockings!!

  • Rick M.

    I missed the Kraft sampler pack…must have been good based on everyones comments. I liked the DiGiorno deep dish pizza. Can’t ever have too much pizza!

  • Mike

    Favorite freebie of the year… Taylor Launter poster from Teen Vogue.

  • Daniel Saunders

    My favorite was definitely the Napster give away!

  • Stephanie

    My favorite freebie had to be the free box of DiGiorno pizza. You can never complain about a free pizza!

  • Mandy

    My favorite freebie of the year was the EA Active II I go through House Party.

  • Amber Rein

    My favorite freebie has to be the monthly free rental from RedBox. Friends keep asking how to get it and its great when I want to do something special for kids but am short on cash :-)

  • David

    My favorite was probably the movie codes. I’d never used Blockbuster Express before but once they started doing frequent codes, it was awesome! We enjoy a good movie.

  • debbie

    We travel alot and all the little free sample bottles and such go in a big box. When its time to go just reach into the box. Even share it with other travellers. Everday at the mailbox is like Christmas!! Thanks for all the great freebies!!!

  • Sonia D.

    I just started to be a hiffer since Sept. but I have to say I love the magazines. A surprise whenever I go the mailbox.:)

  • Amanda

    My favorite freebie was Athenos Greek Yogurt (honey). Before my yogurt party I had not tired the honey kind. Now it’s one of my favorite snacks.

  • Anjanette

    My favorite one was the coupon for the free Digiorno 200 calorie portion pizza – yum. I also liked the coupon for the free bottle of Suave Naturals.

  • Angela B.

    I loved all the freebies..but Im gonna have to say the full Enfamil can because I had just had my daughter in April and it was awesome because that stuff is expensive lol…yay more freebies to come…love u guys!!!

  • lyssa

    I just found your site and I LOVE it. So far my favorites are the magazine subscriptions…keep em coming!

  • Adrianna

    I have to say thanks for all the freebies. I loved getting my UFO light keychain and other items. I will say my favorite is actually all the Victoria secret free panty offers I get in the mail and boyfriend’s mail. If they keep coming, I’ll never have to buy undies again, lol.

    Happy new year everyone!

  • Coll

    Definitely the Kraft sample pack. With little kids who doesn’t love anything free from Kraft, especially mac and cheese. I agree with Sonia D, I love the surprise of what’s going to be there when you open the mailbox.

  • Chanthy

    I loved the OK magazines subscription. I still get them now! I get bored fast so I always enjoy reading something different.

  • Christine

    My favourite was the Uniball pen.

  • Lalia H

    the Post It Flags & the Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese full size entrée were our favorites which sent us to the store for more!

  • Annette B

    I received a $20 Schick Hydro gift pack for FREE…Razor…4 blades and shave gel…made a great present for my dear hubby :) LOVE FREES

  • scott

    Pick only 1?

    How about 2? Loved the sobe life water contest. No clue how many free life waters that turned into for me but it was double digits.

    And Haas avocados. Love avocados and got 6 or so for free with the unlimited print coupon.

  • Crissey Rasmussen

    Its hard to decide but I guess I will go with the Starbucks Via that I received – thats my favorite for the year.

  • Heather

    Starbucks VIA pack! Love me some Starbucks! But the Excedrin came in a close second. :-P

  • lindsay

    my favorite? a toss-up between kashi cereal and diaper samples. the cereal is SO yummy, but with two (now three) kids in diapers, every sample helps! :)

  • I fell in love this year, and her name was Mint Chocolate Chip gum. Seriously, that Desert Delights is sweet!

  • whitney

    Free full size Aveeno lotion

  • Brenda

    Definitely the Kraft pack. I have turned all my friends and family on to the Wheat Thins! :D Thanks!

  • ashleychachacha

    Magazine subscriptions!

  • Megan

    Definitely the free magazines–no longer will I sit awkwardly in public with nothing to do.

  • Beth

    Definitely the US post office sample box! it had so much different stuff in it and i think we used it all! OR it could have been the proglide razor! i couldn’t believe we got that at least $10 razor for free!

  • Dakota

    Honestly, My favorite freebie of 2010 would be…

    The One Year Subscription to Playboy…
    Haha, I do enjoy the ‘articles’ that they put in that magazine.

    Now, Un-magazine favorite, Would be the excedrin coupon / $5.00 off.
    During the time I received that, is when I was having severe headaches every single day.

    Thanks HIF.
    For the freebies.

    And thank you, Hugh HIF-ner, for the Playboy. ;)

  • Roberta Hansen

    My favorite had to be – US Postal Office Sample Showcase –

  • Do sweepstakes winnings count? lol. Well, my favorite freebie from here would have to be the free product coupons. But I’ve also absolutely LOVED the coffee samples!

  • jennifer

    I got so many good samples this year, as well as full sized products. My favorites were the full size products I won from Allure’s August giveaways!

  • Teresa

    I loved all of the free Amazon music downloads!

  • Megan Goodnight

    I just moved and after receiving my Starbucks Via Coffee sample had to go out and buy a new coffee pot, apparently I pack really poorly because I broke the last one. Totally worth it, best sample of 2010 :)

  • Double Stuff Oreos — no question!

  • Emily M

    My favorite was probably the Bic Easy Glide pen. It’s my new favorite pen!! And when it dies, I’ll definitely buy another one. They made a customer out of me!

  • Wes

    Post Office

  • Diana

    Bottle of V8 V-fusion green tea was definitely mine and my husbands favorite!

  • Julie

    Love the Extra Dessert Gum. I don’t usually like sweet gum, but my kids and I loved the Key Lime Pie flavor.

  • Sara

    I just found this website a couple months ago and before that i didnt know other people loved free samples just like me!!! Thank you so much for aiding me in my addiction. Its really hard to pick a favorite because they are all so wonderful. My husand loved the the Dessert gum and i loved all of the cat food samples. Thank you!!

  • Danielle

    Such a wonderful list of items to choose from! I enjoyed the USPS sampler very much. But, I also enjoy the 20+ free magazines I get every month thanks to you Goob!! Keep up the good work!! I’m sure everyone will agree you are really appreciated!

  • Megan

    My favorite would have to be all of the tampons and pads. It is nice not having to buy a whole box just to realize you don’t like them.

  • CoolGuy

    The thongs were the funniest, even though I never got mine :(

    A freebie that I did get and like was the cologne paper sample!

  • My favorite was the Gillette Fusion razor. I requested it for my husband, then kept it for myself. Makes shaving my legs feel like cutting butter and no knicks!!!

  • Sherone

    I think all of the freebies are good, simply because they are free but if I had to pick one, it would be the Uniball gel pen. I don’t write with any other pen and when you can get a free one, that is like icing on the cake for me. :)

  • Jennifer

    Free American Apparrel tank top!

  • Arin

    Def the dog food samples. My dog is so picky that its nice to be able to try somthing out before wasting money on it!

  • Brigit L

    I loved getting the samples of the dog food. I recently got a new dog, in addition to my old girl and he eats like a teenager! The samples are great because they have coupons also.. save alittle bit of money, to spend on my son’s foodage, who is a teenager and eats me out of house and home!

  • Patti

    The Harley Davidson poster. I gave it to a friend. He loved it. Anything I can’t use, I pass on to friends and family. I can’t get over how happy they are with these freebies! And their pets love the free dog/cat food/treats.

  • Charlene

    I like all the freebies! It is so hard to pick one! I really enjoy getting all the free stuff. I look forward to getting even more free stuff in the new year! I am truly a FREEBIE FREAK!!

  • Tonya

    The dessert gum was one of my faves too. I am addicted as well!

  • Ddavid

    The Gillette Fusion Proglide razor, use it everyday.
    Maxim Mag.

  • Becky

    I really liked the Rold Gold Tomato re-usable bag. I use it all the time for grocery shopping, overnight trips and for work. Yay being green!

  • mary

    Hard to say exactly what was my all time favorite..guess it would have to be the USPS box. I loved the Uniball pens, dog food, dog treats, Atkins box, gum, tissues, magazines. I finally feel like I’m coming out a little ahead with these freebies! Keep them coming!! Thanks for all the work you do to make all of us so happy.

  • Steph

    I loved the Kraft coupon book – filled with stuff I could actually feed the family with!

  • Matthew

    The bag of food should taste good chips were my favorite. I’ve always loved those.

  • So many good freebies this year!
    All of the free magazine subscriptions have been great (MacWorld, Entertainment Weekly, Glamour, ReadyMade), and I love coffee (many samples from Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Nescafe, and full pound of beans from Green Mountain Coffee), my favorite has been the full size metal thermos from an unnamed tobacco company.

  • Rhonda

    My favorite was the Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner. It was nice not having to use the usual cheap stuff for a change. :)

  • mag

    My favorite was definitely the all the free period products. I will never pay for them again XD

  • Katie

    Can they ALL be my favorite?

  • Mickey

    I got a free wrist band from Dr. Oz and Zappos saying “Lose ten”. Meaning just 10 lbs. to make a difference in your health. It is a great reminder.


    I definitely loved the Kraft sample pack…and I’m loving all the free magazines I’ve gotten (the freebies that keep on giving year-round!). Can’t wait to see what’s free in 2011! Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  • Robert sekola

    dog food. my two dogs like trying new stuff

  • Emily M

    Glade candle

  • kristen

    Mine was the free sleep number pillow!

  • Betty

    The PO Sample Showcase was my favorite.

  • Kim K.

    My son loved the Harley Davidson poster.

  • Rich

    My favorite was the Free Green IT for Dummies book. What a great resource for helping our planet. Thanks HIF!!

  • Marilyn

    My favorite was the full size package of Oreos. I’m not a chocolate Oreo fan, but the Golden Oreos were really GREAT!!! Thanks for all the freebie links!!!!!

  • Marisela Lorenzo

    I loved the magazine subscriptions. Thanks HIF!

  • Kelsey

    The Betty Crocker calendar! I got to see some very delicious meals every month.

  • RobinRose

    The Kraft sample pack was the best. Kraft always has wonderful promotions.

  • Joe

    I liked the pocket knife from Copenhagen, very useful.

  • Alicia Kennedy

    Pillsbury 2011 calendar….lots of great recipes!

  • Mike Spring

    I love this site. Got a lot of good stuff. All I can say is thank you!

  • Judy

    I liked the free Harley poster – made my husband really really happy!

  • Joy

    Love how you have freebies that the whole family can use… everyone in the family gets their own magazine :)

  • jennifer

    i just found this web site in april and i love it. thank you for creating this site

  • KJ

    My fav for 2010 was the orange juice. My fav for 2011 is going to be the $50 gift card you send my way :D

  • Liliana

    Johnsonville sausage minis, they were surprisingly delicious!!! ;)

  • Craig Larson

    I would have to go with the DiGiornio Pizza. MMMM….. good!

  • Shannon

    The Fraft pack was great, it would be my first if I didn’t have a baby this year. So because of the joyous event, I have to vote for the free diapers.. every little bit helps!

  • crazysitter

    My favorite samples would have to be any of the free coffee samples!
    Thanks Goob!

  • Kerri

    I loved all of the shampoo/conditioner & toothpaste samples! I haven’t had to actually buy in about 6 months! It’s awesome! : )

  • Zhe

    My favorite freebies are the free Amazon MP3 credits! Thank you HIF for posting all the freebies!

  • Linda

    My favorite was the USPS kit.

  • My favorite was the Post Office box ‘o’ goodies… it was fun to get such a nice array of stuff! Thanks for the hard work, Goob! Love your site!

  • Dianne

    So hard to choose but I guess the free Excedrin coupons that helped push me to the next level on the Christmas savings for Rite Aid. :)

  • George

    My favorite was the free subscription to Bloomberg Business Week.

  • Beagle

    My favorite was the free Advil since I never buy pain killers. The pills came in handy when I had four teeth extracted! Many thanks!

  • Janice

    My favorite freebie was the Renu Multi-Purpose contact solution.

  • Destiny

    I gave my father the free Playboy subscription for Christmas….needless to say, it was his favorite gift! He loves the articles, too!

  • Mandy

    While there were so many things I liked that I got for free this year, I have to say my favorites all came from tobacco companies: the thermos and pocket knife from Copenhagen, the smoking jacket t-shirt, and the Zippo-type lighter. Not a smoker or chewer, but their freebies are pretty cool!

  • SW

    The free Picaboo book (except for shipping) for first-time customers. And now I’ve ordered other things from them, as well!

  • Kathy

    My favorite was a full size bottle of Suave Professionals shampoo.

  • Felicia

    All the lotion, shampoo, conditioner ETC…. samples were my fav!! My 8 year old daughter saved 20 samples then had a “Spa” girls sleepover with friends! They had a blast!

  • Sarah

    The extra dessert delights gum in mint chocolate chip!!!! I was so good that I went out and bought a whole pack.

  • Cameron

    my favorite freebie was the tony hawk poster. It was hilarious and educational!

  • Erica Miskin

    The keylime pie gum was fabulous. I also used all the free pampers and disney movie rewards to get quite a few freebies. Thanks for all your work!

  • Amanda

    I’ve gotten way too many good things to pick a favorite, but I will say that the pack of gum was my least favorite because I gave it to my son and forgot to check his pockets before washing a large load of jeans! Not a fun afternoon in my laundry room!

  • Wolfwerx

    I really enjoy having more magazines come to my door than I’ll ever have time to read. I really like the showcase sampler and Proforce Cleaning samples. The deodorant ones were always just the right size for gym/travel.
    My favorite, though, were the Excedrin samples. I spend money for that, anyways, so it actually saved me money on something I would definitely have paid for anyways!

  • Lisa P.

    I really liked the showcae sampler!

  • Cole

    My free pocket constitution arrived the day before national bill of rights day, how awesome is that.

  • Jim

    I mixed the Enfamil with the Helluva Good Dip and dipped Double Stuff Oreos in it. Oh yeah!

  • Jennifer Jones

    Definitely the Kraft sample pack. Gotta love free food and with 4 boys in the house, every little bit helps. :)

  • Sarah

    It’s a tie between the Neti Pot and the Taster’s Choice samples….

  • Joel Werner

    the stainless steel thermos from Copenhagen. I use it more than everything else!


    5 gum

  • Durenda Peterson

    My favorite freebie of 2010 was definitely the Extra Gum. I sent for the Strawberry Shortcake. It had a great long lasting flavor. Nice summer taste that got to be enjoyed as a tasty winter treat! ?thxs?

  • Kate

    The Suave conditioner was my favorite. But I really loved everything, my mom has been so jealous about all the free stuff I got.

  • Lydia

    I liked the uniball ink pen! Still using it!

  • maggie

    The USPS Sample Pack!

  • Cindy Lewis

    Mrs Fields cookies! That was an AWESOME freebie! By far the best.

  • Katie

    Thanks for the great info all year long!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Jennifer

    The Wall Street Journal subscription. Except now my neighbor tries to talk with me about stocks and bonds because he has seen the paper in my drive way.

  • Christine

    Of all you full size freebies, I only got 10. Way to go! Any FREEAnyway, my favorite was the Extra Gum in Key lime Pie. It really tastes like it. Every time I had one it reminded me of The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

  • paul

    It’s hard to narrow it down to one. Guess the “DiGiorno deep dish pizza” would be my choice as I’m a confirmed pizza addict. Thanks for all the hard work you do bringing us these freebees.

  • Mary Beth

    I loved, loved, loved the Kraft product sampler and the USPS one – lots of good freebies there!!

  • Barbara

    My favorite was also the Post Office Sample showcase! So many freebies in one mailer was awesome; however, they said they were doing a second one in (i think) July and they never did… boohoo.. but YAY for the one we did get!!!

  • Nora R

    SOOO many to choose from, so difficult. Love ALL the freebies but I’ll have to say I especially enjoy the Copenhagen thermos. It’s come in very handy. Thank you Adam and Goob!

  • Candace Clark

    My favorite samples were the USPS Sample box and the Kraft coupon book with all those freebies

  • Cathie

    I’m pretty new, but the Kashi snacks were good.

  • sarahf

    I dont keep track but i missded alot of thoses things but I only started following in June perhaps? but my favorite was the Cookies! they did not look like much and never having had Mrs Fields I was greatly impresse. they were very good, I would order them if i had some extra money!

  • Laci

    I put each and every item i had to use, if I didn’t use them, I made some gift baskets..lotions, candles, soaps..etc..and I especially loved the Extra Desserts Delight gum !! YUMM

  • Catherine

    I would have to Say Excedrin or the US Postal Office Sample Showcase

  • Joy Waggoner

    I liked the full sized box of Cottonelle wipes. When I went to get it at the check-out counter the check-out lady said Wow, that’s a good coupon…where did you get it! Of course, that was my opportunity to share the good news about Hey, it’s free! I love this site!

  • Lisa

    The Kraft Sample Pack – was my favorite due to quantity and quality of product. I have been a long-time Kraft product user. Thanks for all the great freebie postings – I love trying new products!

  • Lisa

    Hands down my fav was the 4 cans of Seattle Best latte/ice mocha I recieved for taking a survey.

  • Lynda

    there were so many but i guess the free magazine subscriptions! how else can i stay on top of current events ;)

  • Bill

    The painters tape worked GREAT!

  • Kim

    I really loved the magazines – it is the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Dion

    The turkey bacon. Who doesn’t love free bacon?

  • Vicci

    My favorite was the Dove bath robe. I put it in a basket with several different bath products and had a FABULOUS free (nearly) gift that looked like I had spent a lot. And my friend loved it!

  • Aaren

    The oreos were my favorite!

  • Sycosis

    I Looooved the dream water, so much that i actually buy it all the time :)

  • Charlene

    The DiGiorno’s pizza for me and the free dog food/treats for my chihuahuas.

  • Cheri Burnside

    My favorites were the Johnsonville Sausage Bites and the free photos from Walgreens!

  • Joe L

    Sample boxes are the best!

  • Jen

    barilla pasta was my favorite

  • Matt

    Oreos! I love Oreos!

  • Holly

    I loved the Kraft samples! My kids did too, since they got to eat the yummy mac and cheese!

  • I think teh digorno deep dish pizza was probably my favorite freebie last year.

  • Jenny

    Pretzel M&Ms!!!!!!!! So good.

  • Erica

    I would say picaboo photo book!

  • Luci V

    free advil

  • Lauren

    The Harley Davidson poster was the best! My boyfriend loved it! :)

  • Blaire

    All freebies are great! I’d have to say though that I do love the magazine subscriptions and all the food samples, but my favorite is the Disney points! With all the points I have saved up I have gotten a CD, a Pirates of the Carribbean print, and I just ordered a DVD! They take a little more effort to collect, but still an awesome freebie!!! Thanks soooo much!!! :)

  • Suzann

    I first heard about this website from WZID radio in NH. They were talking about the free Aveeno full size lotion. I signed up for it an a free weeks later…it was here. I’ve been signing up for freebies ever since. I love it. The magazines are great. Thanks

  • Eileen

    Hard to pick one so: the USPS samples, proforce cleaning (cleaned a built up area on the floor that noting else worked one) and the pen.

  • Mary

    I loved all the freebies! (like always) But I think my favorite was the excederin.

  • Jessica Smith

    My favorite freebie was the full size bottle of Pantene Shampoo…yay for free shampoo!

  • Egam

    My favorite freebie was the proforce cleaning from Sam’s

  • nellen

    My favorite freebie was the Johnsonville Sausage Bites (six bags!)

  • Randy

    Extra Dessert Delights gum — Key Lime Pie . I would not have tried it without the free offer and now I am hooked.

  • Wendy

    Kraft sample pack. Although the USPS one was pretty great too. Love the freebie value packs!

  • Caroline

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but the Johnsonville Deli Bites were very popular with my husband. I am a great lover of beauty products, so I enjoyed all the free moisturizer samples (Jergens, Vaseline Intensive Care, etc.)!

  • Teresa Murphy

    My favorite freebie this year was the xtra Dessert Delights gum. Runner up would be the Purina One Dog Food for my dogs – as a petsitter, we LOVE pet freebies! Keep those freebies coming in 2011!

  • Tamra D

    They all rocked…but I guess if I had to pick, it would be the diaper samples :-)

  • Melissa

    My current favorite is the Advil Liqui-Gels. I’ve got the upper respiratory stuff with a headache, so that Advil is coming in handy!

  • I loved all of the pet food samples and Better Than Ears treats. My dogs love trying something new. :]

  • Danielle

    I only discovered this glorious site recently, so I haven’t gotten as many great freebies, but my favorite was the roll of Scotch Blue painter’s tape. I finally got those projects done without paying the ridiculous price for the awesome tape!

  • Amanda

    Magazine subscriptions are my favorite!

  • Ashley

    The Extra Gum was a favorite, if only bc my neighbor’s kids stole it out of the mailbox and left me just the envelope…at least I think it was the neigbor’s kids ^.^

  • Jess


  • Heather

    Extra Dessert Delights gum (mint choc chip) was my favorite..i buy it all the time now :)

  • Helen

    I Check Hey It’s Free as often as I can. I Love It. I can not wait to check my mailbox and see what has come. I Got a lot of samples and some Ink pens I Love My Harley Davidson Pen!!! Keep Up the excellent work you are doing. I can not wait to see all I can get for 2011.

  • Laurie

    My favorite giveaway was the free bottle of herbal essence shampoo. I love free products and this one was really great!

  • Kraft Pack was definitely my favorite.

  • Janet

    My fave was the Excedrin. I didn’t get all 7 (only 2), but I got 2 different kinds & they’re a great size for travel & for the office.

  • Jacqueline

    I love shampoo samples and food samples too.

  • Regina

    my favorite has been the magazine subscriptions and feminine hygiene products

  • Sheila

    Key Lime Pie Gum!!

  • Emma C

    There were sooo many! But my most favorite was the starbucks via 4 flavor pack freebie, I got to try all four flavors for free. It was great!

  • Charlene J

    My favorite was the $10.00 Gap gift card I got free for signing up for Ebates.com

  • Kathy

    My favorite was a tie between Kraft and the Postal Service Showcase samples. Both of these were wonderful. Thanks HIF for posting these.

  • Derrick

    The Extra gum. It tastes great!

  • Lynn

    I honestly don’t have a favorite. Many of my freebies landed in care packages for the troops (I seriously have no interest in Sport Fishing or Super Chevy truck magazines) – coffee, deodorant, toothpaste, power bar, granola bars, etc. Several were used as pranks – “Feel my Boobies” bumper sticker sent to a friend/ex-co-worker, condoms to the same. My favorite thing is really just finding the surprises in my mailbox. Thanks HIF team!

  • Melody

    US Postal Office Sample Showcase by far was one of my favorites!
    Who knew the post office was so great?!

  • Liz Romanowsky

    I loved the ear plugs… forever thankful that once again there can be a good night’s sleep with my husband.

  • Janine

    The Kraft pack was great!

  • Sharada

    I think my favorite was a sample size of post cereal because it came with a surprise pack of marigold seeds! It was really fun planting them in the garden!

  • Mary

    I can’t believe I missed so many! My favorite was the full sized roll of scotch painter’s tape. I live in the dorm and so it’s the only thing I can use to hang stuff up with!

  • Bruce Fong

    My favorite was the Excedrin, because of the usefulness of the product and the amount I was able to get.

  • gjasekchin

    American Apparel Tanktop

  • Kari Farmer

    Thanks for all the freebies……Cottonelle flushable moist wipes

  • Seed

    Starbucks via packs and all the shampoo/conditioner samples. Now I never have to pack shampoo or conditioner when traveling or going away for the weekend! Seriously, I have enough even for trips lasting a couple of weeks! :)

  • Sofi

    My favorite was the Pringles Xtreme chips, I choose the dill pickle flavor and loved it! (definitely will buy :) )

  • rachel

    My favorite’s are the oscar mayer!!!

  • carol myrick

    happy new year

    My favorites were the post office showcase and kraft. Looking forward to another wonderful freebie year. Thanks goob and adam

  • Marisa B.

    I can’t really think of a favorite. I love my Jose Cuervo stuff. I love my Marlboro stuff. I love my thermos. I love my Maxim and Playboy magazines. Hmmm…. Way to many good freebies to just pick one. Dozens I haven’t mentioned.

  • Gretchen

    The bag of Food Should Taste Good chips – got a gigantic bag at BJ’s and loved them :)

  • Ani

    My favorite was a set of travel-size color shield shampoo and conditioner that came in the mail just as I was getting ready to pack for a trip to Florida. I’m easily swayed by timing.

  • Heidi K.

    I’m going to have to agree with you and vote for the Uniball Super Ink pen as number one. I love that pen! My second favorite would be the American Apparel tank top I got in the mail a month ago.

  • Harmony

    I liked Stacey’s Pita Chips.

  • Terry Simon

    My #1 favorite freebie this past year was the US Postal Office Sample Showcase. By far, this was my best freebie of the year and I’m hoping they’ll do another version in 2011.

  • Susan Young

    My favorite was the Food Should Taste Good coupon for a free full-sized bag :)

  • Stephanie

    Well just stared this freebie thing but I would have to say my favorite freebie was the Mrs. Fields one. I got a lot of great tasting cookies.

  • Paul W

    The Bic Pen giveaway and the Purina cat food were my faves. I am now officially a “HIF’ addict! Thanks for all your hard (and hilarious) work!
    p.s. – I tell everyone about the site! We should have some kind of pyramid award!!!! Happy New Year to all

  • Rachel

    I love the Tom’s of Maine toothpaste samples. Firstly, they are natural and delicious. Secondly, it made a funny little gift for my boyfriend, Tom! :D

  • Leah M

    my favorites are the magazines and the full sized box of Cottonelle wipes!! we have found we love the wipes and continue to use them! thanks!

  • Elaine

    I LOVE getting free food. Who ever said there is no such thing as a free lunch could not have know about this GREAT website! My favorite for 2010 was the DiGiorno pizza.

  • Dayna

    My bag of Food Should Taste Good Chips. They are so good!

  • Celeste

    The pet foods are always my favorite!

  • mattie

    yay! i want it all!

  • Lynne

    My favorite was the U.S. Postal sample pack. We used everything in it & found some new favorites!

  • Stuart

    My favorite was the Starbucks VIA samples. They helped get me through many days at work!

  • nicole swindell

    kraft sample pack! got some good food from kraft:)

  • memphis

    I liked the full size sample of organic dog food that was sent by an all natural pet food company. My dogs loved it!

  • Wendy

    I did not get a chance to have all those goodies, I only found your site half way through the year, but now I have to visit daily. The Key Lime Dessert gum & the Betty Crocker/ Pillsbury calendars were my fav. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • Jeep2000

    I also have to go with the Uniball pen, even though I was already a convert. It was great to get a free one!

  • Barbianne

    We had 2 faves, one was the Tivo cookie cutters, we even made Tivo christmas cookies (we don’t have a Tivo).. and the second was a pain cream Ibunex, we ended up buying for my mom who has neuropathy and now her doc gets samples for patients in his office

  • obsessed ob/cc

    The dogs will say the Better Than Ears. I’m saying the post office box.

  • Kevin

    I thought the Hugh Hefner shirt was truly a classic. When it arrived I showed it to everyone I knew because I thought it was so cool. They all laughed at me and said I would never wear it. You should’ve seen the look on their faces when I went out with that t-shirt on!!!

  • Mary

    Sports Illustrated magazine, yes I was actually purchasing this magazine before I found your site.


    Excedrin!! Get constant headaches and this reallly really helps!

  • Jeremy Bogart

    Package of Kraft Cheesy macaroni was prolly my fav i love mac and cheese but there were alot fo them that I got that i liked so yeah have a great year HIFFERS

  • Samantha C

    my fav would have to be the chic fil a premiere tasting for their spice chicken sandwich. I’ve never seen such a red carpet tasting and I hope the next tasting is a wonderful of an event.

  • Rebecca

    The Kraft sample pack was awesome and my favorite for the year! :)

  • Carol Santora

    I won a pair of the Key West Sandals that was the best freebie this year.

  • Anna

    I loved the USPS sample pack as well! Lots of freebies all in one package. It was like I received a birthday present or something :)

  • Sue Pultorak

    Loved the sample pack from the postal service. I hope they decide to do again!!

  • Holly Dennis-Peebles

    My fav was the stainless steel thermos from Copenhagen. They sent 2!

  • Amanda

    My fav was extra gum strawberry shortcake full size sample..such a good treat during my 1 and 1/2 hr commute to work in Houston. Thanks

  • Audra

    My favorite freebie was….. socks! I know that’s crazy but they are so soft and comfy. I only got one pair but you better believe they are in the wash every time a load is done!

  • JoAnna Broom

    I loved ALL the freebies this year but my favorite freebie was the free onetouch meter, 2 days before you posted it I found out that I was diabetic and couldnt afford a meter so that helped so much!! thanks goob!! you are soooo awesome and I was able to fill 10 stocking with some of the stuff I got off of here! Cant wait to see what freebies 2011 has to offer!! =)

  • Savanna

    I loved the toothpaste and shampoo samples. Who buys overpriced tiny bottles of shampoo? Not me anymore! =)

  • Shalini

    Mrs. Fields cookies ruled, but the kraft offer for 6 full sized products came a close second. Thank you.

    Have a lovely year ahead.

  • stephanie

    My favorite has been the free magazine subscriptions!

  • Angela H

    my favorite freebie this year was also the kraft one and i also buy wheat thins now because of it!

  • Jenn

    I missed out on the “Mail” freebie, but the Kraft freebie was great as well! :)

  • Shona

    I ended up with free goat cheese…and have now become addicted, so that’s my favorite. :)

  • Amber Ramirez

    The USPS Postal Showcase was definitly my all time fave! Wish they had done it again as they promised though :(

  • jody

    The free Mens Depends ended up being a hysterically funny joke on my dad on Christmas, we even took a video clip of it ;) but, seriously, the free Purina Beyond Dog food was so exciting to receive in the mail, it wasn’t just a coupon, it was a full 3.5 lb bag to my door. How cool is that???

  • Katie

    I would have to say was the Annies lunch bag. It was so cute and I use it often.

  • Ashleigh

    Okay Goob. My favorite thing about this site is your humor. You crack me up on a daily basis. I particularly liked the entry about your #7 favorite freebie of 2010. Good on ya. My favorite freebie was the Dessert Delight Gum…it’s like eating a bowl of ice cream without the brainfreeze! Happy New Year Goob!

  • Bruce S

    I actually like the Pampers grow points best. I’m earning toward a free Shutterfly photobook.

  • Mine might sound kind of lame but I loved the Prilosec 2 pack samples that were available all year. I have a daughter who has to take it so those packs went with her to sleepovers. in my purse, in the glovebox, etc.

  • Jennifer

    My fave was the coupon I got for free Chevre cheese I got when I signed up to be on their e-mail list. I love goat cheese! Thanks for all you guys do all year long, and Happy New Year!

  • Jen

    Winning a Barnes & Noble gift card from the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Instant Win game, entered with your free codes. That baby finally blew bubbles!

  • Zoe


  • Rebecca

    My favorite was the Extra Dessert Delights gum… I got the strawberry shortcake kind and can’t get enough of it : )

  • Betty

    Loved them all but the full size bottle of Pantene shampoo was the best of all! Thanks for all you do!

  • Nikki

    My favorite was the sticky notes… I’m sticky note obsessed!

    2nd favorite would be all the Gifts To Grow points that I combined with my own points and used towards shutterfly pictures of my daughter!!

  • brooke

    defintely magazines were my favorite even though i havnt seen you post weekly ones but you get them! im jealous ha

  • How did I miss the Double Stuf Oreos?!? I’m kicking myself.

    Sorry to say, my worst freebie was the extra desserts gum. I couldn’t stand the key lime pie! Uh, it was terrible for me.

    My best freebie is actually the combination of all the free tampons I received over the course of the year. It added up to close to 2 free full size boxes! Love it.

  • shnnntam

    Nature’s Bounty Pedometer!

  • chuna

    My favorite was the excedrin and the calendars i have one everywhere because i am so busy and forgetful so everything i ever do is written on my calendars!! Thanks i love them and this site.

  • The Dawgboy

    My favorite freebie was the “survival pack” dinner for four from Wise.

    It isn’t something I would order long term, but Lasagna that fed my entire family for a night is never a bad thing!

    (Of course, the feminine products have covered three entire cycles for my wife, so that ain’t a bad thing either.)

  • amy

    my favorite is the slim fast bar that tastes like a really good butterfinger

  • stephen

    i gotta go with the excedrin. you can never have enough

  • Nancy

    I loved my free box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese!

  • Wendy Boyd

    Wish I had known about you sooner! I missed out on alot but my favorite freebies have to be the magazines. I read the ones I want and the others I take to work and hand out. It’s made me super popular at work LOL. Thanks Goob!

  • Stacy Kurtz

    My favorites are the magazines and music downloads.

  • Bob

    I have to agree with you on the Kraft Coupon Book, my son was out of work and money was tight, so being the good Dad I am I gave him all the coupons and he ate and drank for a few more days, hope they have another one coming out this year.

  • Nathan

    Hope 2011 has just as many or many more freebies.

  • Alison Scudder

    I really liked the cereal freebies the best. I was able to try something new without having to waste money on a whole box :)

  • Holly

    My fav was the sillybandz… I’m still a five-year-old at heart.

  • Emily

    My favorite freebie was the Lego Magazine subscription. My little brother really enjoyed it. C:

  • ychick

    Thanks goodness for all those feminine product freebies! Those things can be pricey!

  • I received a $25 Ann Taylor gift card from People’s A-List Style Watchers club – bought myself a ring with it last week – what a good freebie!!

  • Melissa Hasan

    My most recent fave is the Barilla Plus pasta!

  • Sheryl

    I loved the Extra Dessert Delights gum! I’ve never really been into chewing gum, but after trying that one (loved the mint chocolate chip) I’ve been buying it on a regular basis….the gum tastes so good – just like ice cream, yet without all those calories….LOVE IT! Thanks for that great freebie suggestion!

  • Kit

    My favorite item was the blue tape, it really came in handy recently.

  • Kim

    My favorites were my make up Freebies. I got full sized face wash, shampoo & conditioner, lip gloss & more. Love it all!

  • busyme

    I love the swiss army pocket knife – you neever know when you will need both a screwdriver and a corckscrew!

  • Emily

    Love my free prescription glasses ( minus tax and shipping) from coastalcontacts…saved me over 200$..woohoo

  • AW

    Loved the deoderant samples- I give a lot to charity and they came in handy. Thank you HIF!!!

  • Jackie

    Huggies diapers!

  • Tim

    Love the site!

  • AW

    Thanks for all of the great gum!

  • Renee Musarra

    I love all the free magazines I get because of you site. Thank you!

  • Shannon

    My absolute favorite was the post office one as well, so incredibly cool!

  • Joel

    My favorite was definitely the give away from Napster in which I sadly did not get the MP3 player, but I did get a $15 gift card to Best Buy instead. That gift card really helped!

  • ten

    The deodorant samples are always my favourite. I don’t buy deodorant anymore.. I get it all free in the mail!

  • Tracy

    Loved the key lime flavored gum!

  • Hillary

    My favorite freebie was the American Apparel thong. Hot pink baby! :)

  • Alex

    My favorite freebie was probably the saw blade I have yet to actually receive. It will make an excellent canvas for painting on! Of the ones I have received, the biotrue sample was wonderful.

  • I like the Kraft and the Post office ones the best :)

  • Lizzard

    I like all the magazine offers. I sent some to my brother in jail. I like to think I have educated a lot of men in there about cars, health, etc.

  • Cindy

    Hard to choose, but I’ll say the free magazines. Thank you for doing this!

  • Jennifer Wendell

    I love my coffee from walmart. It was yummy!

  • Rose

    I really liked the Post Office sample kit as well. It was like opening an unexpected Christmas Gift and I’m hoping they do more!

  • suzannejc

    OK magazine subscription and Kashi cereal!

  • Cindy P

    I read your email everyday! Happy New Year…Thanks for the chance. CP

  • marisa

    the kraft one was the best and my favorite

  • Angelica

    My favorite freebie was the $50 Target Gift card I won from Dr. Oz!!!! Thanx for making me aware of this giveaway!!!

  • Chris L.

    My favorites have been the free mag subscriptions! I’m loving SI!

  • Roxanne Powell

    My favorite Freebie was From Snapfish. I got a free dog bowl with my dogs pic on it.

  • my favorite freebies are always the pantene prov shampoos and conditioners b/c they always come in travel-size containers 8)

  • Philip

    I cant say I have a favorite but my wife sure likes the femenine products because she doesnt have to buy them anymore.

  • Jean G.

    I was so surprised to received a full-sized can of Enfamil powder – I get baby samples and put them in the food bank – so I don’t even know how much it was worth – a lot, I assume!!! The people at the food bank were overwhelmed! Thank you, Enfamil!

  • Kimberly OBrien

    I also loved the usps sample pack…full of stuff! ;)

  • Michelle Smith-Arnold

    While ALL the freebies are awesome, my most favorite was the Kraft package. It got me to try new products & I still use them! I have also shared the site with friends & family so they too can get the best freebies out there!

  • lynn cook

    i would have to say oreos , i got them through the facebook giveaway and for some reason i received three or four coupons for free oreos, we ate alot of oreos that month YUM!!!!

  • holandrand

    I’m gonna have to go with the Little Smokies sample pack from Johnston. Not because I particularly enjoyed them (which I did) but because I got an unexplainable kick out of getting sausage in the mail.

  • Patricia reno

    My Dave would have been the two free botles of proforce cleaning kits

  • Jill

    The USPS Sample Showcase was the best freebie I received this year. Thanks for making the mail enjoyable!

  • Cindy P

    Sorry…I forgot to answer the question…my favorite freebie in the mail was a full size bottle of Pantene Natural Fusions shampoo. That was the best stuff! Thanks again!

  • MJ

    My favorite freebie was the Kraft kit.

  • Stefanie Quinn

    LOVED the Kraft sample pack. Those Sundried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins are the best snack ever!

  • amy

    I have to say the extra delights gum…….dessert flavors……..yum!!! Little calories and oh so nummy!!!

  • Rhoda Paramore

    My favorite is the stainless steel flask from Copenhagen. I don’t remember if I signed up after the first or second post, but I hate that I missed one! It gets used a lot!!

  • My favorite was the Maxim Magazine, after an address change I was told I will get it for a whole another year ( I

  • alix kaplan

    This is really tough…. the magazines.. yes and the scotch tape… and the natural lip balm I keep in the car… I just love the site. thanks.

  • Char

    Extra Dessert Delights gum — Key Lime Pie!

  • Steve Auerbach

    Can’t rememeber if it was this year, but my wife loved getting O Magazine so she didn’t have to buy one when traveling.

  • I think my favorite was the Extra Desserts Delight gum – I got the Strawberry Shortcake flavor and am hooked! It probably doesn’t help that strawberry shortcake has been my favorite dessert since I was a kid…the gum tastes just like it – yum!

  • Laurie Lewis

    I have enjoyed all the freebies you are so kind to post for us! But… my favorite was not the single piece of Extra Dessert gum… but THE WHOLE PACK! They sure made a fan out of me and it is on my shopping list every week. I keep one in the purse, one in my backpack, one in the car and one in the living room. I love how it gives me something to chew on while I am dieting and the taste is incredible! Thank you very much for sharing your valuable info with all of us and here’s to a new year of freebies!

  • Tami Stapleton

    My favorite Freebie of 2010 was the Johnsonville Sausage Bites~they were great!

  • My favorite was the Maxim Magazine, I did an address change and was told I was getting it for free for another whole year on top of what I already got. That was a sweet deal for sure.

  • rocketman7

    My favorite was just checking every day to see what I could get next!

  • Cindy

    Loved the Postal Sample box and my kids loved the free gum.

  • Helenjean Payne

    I am a late bloomer with the Hey It’s Free offers. But, I enjoy them all. The travel sized samples were wonderful for me because I do like to travel and do not care for what most hotels leave. I am looking forward to the opportunity to try more great proucts.

  • Derek

    Uniball pen

  • Amber

    My favorite was the Dog Treats (cookies) from 3 Dog Bakery. They smell just like a nutter butter, my dog is hilarious when he is begging for one, and my father-in-law almost ate one thinking they were for humans…my MIL fussed that I didn’t let him go ahead and take a bite. Pretty funny.

  • stephanie

    Loved all the freebies. My brother and I call each other every time we get a freebie to see who gets the most samples. It was a fun challenge this year. I put sample packets together for my students.

  • Patricia

    My fav of all – the Uniball Pen – I too have not used another one since receiving this freebie. I am still old fashioned and write checks to pay my bills and I just love these pens knowing that my check is safe. I have bought the multi packs with different colors so I can change when my mood calls for it. Thanks for all the other great freebies – keep them coming.

  • Irina

    Haas avocados were the best! Thanks for sharing great freebies.

  • Shantilia

    I can’t choose a fave because I’ve enjoyed them all!!! Thanks for all you do! Goob you rock!!!!!

  • Rhonda

    Magazines – I am a reader so I was thrilled with free magazines.

  • Debra

    I sign up for almost all of the freebiess-thank you for having an awesome website -keep up the great work and oh yeah it would be nice to win the gift card we are a family of six and we are both out of work and coulld really use it.

  • Dallas Nicol

    my favorite was free product coupon for ghiradelli luxe milk chocolate.

  • Kimi

    My favorite was the Icky Bands from Georgia pacific. As a mom, I thought the silly bands thing was lame but when my kids got these… Well, who wouldn’t want to wear a band named Mr Mee-Yucky! Way cool.

  • Boston

    Mine would have to be the barilla pasta. I really didn’t expect to get a full package of it!

  • Joy Kenney

    I loved the Kraft package, and the Uniball pen. Also, do not forget to enter sweepstakes. I won a front-load Washer and Dryer this year. Somebody has to win, might as well be you!

  • Justine A

    I loved the gum and the kraft pack

  • Yen Nguyen

    hard to pick between usps sampler, kraft goodie box or 6 kraft free product coupons from kraft first taste. hmm…

  • Katie

    My favorite was the full package of double stuffed Oreos. Yum.

  • Doug


  • Cheyenne Johnson

    My favorite freebie of all of 2010 was definitely the Uni Ball Pen! I love this pen! It’s my favorite of every pen I own, and that is A LOT! I’m a pen collector, but the Uni Ball is my absolute favorite. I even got my mother hooked on them!

  • Jill

    It is almost impossible to name my favorite freebie because I appreciate all of them, big and small! They all make a BIG difference in my household, but I will go with the Carhardt jacket I received right before Christmas.

  • andrea burns

    please i would like to thank you for your freebies i have received via your emails to me thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my favorites is the chocolate chip mint ice cream gum !!!!!!!!!!!! happy new year to you and may all your dreams come true !!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your stories with the freebies !!!!!!!!!!!! you bring me a chuckle everyday !!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    The little snack sausages, I don’t remember what brand. Those were my favorite. Close second the Atkins bars.

  • Kelly

    Mine was the large blue painters tape!

  • Art

    Couldn’t believe it when my real Swiss Army knife showed up!

  • I loved ALL my mags I got through Freebiz Mags.
    My fiancee enjoys the Playboy subscription I surprised him with too.

  • Robyn

    My favorite freebie was the Extra Gum!!!

  • Shelli

    First, Thanks Goob & Adam for disseminating this info so we could all enjoy. My fave of the 233 freebies I received was the full size plush Dove bathrobe (in the weeks before Christmas, my sister was saying she needed a new bathrobe!).

    Other standouts include: Kikkoman steel tongs, all the Walgreens 8×10 photo collages, Ritz Munchables (that I now buy regularly!), Native Flutes mp3 album, free spicy chicken Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Kraft First Taste coupons (good for full size products), Kraft bbq sauces in new flavors, Propel drink crystals, Johnsonville sausage bites (a guilty pleasure for sure) all the Bath & Body Works lotion freebies through Facebook.

    Two standouts for other reasons: Abuelita Granado hot chocolate that tasted awful and came with an expired coupon! and Cream of Wheat chocolate flavor. Now I know what to use if I ever run out of spackle!

  • joan

    I loved the uni ball pens. I got some for my kids too. They love them now.

  • debbie

    Actually the coupon books that pg has sent through the months. There were quite a few free products that I was able to get through the coupons attached. I sign up each time they list them and I always get my booklets.

  • Kara

    The Stride Gum was my favorite!

  • Janna Trimble

    My favorite was the tropicana oj…nothing starts the morning like a glass of cold oj!

  • Caitlin

    Definitely the Excedrin. We take way too much Excedrin and this just allowed us to spend much less!

  • Molly

    My favorite was the bag of Natura dog food! That stuff is so expensive haha

  • Tressy

    I love the free wall calendars you can write on from Eat Better America, Betty Crocker, etc. I use at least three in my house and they help keep me organized and eating better!

  • Jenn

    My favorite was a digital jumprope from Kaiser Permanante

  • Robyn

    The best freebee I got was the free subscription to Self magazine. It,s changed my life around. I,ve lost 17pounds. Who knew a free magazine could change ones life around. Thanks…

  • Greg

    My favorite was the package of assorted Starbuck’s Coffee flavors of instant coffee.

  • jan

    The box from USPS was full of so many wonderful things that it stands out as a favorite. I hope they send one out again!

  • Meg

    It’s a tie between the smoking jacket tee shirt (gave it as a holiday gift) and the US Postal Service freebie pack (I was like a kid on Christmas morning when that thing came!).

  • Jill

    Definitely the US Postal Office Sample Showcase

  • Carrie

    I have to agree with the top 2 listed here… the USPS sample pack and the uniball pen were the best for sure. I dooo love some freebies. Thanks for keeping us aware of them.

  • lisa hudson


  • Dee

    loved the he Kraft Sample Pack! :)

  • Lisa L.

    Hands down the big metal thermal flask from Copenhagen, but since I wear bandanas a lot, the red and black bandana from Marlboro was second. My hubby really enjoys the free Maxim and Playboy subscriptions I got for him, though…maybe a little too much….

  • Sandy

    Hubby and I love the Camo Hat we received, can’t remember if it was from Copenhagen or Grizzley…………..anyway, love it and everything we have received. I have been off of your site for a bit since my dad passed in July, got into a funk for awhile after that, but I am back now and looking forward to all of the 2011 freebies!!!!

  • Christine

    Just found your website in November I wish I found it sooner. I love the free points I have so many pampers points I can also order the jeep stroller I also used my points to buy 25 free christmas cards from shutterfly via pampers program. Also almost have enough points for martha stewart magazine from recyclebank. I cannot wait to see what you post this year.

  • lauri k.

    I really love that uniball pen! And the kraft sample pack…and the free Coobie bra I got (not sure if that one was posted on here but it was a Facebook freebie) thanks for all the hard work you do everyday!!

  • Angela

    Starbucks samples and free magazine subscriptions!

  • Evita

    my favorite was the huggie enjoy the ride reward points. I’ve gotten over $50 in gift cards from it. Pretty sweet!

  • becca

    Definitely the Starbucks coffees– I’ll almost accept their claims that the Via instant is as good as the store-bought stuff.

  • Shana

    I liked the Key Lime gum too. The multi tool was given as a stocking stuffer to my son-in-law. Loved all the coffee samples.
    I requested some of those things on your list & never received them tho.
    Still waiting for things I requested last June. Guess I should give up on them by now.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Debbie

    Were to begin…I loved all the Freebies…Hey I love anything FREE!

  • Melissa

    I loved the Cold-Eeze and Emergen-C samples. Kept me from getting sick!

  • Lynn S

    I loved the uniball pen. I hadn’t used it before I got my freebie. I absolutely loved it and have bought a number of packages to replace all my pens. Freebies are a great way to introduce a product. I probably wouldn’t have purchased the uniball pen on it’s own. Now I have all my friends and family using them. I loved the uncle ben’s brown rice. I passed it in the store but never picked it up. Snagged a freebie and we are hooked.

  • Kim

    I have only been following you for a couple months, but favorite is the free Slim-Fast Peanut Butter Crunch Time snack bar. It was so delicious I went out and bought a box!

  • ReneeWilding

    I liked the free beer glass!

  • Becky Cruz

    I have to pick one favorite? I received so many great ones! The Louisiana Hot Sauce was a good one as was the Kraft sample box. But I guess my favorite was the one I received the last day of 2010, a huge basket full of Smucker’s products that I won won in their Spreading Smuckers giveaway! I won’t have to buy jelly, jam or preserves for a year!

  • Lisa Clarrey

    The free coupon for California Naturals dog food was perfect! The stuff costs about $13 for a 5# bag and was absolutely free! And because of it, I found a retailer right around the corner from me when I used to travel to the next town for specialty dog food. Thank you!!

  • Matt

    My favorite was the kraft sample pack

  • Betty

    I have to say the Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Pampers points have been the best for me!

  • Aaron

    My favorite freebie was Excederin!

  • Derek

    I really enjoyed the Mariani prunes that I received. I had never liked prunes before I tried them…and now I do!

  • frugal lady

    You are my inspiration! seems like every two days i get freebies, samples, etc…I have enough calendars to outfit a good size company! Thank you from Frugal Ladies (facebook page)!

  • kelli

    I have to agree with the majority of people and go with the Kraft Sample Box too!

  • Emily Adams

    My favorite freebie was definitely the Kraft sample pack.

  • Aaron M McDermott

    My favorite was the Fatima 2011 Calender. Not only did they send me a free calender but later they sent me a piece of “blessed” wood and a candle that they wanted me to write a prayer on. It’s the freebie that keeps giving!

  • Lisa K.

    There are so many great ones to choose from but I would have to say the Kraft coupon book.

  • Steph

    Happy New Year – 2011!

    So my favorites for 2010 would be the very cool beer GLASS from NEW CASTLE BROWN ALE – I love drinking out it; it has a great shape to it.

    Also, like you and everyone else, I’m still enjoying my UniBall pen – it is indeed a great marketing effort on their part. I know I’d never have purchased one on my own – but using this one, I definitely will get some in the near future.

    Thanks again for all your great work on behalf of us, your loyal fans & followers!

  • Jen Young

    I love food freebies. I keep them for quick snacks while running errands. My dog loves the pet food freebies too!

  • William

    Got my first freebie today, two Breathe Rite strips, so by default it is my favorite. But if I had gotten a Victorinox or Wenger Swiss Army knife like Art (#515), I would be really happy. Where do you sign up for those?!

  • Jami Adams

    The free magazines I will never have to pay for again! And don’t forget all the free food too!! :)

  • Wendy

    I LOVED THEM ALL!!! Especially my Bzz Agent kits.

  • Risa

    It was a toss up for me. I loved the Kraft package and that you got to choose which one you wanted, but the USPS one was like christmas early. I never would have guessed that the post office would ever do anything like that and the variety of brands they sent you was very nice too.

  • jenny

    I loved the USPS sample packet. but I am starting to think after reading everyone’s posts, that my mail man must have a favorite, because I saw alot of things I signed up for and forgot I never received them. Like the uniball pen, Kraft sample packs and many more. I also love the Excedrine. I eat them like candy!

  • Tammy

    The coupon for EVO dog or cat food was my favorite. Got my neighbor to ask for one too, so I got 12# of dog food for free!

  • Wilma P

    I received a lot of good freebies; but my favorites were the free magazines.
    Like a gift every month in my mailbox.

  • Debbie Gerrity

    I loved all the freebies, but have to say my favorite was the via starbucks cooffee. Since trying the freebie, i am now hooked.

  • Janet

    my favoritee was the Dr oz giveaway because I won a free pair of sketchers shape ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The kraft sample pack or the USPS sample pack. Both were pretty awesome. :)

  • Butch Thurber

    Any of the free dog food! We have not had to buy dog food for a few months now!!!!!

  • anthony g

    My favorite was the Barilla pasta offer.

  • Deborah Hellerud

    I loved the full size Bottle of Suave Professionals shampoo but my most favorite is the free Schick Quattro Titanium razor with ajustable personal trimmer for my husband! He loves it

  • HB

    I think i have to say the Kraft box also

  • Diedra

    The USPS box!

  • Jenny

    My favorites were the uniball pen and the Kashi cereal.

  • JP

    Gotta go with the Pringles!

  • Susan D.

    My favorite is the Uniball pen. I’m still using it. I misplaced it for a couple of days and was upset about it to a really ridiculous extent! Of course, I found it after I purchased a couple more…

  • S Gammon

    Just joined near end of the year, so looking forward to 2011 and having something wonderful to post at the end of the year!

  • anette o.

    im lovin the dessert delights gum also… i ordered the mint chocolate chip, but im addicted to the key lime pie now.

  • Beth C.

    I’m torn between the Pro force Cleaning kit & the Suave shampoo. I do think I’d have to say the Suave. They’re all awesome, though! Thanks a lot & Happy New Year!!!

  • Nayla

    I will have to go with all the travel size shampoos and such. They have been great to give to my kids when they have forgotten to tell me they were out of something. Thanks!!!

  • Sarah

    The Harley Davidson poster I received!!!

  • Don

    My favorites were the Playboy and Maxim subscriptions!

  • Sylvie

    Free magazine subscription for Shape.

  • Jorge

    I loved the lots of food i received especially the Coffee

  • Jessica

    Since I never received the Kraft sample pack or coupons, boo, my favorite sample is the paint. Two different colors and the perfect size to do some decorative painting in my daughters room.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for all the work everyone puts into the website and sending out the daily emails.

  • Ben

    The Kraft sample pack was the best since I was actually able to use it.

  • Ann

    My favorite was the Cottonelle toilet paper sample. The elaborate packaging of the approximately 1-1/2 squares of tissue cracked me up. Of course not the most USEFUL sample (unless you have a VERY TINY rump) but it’s still my favorite!

  • I love coming to this site. For not only personal stuff, but I find stuff for other teachers classrooms from this site. Thank you!

  • prowell

    I have to admit it – my name is Paula and I’m an addict. It’s the gum – the key lime pie gum. Good thing the Charleston area market didn’t have it on their shelves until November.

    My udder favorite thing was the thermos from one of the cig companies. It’s way to cool to chew my gum and then drink my coffee.

  • Patti

    Reese’s Pieces! ET PHONE HOME!

  • kristina wittchen

    My favorite freebie was the Food Should Taste Good chips. They were great!!!

  • Jo Dubbs

    my fave was the USPS sample box

  • Karen

    My favorite was the Tide samples since they made my clothes smell so good! Thank you!

  • Jennifer Muise

    All of them! Although I do love the magazine subscriptions. I can’t even count how many great magazines I get every month.

  • Mary

    I’m loving the Uniball pen also. Mine came in red ink, and it works out great with my home business when customers use a black or blue ink pen.

  • sel

    I enjoyed the johnsonville sausage bits the most. T

  • Nancy Belanger-Iott

    My favorite Freebie this year was a package of 4 AA Energizer rechargeable batteries : )

  • Jennifer

    Mrs. Field’s cookie tin!! Or maybe W and Glamour mags!!!

  • Cheryl

    Defintely the Kraft sample pack, it was like getting FOUR freebies in one!!

  • sel

    I enjoyed the Johnsville sausage bits the best. Close second was the free pasta.

  • Pam Roberts

    I recieved the Napster MP3 player was my fave.

  • Mary C

    So many to choose from! I’ve gotta go with the Kraft package. We all enjoyed munching on the extra treats!

  • Punifa

    My favorite was the Dessert Delights gum. I got the minty flavor and now I can’t get enough!

  • craig

    stainless thermos from coppenhagen

  • Brenda

    My favorite was the U.S. Postal Service sample pack and the KEY LIME PIE gum! I’m hooked on it, too! So yummy! Definitely became a buyer of the product based on that sample!

  • Steph

    Thanks to YOU, I got loads of freebies. My fav has to be the Tom’s Toothpaste, as they kept sending me tubes over and over. Plus, it is really good stuff! Cheers.

  • Betsy

    So many were great — granola bars, popcorn, painters tape, thermos, calendars. But to boil it down, No. 2 probably is the pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, and No. 1 is the Copenhagen multi-tool. When I was watching “127 Hours,” my heart broke for Aron Ralston that he didn’t have mine instead of his cheapo one. Just hope I don’t ever have to use mine in similar circumstances! Thank you, HIF!!!

  • Crissy S.

    My favorite was the Pantene shampoo. I switched and I love it!

  • Katie Coughlin

    Green Mountain Coffee plus the mug!!

  • lisa

    My household’s favorite samples are coffee, creamer, oOK magazine suscription, chips, detergent, mini-deodorants. The full size personal lubricant was great, until i realized i have no need for it, and just HOW can i gift that to someone??

  • Quinton

    I loved the kraft sample pack. The kids thought dad’s sample were actually cool for once.

  • Amy-Sue

    You definately have hooked me up with a LOT of freebies. I loved getting my Tide samples-love trying out new laundry products! I loved my magazine subscriptions, for sure! And totally scored on the Office Depot gift card! Thanks

  • Audra P

    I think the Uniball pen was my favorite. I actually had the first request stolen (someone ripped a hole in the box and I got an empty box in the mailbox), and I was able to e-mail the company and get another one. I love this pen, and as soon as it runs out I plan on buying more – even my husband loves it, and he doesn’t really pay attention to pens!

  • Cristina A

    Rachael Ray dog food freebie, I couldn’t find a dry dog food that my dog would eat until this one!! thanks Goob

  • Cheryl

    My favorites were the copenhagen multi tool and the thermos. I havent had to buy shampoo or toothpaste for a couple of years now and I love not using the same stuff all the time. Happy New Year!!

  • AmyG

    My favorite was the Amazon Prime membership…I didn’t even know it existed until I came to this site! I use it a lot, especially during the holidays. Thanks!

  • Chelsea

    My favorite was the Mrs. Field’s cookie tin!!! Delicioussssssss

  • Laela S

    its a tie between the free Chavrie cheese coupons for 1 full size and the blue thong we got from somewhere (i think that was 2010) 1 size fits all LOL.


  • April

    My favorites have to be the multi tool and the thermos. Used different emails and managed to snag two of each, one for me and one for hubby!! Keep up the good work, love this site!!!

  • Heatherinski

    Amazon Prime was a great freebie! I love the free shipping! ;)

  • John

    I would like to thank you for posting all freebies….even if i didn’t use it i know someone who did and they were very appreciative as well…this is the best site ever…i also tried some things that i never use and sometimes ended up getting some for myself…so keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to post, i know it is a never ending job…Happy New Year to you and all and keep the free stuff coming!!!!!!

  • Melanie Fry

    My favorites have been the dog and cat food samples. I am keeping them for those times when I run out of pet food and can’t get to the store right away.

  • Kali

    I love all the huggies & pampers point codes….gets me free diapers and goodies!!

  • Liz

    I think my favorite was the Kraft First Taste box from the summer with all kinds of food goodies in it!

  • Joe

    Everything I’ve received has been great! Thanks HIF !!

  • jennifer weisensell

    My favorite freebie was the beautiful and super soft Dove robe! I really love it guys! Thanks so much for all you do for us all :-)

  • sara

    The free napster creative zen 1gb mp3 player from facebook!! oh and the thermos and water cantene has come in handy!!

  • rita

    my favorite freebie was the jose cuervo items!

  • Bonnijean Marley

    My favorite freebie came in a box marked “Enjoy your free sample.” I tore into it thinking it might be a chocolate bar or some coffee. Inside I found a bag of DOG FOOD. My dog enjoyed it, but I didn’t sample it myself.

  • Lisa

    The Uniball pen was my favorite freebie. A close second was the USPS sampler. Thanks HIF!

  • Katie

    all of the tasty coffee samples!

  • Hard to pin it on just one, but I would have to say all the travel sized samples of shampoos, lotions, and soaps, we use these on our camping trips!

  • Angela G

    The excedrin coupons were my fav freebie!

  • Marge

    TENA pads because a member of my family tried them for the first time and loves them. TENA pads greatly improved quality of life for this relative. Thank you!

  • RedHatty

    The Kashi samples were my favorite, the GoLean Crisp cereal with coupons (I got a full box for $0.59!!)

    I would not have tried it without the freebies, Thanks HIF, you are the only mail that stays in my email folder :)

  • Marie

    Anything free is a favorite!! But if I had to choose one thing, it would be the magazine subscriptions. :)

  • Estelle

    I just found you in the last week of 2010 so my favorite freebie would be just getting your emails for 2011.

  • Donna

    All-time favorite…free Butterfinger candy bar. Thanks Goob, you do a terrific job for us!

  • shelley

    My favorite was also the USPS freebie. Besides the dove chocolate being melted by the time I received the package, everything in it was awesome!

  • judi

    I have enjoyed all my Freebies but Wisconsin Deli-Bites are my Fav.Easy for appetizers(withWisc. cheese of course),and also quick for lunches.Thanks Goob for all the good Freebies you find for us!You too Adam.Happy New Year!

  • shara

    Favorite freebie by far was my Newcastle Ale Stein. I’ll never be without a matching cup for my Newcastle again, in case they stop giving away those free glass bottles with the six packs.

  • Patricia

    I am new to you but my favorite freebies are always the health and beauty supplies–that stuff is spendy!

  • Mary

    I love the thermos!!! My favorite!!!!

  • axi

    My favorite freebie so far was the BioTrue contact lens solution. I spend so much money on that stuff for my husband, it isn’t funny.

  • Jean F

    My favorite was the stainless steel thermos from Copenhagen. I put hot cider in it when we went to look at holiday lights. It worked great.

    Thanks to HeyItsFree for telling us about all these goodies. My only concern is too many freebies require Facebook and I just won’t sign up.

  • erika

    There were many great freebies this past year! One that stands out to me, though, would be the Starbucks VIVA samples! I had been wanting to try them, and why not for free?!


    US Postal Office Sample Showcase and the Kraft Sample box were both greatly appreciated, but since we are both into receiving free food, the Kraft Sample box is the winner. Thanks so much for making these available!

  • Beth

    My favorite was the US Post Office samples.

  • Sarah

    Hands down the US postal box full of goodies!!! It was wonderful!! Thank for the heads up on all these wonderful freebies I received this year!

  • liz

    the kraft box of goodies. some were full size.

  • i loved the ufo led flashlight thing.

    It saved me in a blackout my whole neighborhood had.

    I just got it in the mail. Showing my dad when BOOM!!

    no lights!
    using the flashlight…… we found other flashlights!!

  • Fellow Hiffer

    The best freebie I got this year would definitely be the Lucchesse cowboy boots I got from Marlboro. It would have been the bike I’ll be getting from Marlboro as well, but, it hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t count it.

  • Kristy

    My favorite was the Extra Key Lime Pie Gum. After tasting this, no other gum compares.

  • Susan

    Food Should Taste Good Chips

  • Sheri

    Quite possibly…. the blue thong!! Ha ha There actually has been way to many to just pick one. Thanks!!

  • Lisa Adkins

    My fav is the magazines.

  • Michael

    I like the ear plugs…They come in handy, as I have 4 kids!

  • goaliewest

    food should taste good chips for sure!

  • Steven

    Loved the free thong that I got for my gf from one of the underwear places.

  • Lynne

    Kraft macaroni & cheese-YUM!

  • Lisa

    I don’t know what to pick goob! There are toooooo many to choose from! I love all the reg. sized samples of everything! and the free t-shirts and underwear. :D

  • Christine

    USPS box of goodies was the best!!!

  • Heather

    I think my favorite freebie was the magazine subscriptions and the blue painter tape. I love this site.

  • Judy G.

    UFO LED Keychain was my favorite freebie

  • Beth

    Dog food samples! We have a picky eater and were able to find a food he likes!

  • The Kraft freebie package was a big hit at our house… but the BEST had to be the 4gig mp3 player that Napster gave away. The best part was that I also signed my mom up for one and I got to hear her grandson explaining to her how it was possible to store hundreds of songs on such a little gadget.

  • Becky E.

    US Postal Service Sample Showcase box was my favorite of the year.

  • Desiree

    My favorite freebie were the free undies from American Apparel ;)

  • Delene

    the swiss army knife from Marlborough

  • Mel

    Hands down Playboy since my husband thinks it’s the best… for the articles ;)

  • Emmeline

    My favorite was definitely the pack of free Starbucks VIA! They tasted great!

  • Donna ring-Jordan

    I loved the postal sample, it was the best and I hope they offer another.

  • Delene

    the swiss army knife from Marlboro

  • Pam

    Haven’t followed this site for too long but love it! I live on a fixed income and the freebies have been a godsend at times! Love going to the mailbox now!

  • Beth

    I loved the table talkers and coupons for free boxes of pasta from Barilla Plus.

  • The Post Office sample showcase was awesome, as was the full size bottle of V8 fusion (or splash?), but far and away our free subscription to the Lego magazine addressed to “Zeek U. R. A. Dork” is my favorite. It makes me laugh every time my husband gets it and even more so because of the enthusiasm he peruses with (he’s 27, not 8).

  • Jen A

    Definitely the Excedrin! Thanks for everything you do throughout the year!

  • LuLu

    The thermas. My hubby also likes his “smoking” T-shirt.

  • Jennifer

    The USPS sample showcase was my favorite!

  • Ellen Paris

    The Extra Dessert delights gum. I LOVE the flavors.

  • Kathi

    I have to agree with you that the Post Office Sampler was my #1!

  • Cindy

    Olay Total Effects 7 body wash, I’ve since only purchased this body wash. I love HIF!

  • Maureen

    My fave was the Helluva Good dip! Their products are great and their name is awesome!

  • Mary Lau

    There’s so many great freebies, I can’t pick just one. Love all the freebies I get from this website!

  • Ben P-G

    I have to say the Kraft pack was great but I also loved the Old Spice body wash as it was great for a week long camping trip.

  • Chelsea

    All the laundry detergent samples! I often forget that we are out of laundry detergent when I shop, and the pile of Tide & other samples came in handy several times so that my husband could have clean work clothes!

  • Tina

    I think all the free magazines were the best. My whole family got something they liked, and I even gifted a few.

  • Adrianna

    My daughter! And post office freebies. Happy New Year Everybody.

  • Tiffany

    Well, can’t really pick ONE freebie that was my favorite. They’re FREE so they’re all good, (:

  • Ron G

    If it’s free it’s me. Thanks for all the freebie leads.

  • Denise Reeb

    I agree with Tiffany…Anything FREE is great, so I love them all. But any of the full-size freebies top my list. Thanks!!!

  • sandy

    I guess it would be my $30 gift card from office depot

  • Sarah

    I had the most fun playing with the Sobe online game this year and getting all those free coupons and goodies.

  • Danielle T

    The Kraft freebie was great, I also got a free pink tank top from american apparel that fits perfectly, and so many other favorites!

  • GayAnn

    The Kraft sample pack but really there were
    so many nice things.
    Like the stainless steal thermos from Marlboro
    The full size Suave shampoo and Olay face cream.
    Also the Gillette Fusion razor was very cool.
    That’s a great razor.

  • dwb6

    my favorite freebie of 2010 was the mint chip extra gum. it sounded kind of gross but this stuff is actually amazing.

  • Dawn

    My favorite freebe was the squeeze the boobies stick we got from I don’t remember where. To remind people to go for a mammagram!!!!

  • Kristine

    I am going to go with the Uniball ink pens also – I got two of them in red and I think I use them every day – they are awesome!

  • caribassett

    i loved the johnsonville sausages, and the walgreens photo collage. I made a collage for my mom and scored some ‘ good daughter ” points

  • Crystal

    The Kraft freebies have got to be my favorite-full size products and free coupons are never a bad thing! Plus I love the Kraft brand!

  • Roger


  • cheryl

    I can’t really say what my favorite was, I had so many, I would have to say your website was the best freebie I have ever found, and shared with all of my friends. Thanks for keeping it going

  • mira gibbs

    My favorite freebie of 2010 would have to have been the kraft coupon book. Coupons are always a great freebue to recieve! Thanks for all you do keep it up for the new year I know we all apperciate it!

  • J. Canaan

    I have to agree with you about the Uniball Pen. I’m a bit of a pen freak and this is now my new favorite pen!

  • Bryan

    The free Butterfinger Candy Bar
    coupons from Face Book!

  • teresa

    my favorite time of day is when I open the mailbox and find freebies!!!

  • Andy

    Im loving all my freebies but I have to say Playboy and Maxim magazines rock!

  • Sandy

    I love the uniball ink pens. They are the best! The Kraft coupon book was great too.

  • Barbie Hodges

    Getting free things in the mail and not knowing when something is going to show up is all the fun not matter what it is, I look forward to mail every day. Keep up good site and Have a wonderful new year

  • i liked the gum I think I ended up geting like 5 packs from them

  • Stephanie W.

    The Walgreens photo collages throughout the
    year were great. Got to make several cool pictures
    to keep and give to family. The Uniball pen was really nice,
    it was a bit of a challenge to log on and get it at the
    exact right time but well worth it when I saw and used the

  • Hannah B.

    Mine was the Excedrin; my husband loved the blue painters’ tape, and our dog went crazy for her free dental treats!

  • nikki

    The Extra Mint Chocolate chip Gum was amazing, Ive bought about 6 packs between then and now.

  • krystal mallory

    Diapers-must I say more!

  • Rachel

    My favorite was the free Sports Illustrated subscription I got from the American Airlines free points. Now my bathroom is overflowing with things to read during…ahem….private times.

  • Kasey Frederick

    My favorite was the Kraft sample pack!! I used it in the first 2 days Ireceived it.

  • koopins

    All the free magazines I got this year.

  • walter keller

    my favorite would be the double stuff oreos,….

    H I F RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christie

    The subscription to Entertainment Weekly that I got with some points! It’s really nice to have a new magazine each week.

  • Kristina P

    My favorite was the free magazines!

  • Megan

    OK! and Seventeen magazines were my fave but it’s really
    awesome we can get free magazine subscriptions. You
    really save a lot of money that way and don’t have to
    deprive yourself. The Extra Dessert Delights gum was
    great also.

  • Desiree

    I love Uniball pens! Wish I had heard about this site in time for that one!

  • Kristina Noetzelman

    I got the most use outta the Advil coupon, and the cottonelle wipes coupon, so I have 2 favorites. :D

  • Staci

    My absolute favorite is a tie between the USPS sample pack and the Gillette razor. The sample pack had soooo many useful items, but I love the razor! My husbands likes Playboy magazines for some reason! ;o)

  • Sandi

    my favorite was the US postal sample box.

  • mary hightower

    if i listed all my faves i would be here all day i love the magazines, the pen, and all the travel size items– i hope the year 2011 brings us many more exciting freebies thanks so much

  • US Postal Office Sample Showcase was definitely my favorite that I actually received!

  • Roger W

    All the free T-Shirts and magazine subscriptions

  • Melanie Hawkins

    My favorite was the Kraft smaple pack.

  • Andrea B.

    Love those Emergen-C samples! Couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • tina

    the Oreo coupons were my favorite, b/c they accidentally sent me 3 :)

  • Stephanie

    The free Cottonelle wipes
    Uniball pen
    Advil coupon
    Excedrin coupon
    Can’t just name one.

  • winnie

    It’s hard to say what my favorite freebie is, since I received alot of them. I received 103 freebies out of 156 that I signed up for starting in July & going through December. I got magazine subscriptions, food, dog/cat food, hygiene products, water bottles, mall gift cards,etc. If I have to choose my favorite freebie, it would be the amazon gift cards I received from swagbucks, which I learned about on this website. I was able to download several full music albums for free with the amazon gift cards I earned through swagbucks. I love music, but it is always better when it is free!

  • Julie

    Loved the USPS sample pack. Full of surprises.

  • fluffy8u

    Gotta say all the free magazines. Totally saved me in long boring flights this year.

  • Linda

    my favorite freebie was the collapsable dog water dish… I keep it in my jeep so Zip has got a water dish with us whenever we go adventuring. Thanks for all the great goodies of 2010.

  • julie

    My favorite freebie was the Blue Star Flag. I have 2 sons in the Army and received 2 Flags from the University. They are proudly displayed in my dining room windows.

  • Wonderlander

    USPS sample pack by far. How amazing was that?

  • Tonya Sloan

    My favorite freebie was the coupon for the full size bag of dog food because I have three large dogs.

  • Mellocup

    I love them all! Favorite was Johnsonville mini bites, so many packages too! It sure makes getting the mail more pleasant every day! Thanks to Hey, It’s Free!!

  • Marcia

    The Uniball ink pen. It really is awesome.

  • Diane S

    I have to agree the USPS Sample pack was the best!
    Thanks for all the fun

  • Erin

    I like the free dog food! It’s not for me… it’s for the dog.. :)

  • Mr. Osterhagen

    Uniball Super Ink pen, use it all the time

  • twizzlerhiccup

    Definitely the free SnapFish photo collage. I filled it with pictures of my dad (who passed away a while ago), framed it, and gave it to my mom for her birthday…she loved it!

  • chris

    Multi-tool rocked

  • Arlene A.

    I love everything – it’s just so much fun to get freebies just about every day – but I do have to say that the Kraft Sample Pack of foodies was the greatest!

  • Nicole H

    My favorite was the excedrin!

  • Katrina

    I really appreciated the dog food samples….especially because I did not realize that we had run out the week I was not feeling well. Those samples kept me from having to go out in public in my slippers with a box of kleenex!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Keep the posts coming. Happy New Year!!

  • Beth Ann

    It is very hard to narrow it down but I do use my uni-ball pen just about every day. I also got hooked on True Lemon and now order from their website on a regular basis. If you haven’t tried the True Lemon Lemonade, you have got to try it.

  • Rose

    my favorite was the USPS showcase sample box!!

  • Bryan

    Free PC World Magazine
    Free Entertainment Weekly Magazine
    Free Axe Detailer
    Free Mrs. Fields basket of cookies and brownies

  • Ang

    My favorite was the Mrs. Fields Cookie tin. YUM! It was gone before we even got home from the postoffice (my teeanged son and husband were in the car with me), and I’m still using the tin to store office supplies.

  • Mike

    The free bottles of excedrin. I use them daily and saved a lot of money.

  • Anna

    My favorite freebie is probably the coffee samples–I love trying out the different brands, and then *usually* realizing I like my “regular” brand best anyway! :)

  • Kaitlyn

    My favorite freebies were the magazines! They’re such good reads!

  • Christine

    The barilla pasta offer. I have a whole pantry full of pasta now (had to use all those BOGO coupons before 12/31!)

  • Megan

    The Mrs. Fields cookie and brownie basket earned by referring people and the
    Spa kit from Naturelle were really nice.

  • Amy Perry

    The Gilt Credit by far!!! I bought a couple of things for my son for Christmas…who doesn’t love FREE stuff????

  • Eric

    Gotta be the Pilot pens. The gf and I wrestled over them and kept stealing them back from each other!

  • Brent

    All the shampoo samples. I haven’t had to buy shampoo all year.

  • Laura

    Most definitely the free Uniball pen! I LOVE it and have since, not used any other pen. They sent me a red one, love it!

  • Linda

    My fav was the two years subscription the Travel and Lesurie Mag. That is how I do most of my world Travel

  • Mom

    All of them. Free is my favorite!

  • Rob

    It was a long year….and i truly appreciated the FREE bottles of Extra-Strength Excedrin and Excedrin Back & Body.

    I really want to thank heyitsfree.net for being the “propagator of pleasant posts of postal perks”

  • Joy

    I think the Extra Dessert Delight Gum is great also.

  • becky

    my fav….Double stuffed oreo cookies x 2 (i ended up w/ 2 coupons! )

  • Karen

    The free Excedrin! I work at an elementary school, and I have lots of headaches! (<:

  • christy karch

    I have to say my favorite was USPS box the candy bar was soo good and at that point in time I NEEDED chocolate..but a close 2nd was the Sebastian Hair Stuff for men I used for my sons I won on Allure..

  • Sugarbear

    I love all my freebies but the free magazine subscriptions are probably my favorites. I get to enjoy them month after month and I’d never spend the money to get them for myself. They tie closely with all the food samples though. It’s so nice to come home from a day of college classes and find a free snack waiting in the mail.

  • Ellen B

    My favorite was the Advil – wish they would do that again – I need more!

  • Shell Holland

    My favorite was the Mrs Field’s Cookie tin but my cat’s favorite was definitely the purina one salmon and tuna! :D

  • kmontoya

    Loved them all!

  • Sam

    the lube

  • Betsy

    My favorite was the full size roll of TP. It could not have come at a better time!

  • Juliep60

    How’d I miss all those great freebies you got? I think my mailman steals mine.

  • patty

    the dessert delight gum was my favorite bacause my grandkids loved it! That’ my pick!!!!

    The second pick was the uniball pen. I love it

    from Hotlanta Georgia

  • Megan

    I loved the miniature toilet paper roll. That was the funniest one by far.

  • Sarah B.

    Dessert delights gum!

  • Pam

    We really enjoyed the Extra dessert gum !

  • gary noske

    DiGiorno Pizza !!!

  • Stephanie

    Probably the uniball pen, that was pretty cool and I still use it!

  • Gracie

    Desserts Delight Gum. It tastes just like mint choc chip ice cream!

  • Sandy

    I liked the Glidden paint samples, although the uniball pen and NASA dvd were really good, too.

  • Sandy

    Cold Eeze! They came in the mail the day I got sick! Perfect timing! They even had a note from the company saying that they hoped I felt better.

  • Joan

    I loved the Johnsonville Deli Bites – 6 whole packages of yummy take-along snacks!

  • diane

    My favorite freebie was the sample showcase, because it contained so many freebies all at once

  • Casey

    Kraft gift pack!

  • Sharon

    Excedrin samples!

  • Katie

    I really liked the free toothpaste and deodorant samples!!! SO perfect for traveling :)

  • susclare

    Don’t know that I have a favorite – the Emergen-C samples always come in handy!

  • jmo

    Interview, Esquire and Spin magazines. Good reads, plus it perked up the reading selection in the waiting room at work.

  • Christine

    My favorite was the Uniball pen. I fell in love with this pen!!

  • Elizabeth

    Well, I haven’t been reading the blog for too long, but now I open it every time I log onto the computer! So useful. Ahhh.
    My favorite samples so far have been the Tom’s toothpaste samples! Yes, I don’t know why, but they are so useful! Hahaha!

  • Nita

    The Tom’s of Maine toothpaste samples – for some reason I got two, and since I’m on vacation all of the time I get to bring them around with me!

  • Sheila Shynski

    I love all the freebies! My mailman loves to talk with my husband about all the stuff i get. Not sure he loves delivering it but seemed impressed.
    One freebies of 2010 that sticks out???
    I’ll say Kraft coupon pack. I held onto those free q’s until a bogo sale and doubled my full size freebies!

  • Sawyer’s Mommy

    My favorite freebies were US Weekly and People magazine! However I loved so many of them, it’s always exciting to check my mail.

  • emilie

    So hard to pick a fave! I would have to say my McDonalds House Party kit from HouseParty.com!

  • Bee

    Loved the Uniball pen- still using it!

  • My favorite 2010 freebie was a night stay at La Quinta Inn. I was so excited to win! I reserved the room that I thought would be a tiny (1) twin bed room. Surprisingly it was for a big room with (2) full size beds up to 4 peolple and free continental breakfast.

  • Kristin

    My husbands favorite was the Maxim magazine subscription. (we are still waiting on the Playboy one!) Mine would have to be a tie between the Kraft sample pack and the YUMMY AWESOMENESS of the Johnsonville Deli Bites! holy cow they gave a lot of those!

  • Ines

    To be sung to “Oh Christmas Tree”
    Oh Gooooob, Oh Gooob
    How lovely were the freeeeeebies
    The Advil really helped my pain
    The forms to fill
    were not in vain
    Oh Gooooob, Oh Goooob
    You really did so good last year !

  • Dennis

    I really liked the pepperoni bites, they were great.

  • Zule

    Bloomberg Business Week, hands down has been by favorite freebie. I look forward to this magazine every week. I had now Idea I could learn so much about politics and world events through a business magazine.

  • Michael P.

    I think the Kraft freebies were my favorite

  • tara whitson

    I love the free excedrin coupons!

  • Denise

    I don’t know what to pick all the stuff I get is so cool ; I look forward to something other than bills in the mail now!! I guess I would have to say the Early Times tee shirt and the Harley Davidson poster; they both came the week before Christmas and made great stocking stuffers for my brother in laws!!

  • kari

    i only started recently, but in the last few months my favorite was the sample pack – que vida rica or something.

  • Jared

    I am relatively new to HIF, but my favorite freebies so far have to be the magazine subscriptions. Seriously, who knew it was that easy to get them to GIVE you their magazines. Thanks, HIF!

  • Clayton

    Gotta go with the Walmart shampoo sample. I haven’t been on long though so i haven’t gotten the real cool stuff yet!

  • Leslie

    My favorite freebie was the miniature box of Kleenex tissues. You were supposed to send them to a friend but I had it sent to me instead ;-/

    I love small iterations of larger products. I suspect it is a latent desire for that doll house I never had as a child.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Carina

    the Food should Taste Good chips were sooo delicious! I got the Sweet Potato chips! Thanks!

  • Aymee

    I am so excited about the 2 free bottles of Excedrin that I received last week.

  • Angie

    My favorite was the Natura American dog food. I never buy this and the dogs loved it.

  • katie m

    Excedrin! Nothing better than free medicine :)

  • goobieguy

    I have really appreciated the free magazine subscriptions. Of course, having a variety of tasty treats to snack on while I read ’em has been super as well!

  • kt

    “U” tampons!

  • Dawn

    My favorite had to be the dog cookie treats from Three Dogs Bakery. They smelled so good, and tasted great! Thanks for everything.

  • Kim

    My favorite freebie was the Diet Dots pedometer. It got me up and moving.

  • Stephanye

    Blue painters tape! I love that stuff but hate buying it. Thanks HIF!

  • Lindsey

    The Kraft set of 6 coupons for free food. :)

  • Beverly Richards

    Thank you for all the work you have done listing these freebies. I like lots of them – really too many to list. Thanks again!!

  • Evan McArdle

    My favorite freebie would definitely be the subscriptions to Bloomberg Business week and Entertainment Weekly

  • Elizabeth Bowman

    My favorite freebie so far is the Seatles Best Coffee. I drink a lot of coffee and I loved this. I will be buying it in the future.

  • Kim

    The uniball pen was pretty awesome!

  • Angela M

    I love all the freebie I received but I think that I love the magazine freebies the most! HIF is the best website ever!! 2011 Bring on more freebies!

  • Carolyn

    My favorite was the Kashi GoLean sample. Not only was it a nice serving size, it came with a coupon for three dollars off, which was enough for a whole box! And there were three $1.00 off coupons, too. We loved the cereal so we will use those, too.

  • Maurci

    My favorite was the Vocal Point package of Barilla pasta (free coupons and $1 off coupons) that came with a family game.

  • Raquel

    I loved the Kraft sample box

  • L-dawg

    All the codes for free amazon mp3s!

  • Lynn

    My favorite was the uni-ball pen. Thougtht I lost it, but it turned up the in lining of my purse.

  • verlin

    my favorite freebie for all of 2010 was the ID lubricant! It lasted for about 30 seconds! ~Verlin

  • Meg

    I love all the free shampoo and conditioner samples. I have found a new favorite that I may never have tried.

  • JessiBessi93

    I think my favorite was the Johnsonville Deli Bites, those were so yummy! I also liked the pens, I love getting fancy pens, they are so nice to use!

  • Michelle

    US Postal Service Sample Showcase, Kraft Sample pack, and the full sized box of Purina One cat food I got! Those are definitely my favorites. :3

  • wanda

    boy or boy did I receive the freebies I love my mailbox but my favorite was the kraft sample box you couldn’t beat that but I also received a full size bottle of dawn dish soap and just when I ran out YEAH

  • Bridget

    My favorite was the uniball pen!!!! I too went out and bought a bunch.

  • Jessica

    I’ve loved Food Should Taste Good chips for awhile, so the coupon for a free bag was perfect! I bought the kinds I liked, and tried a new flavor: Sweet Potato. Addicted.

  • Becki G

    I love my OK magazine subscription. It is something I would have never bought, but now has become my guilty pleasure.

  • Kady the Red Panda

    LOVED that Uniball pen. It’s almost out of ink already because of all the assignments I used it for in college. Gotta get another one!

    I also liked the Extra gum. I selected the strawberry shortcake flavor. It was gooood.

  • Joann

    I loved the US Post Office sample pack. It was like Christmas came early!

  • Tina

    All the deoderent, believe it or not I saved a ton of money on myself;)
    I also loved the post office package.
    Thanks for a great year

  • Kim

    Free glidden paint samples. We are remodeling & getting ready for a new baby. :)

  • Sunny Siddio

    I admit that I love free pens, so the Uniball Super Ink Pen has got to be my favorite! I keep it with my check book, and that all I use for signing important stuff :D The best part: It’s red ink, so it’s even more obvious! Thanks for the wonderful site!

  • kayla

    I loved the Pack of Extra Dessert Delights gum :)
    who knew gum could taste so yummy!

  • Jennifer B

    My sons loved the Johnsonville Deli Bites, my daughter loved the full-size nail polishes that arrived and I love just about anything free. That Cuervo one was really cool.

  • julie

    kraft was the best yay!

  • Elyse H

    Free PlayBoy!!!

  • Colleen

    I’m going to have to go with the Extra gum too. That mint chocolate chip is amazing!

  • My faorite freebie was a 100.00 gift card for Toys R us.

  • Sandy Chan

    My favorite was the Extra Dessert Delights gum.

  • jaitch

    Loved the whole bag of food should taste good chips!

  • roechelle

    the kraft was the best i think

  • Alexa

    My favorite were the amazon mp3s :) i love free music

  • TikiKrissy

    Can’t choose only one! Prilosec OTC, Scotch painter’s tape, Pantene shampoo/conditioner travel size, Haas avocado coupon, tiny box of Kleenex.
    Love the subscription to Bloomberg Business Week. Disney Rewards points!! My husband loved the Johnsonville mini sausages!
    My favorite, though, is swagbucks. I’ve gotten $105 in amazon.com gift cards thru them! Thanks HIF! You rock!!!

  • sharon c

    The extra delights dessert gum in the mint chocolate chip flavor!

  • Mollly

    My favorite was the Starbucks Viva Packets and the Starbucks ground coffee…Love ’em.

  • Vanessa Agee

    The Veggie Tales free Christmas CD download. Corny, I know…but man we love that thing!

  • Nicole

    I loved the Cottonelle wipes and the Delights gum.. strawberry shortcake was delicious!!!

  • Kimberly

    The extra dessert gum. I love the strawberry shortcake

  • Marilynn Walton

    free amazon mp3 codes….made a few cds thru the year with those of songs i love

  • Lynn

    Definitely the US Postal Office Sample Showcase! That was awesome!

  • sharon c

    the strawberry shortcake extra dessert delights gum sample.

  • Linda

    I really link the super ink pen also. It is an amazing writing device.

  • kk

    I really liked the Kraft Sampler! I got it thanks to you!! Thank you for all you do!!!!!

  • Tanya

    I liked the free disney movie rewards points. Luckily for me, you have posted quite a few of them over the year. I use the points to then redeem for merchandise. It’s fantastic.

  • Linda W.

    I found this site probably mid-year… so far my 2-3 magazine subscription, free advil and free pasta has been my best so far… Also all those extra diaper points both for huggies and pampers!!!

  • Karen Robinson

    Love the coupons for free full sized Excedrin (x2!) and free coffee samples. Sometimes I even use them together. You can never have enough caffeine!

  • HeatherDiane

    I liked the Dove deodorant samples & free points codes for Pampers — I’m getting Starbucks cards with the points I’ve racked up! :)

  • Dawn

    The free package of oreo cookies was a hit at our house, they sure didn’t last long.

  • Suzanne

    All the points!! Loads of free stuff for the Pampers and Huggies points, I just requested a pack of diapers..

  • Lawrence Croft

    Funny, I work for the Post office and couldn’t land one of those sample packs!. Hats off to HIF and those entertaining emails – Keep up the good work !
    PSSSSSSSSTTTTTTT……… (Pick me !!! I could use the $50 gift card to buy tissues to cry into for not getting the PO box of samples)

  • My favorite freebie was my Forbes magazine subscription. Love the HIF site!

  • Sandy Kammerer

    My favorite was the Louisiana Hot Sauce I got when the “Saints” won!!!!!!

  • Janice

    By far the Dessert gum was my favorite. I love the key lime pie and chew it every day. It is a wonderful diet aid when I want something sweet.

  • jess

    I loved all the free shampoo samples. I didn’t have to buy shampoo for about a month because of all the free shampoo samples I received. It was great

  • Suzanne Bergholz

    I recieved many great samples and freebies this year. My all time favorite is my Polartec long underwear! It is the prettiest, warmest pair and I am flabbergasted by the amazingly generous gift it was and is. I must also state that the full-sized coffee with travel mug from Green Mountain was amazing and all the t-shirts! 2010 was a great year for the goodies!

  • Katie

    My favorite was the Johnsonville Deli Bites.

  • Alex H

    My favorite freebie of the year had to be the POM-O-GRAM from Pom Wonderful. Getting free fruit by mail is pretty impressive, but free pomegranates? Does it get better than that?

  • US Postal Office Sample Showcase had to be my fave by far!

  • Katie

    Magazine subscriptions!

  • Rachel

    Dove deoderant:)

  • Chelsie

    Pack of Extra Dessert Delights gum!!! yumm

  • theresa

    loved the post office free- be with all the smaller ones in it.

  • Robin

    The Sobe warm up jacket.

  • Love the full roll of painter’s tape. That was great!

  • Megan

    Free Advil and Johnsonville deli bites

  • Anna Lamer

    My favorite freebie is the Extra gum. It kept my kids busy when we were going to an appointment.

  • carolyn

    I love all the HIF freebies! I am always pleasantly surprized when they show up in the mail! It’s ALL good, but my recent fave was the cotton tank top from American Apparel! Perfect in everyway . . . even my favorite color!

    THANKS A MILLION for all the posts!!

  • JOn

    I liked the Atkins bars

  • Laura Simpson

    anything for my pets! (and there was alot of them, thank you)

  • michele

    my favorite were the two Margarita balls! thanks HIF!

  • Adrienne

    The free trip to New York I won via Bailey’s Brings It Home poject!

  • Sara

    I *love* getting free magazines!

  • Jace

    The full bottles of Excedrin was my favorite for 2010!

  • Free Shampoo from Pantene!

  • Terri

    I’ve LOVED all of the samples I’ve received, but especially the free perfume sample from Sephora. So much so, I got a full sized bottle for Christmas! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    I must say, I liked the Kraft sample pack the best, so many freebies rolled into one.

  • kaccat

    I got too many good ones to remember what my favorite was. :)

  • Sarah

    There were so many. One favorite was an insulated water bottle. It actually keeps liquids the right temperature!

  • Lindsey

    My favorite was the free Maxim mag I got for my boyfriend…his friends think I’m awesome!

  • KittyK

    I tried the Degiorno and it was wonderful, full of pepperoni and nice and spicy. Been buying them ever since.

  • Suzanne

    My favorites were the Barilla pasta, for me and the Cottonelle wipes, for my husband.

  • Jim M

    I really enjoyed the earplugs! They came in handy over Holiday break.

  • The BEST FREEBIE ever was the Dove Robe!!! It is awesome and super soft!

  • Charla

    The Kraft Sample Pack was my favorite freebie of 2010 out of the ton of freevies I received.

  • Valerie

    Hard to pick just one favorite. The Kraft sample pack was great – I was happily surprized they really were full sized. The Johnsonville sausages were wonderful. The tampons and shampoo are useful. But the $50 gift card being given away would be my favorite for 2011!! Thanks Goob!

  • Melissa

    Any of the many free, very cexpensive razors I got !!

  • Tahrer

    My favorite was the Kraft Coupon book of free product coupons. :D

  • Keahna

    My favorite was..EVERYTHING!! I love getting free stuff in the mail! It always makes my day. :D

  • Susan

    Kraft sample pack – yep!

  • Meredith

    The calendars or the kraft coupon would be my favorite.

  • Kim

    I really enjoyed the Atkins bars and free “motivation” pamphlets haha :)

  • Nancy

    the Starbuck’s Via was my favorite. They sold me on instant coffee!

  • Joe

    I absolutely loooooooooooved the full sized Extra Dessert gum sample.

  • dym123

    I loved everything, from the USPS showcase to the dozens of free Sobe coupons, the two pairs of flip flops and jacket, the fredric fekkai smoothing lotion, even the dozen or so magazines i get that I don’t have time to read. I get so much cool stuff, its hard to pick a favorite. I love this site!!!!!!!


    I loved the full sized french manicure set that I received. Now that was a great freebie!!!! Loved it

  • danny

    Mine would definitely have to be the Uniball pen. That thing rules. I write all the time, and somehow I love writing even more now because of how easily and beautifully that pen writes.

  • Kevin Hebert

    Extra Dessert Gum

  • Kevin Wilde

    I really love the heads up on all the birthday freebies. I ate like a king in December. I also love all the free samples from Walmart and Sams Club.

  • valencia

    There were dog biscuits that looked so much like people cookies that my husband put one in his mouth by mistake!

  • Tania

    Definately the glade candle!!!! It was supposed to be a gift but i just couldn’ give it away!!!!!

  • maddie

    Kraft sample. The many packs of free gum I have gottan. And SOBE coupons

  • SpartacusKitty

    the free script to muscle & fitness. It hasn’t arrived yet but I know it will!

  • Jillian

    I don’t have a favorite. Well, I take that back.. tonight since my 5 month old son will not learn to self soothe, it’s one of my many Free Bottles of Excedrin that are keeping me sane. So that’s my favorite.. today.

  • Christina

    Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion—fragrance free. Awesome for my dry skin! Used the coupon and bought a full sized bottle right away!

  • Becky

    I loved the free Extra Desserts gum. I don’t think I ever would have bought it…but it was GOOD!

  • Gary

    My favorite was the uniball pen but also the full size Uncle Ben’s rice and Barilla pasta are not far behind.

  • Cheryl

    Emergen’C Bonus pack!

  • Kayli G

    I love the magazines and P&G! Now i know I like panteen.

  • mzclaus

    My fav was the United Airlines points that I cashed in for a one year Entertainment magazine subscription!!!! Thanks, Goob!

  • Stephanie

    My bf liked the free subscription to maxim, I liked the mighty dog kit with the free dog toy.

  • All the free dog treats! I think I got two or three of them last year, and my dog Tyson appreciates them for sure. Thanks!

  • katie

    That Heluva Good dip was delicious.

  • Suzi

    The chocolate, the chocolate!! Has everyone forgotten the summer of free Snickers candy bar coupons!! My favorite!!

    I do appreciate all the freebies so much – but chocolate wins “hands down!”

    Thank you for all your searching and posting, we all benefit so much through your efforts. I have told all my nearest and dearest family and friends all about you!!

    Happy New Year!! Wishing you health and happiness always!

  • Traci

    Free bag of dog food was loved by both my shih-tzu’s. Thanks for all freebies!

  • Dee

    The USPS sample box was my fave…2nd fave was the Harley motorcycle poster(my boys love it!). Hate that I missed out on the Uniball pen, I love different writing instruments.
    Thanks Goob & Adam for this fantastic site…keep the freebies coming! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas…peace & blessings for the coming year :-)

  • Shannon Jones

    The Facebook panty from Victoria Secret!

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the freebies guys!

  • Susie

    Johnsonville bites by far were the best freebies. They were awesome. I planned to offer them at a party I was having but ended up eating them all before the festivities began. Thanks Goob for looking out for us. You’re the best!

  • Donna Buckner

    I absolutely love all the freebie links! My favorites have been the coffee samples as well as the packs of gum/ I sit at a computer all day, si I can really utilize these samples.
    Thank you.

  • Nicki S.

    My favorite freebie was a bossa nova sampler that I got off itunes. I was always told that I’d like that style of music, and now it’s one of my top mp3 albums on my ipod. Legit freebie.

  • L. Ernst

    My fave was the US Postal Office Sample Showcase. I’m hoping they will send another.

  • Ross

    I like anything that I got that I can eat. I’m not on weight watchers or a low-carb diet, but I’ll eat their food!

  • Meeshellz

    There were a lot of freebies that I loved this year, but my all time favorite was a subscription to Entertainment Weekly through United Airways miles program. At least, I think it was through HIF. If not, I’ll go along with the USPS sample box.

  • Clara

    I loved the Johnsonville mini sausages. They just sent so many! I was literally eating them for snacks every day for a week!

  • Carol Gooidell

    My favorite was the Nestle bag for carrying ice cream from the store. I use it everytime I go shopping. It is also great for snacks for the grandchildren when we are in the car. Would like to buy another one.

  • jen

    The Kraft sample pack was probably my fave!

  • Cath

    I haven’t been hiffing long, so I don’t have many samples to choose from. However, my favorite one was the one I didn’t get. You introduced me to Dr. Hess’ Udder Ointment. Reading the website convinced me I needed this special product, so I bought a tube, then two more because I liked it so much I wanted to share it with others. I never got the free sample I was after. Maybe they thought it was pointless since I bought the full sized product. Maybe I got so carried away I forgot to ask for it, but, they also stopped sending it out because so many people asked for it. Anyway, it’s good stuff; I like it. moooooo.

  • Glidden paint tester gift set! It came in a cute box with a ribbon painted on it!

  • Jason

    Kraft sample pack was the best and I also now buy wheat thins because of it.

  • B

    My favorite was the True Lemon products and the Kraft coupons :)
    Or maybe the 100+ free with free shipping prints from SnapFish :D

  • Jaclyn

    The Delish strawberry shortcake gum!!!

  • Nicole

    My favorite was the Extra Gum too…but my drug, ahem, gum of choice is the mint chocolate chip…I think I have over a year’s worth as I’m so afraid it’s going to be for a limited time only!!

  • lisa

    Too hard! Some of my favorites were the toiletries, I used them to make up over night baggies for when my two teenaged daughters spend the night with their friends. I collected all the coffee samples and put them in a basket with different types of cream and gave them to a girl who works in a nursing home to share. All of the food samples and food coupons were great! A lot of them I passed on to a family who is having a hard time right now. And you are right about the Uniball Pens, that’s what I buy now too. Love them!

  • Tracy Walcott

    The Uniball pen!!! That pen is the bomb! Like you, I went and bought more! I can’t believe how smooth that baby writes!!! If I win the $50 gift card, I think I’ll get more of those pens!

  • Julie King

    Wow! So many great items to choose from, but I guess if I have to pick it would have to be my Kraft Sample pack.

  • christy

    Disney Movie Reward points, snapfish and gotta love all those walmart and now target freebies!

  • Sara Filler

    My favorite was the Unibal Pen. My husband and I both love them.

  • zoiks1

    love – love – love this site! thank you! The HD bike poster and stickers were great LOVE it all but True Lemon samples and coupons hooked us on this product. Gotta have it with our water – tastes just like a fresh slice *yum*

  • Sarah

    I got in on the Schick razor pack on their Facebook page. It was awesome. A free razor, full size shaving cream, and a box of refill cartridges. Great. It was a fantastic Christmas present for my boyfriend’s dad!

  • Janice Simon

    I love the freebies ! The one our family loved wa the Welch’s fruit snacks. My kids enjoyed it.

  • Kari M

    I really liked the USPS box. It had great stuff in it. The American Apparel freebies are great too, I received a few from them.

  • jenn

    The free uniball pen, as soon as i opened it husband started whining and eventually stole it from me.

  • cathy

    I liked the Excedrin– handy stuff to have around– but really — getting any freebie in the mail that is useful/enjoyable makes my day!

  • Bethany

    I got a free Snapfish photobook with all my Disney Reward Codes! Thanks Goob!

  • Dana

    Actually I just started the first week in December so my favorite so far…..Because of this site I have gotten 3 packages of the Purina dog food, I got one from Target, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. But I have gotten quite a bit in the short time I have been using this site. It’s by far better than any other I looked at.

  • Jennifer

    My favorite freebie was the Desert Gum. It was totally Willy Wonka:)

  • Debbie

    I loved all the free cat food samples. My cats Mojo and Angel really appreciated them :) Thanks for your very helpful site and newsletter. Helps our tight budget go a long way!

  • David Pollastrini

    My favorite was the Hearoes ear plugs.

  • Lillie

    The uniball super ink pen was the absolute BEST!!! I’m still using it and haven’t had to buy a single refill! LOVE IT! My hubby keeps trying to steal it, but, I’ve git it hidden pretty well in my purse!

  • Amanda

    The Cottonelle wipes — love them for freshening up my bathroom!

  • Jay

    I enjoyed the flask, came in handy for the cold days of winter

  • Sue

    My favorite freebie was the Bath & Body Works lotions. I used these as gifts for my daughter’s teachers.

  • Erin

    We get so many that it’s hard to choose just one! My husband became a huge fan of the gillette Body wash sample though, and now we buy it all the time! And while free tampons and pads can never be listed as a favorite, thanks to all the free samples i sent for this year, I was never without!

  • luann

    was able to pass on two
    “I served” IRQ stickers to veterans. They really appreciated it.

  • Joseph Dodd

    the free excedrin was a life saver—thank goodnes

  • Charlie

    Free excedrin just in time for New Year’s Eve.

  • Therese S

    The free magazine subscriptions are the best thing for me

  • Beth

    I love all the free pamper points you guys post….combining them with the codes I get in the diapers I use, I was able to get my daughter a free doll for Christmas. A doll! A cute one!

  • Tammy Davidson

    loved them all, but was thrilled with my pantene shampoo, thanks

  • Amanda

    Full size Olay body lotion…smells so good!

  • Rebecca

    My favorite freebie has to be the free excedrin coupons. It’s something I’d buy anyway and it’s sort of pricey, so it definitely helped me save money. Plus, since they were the small bottles, I can keep one in my purse, one in my desk at work, one in my room, and one in the bathroom. Very convenient!

  • lisa

    Package of Pilot pens
    that was a good freebie since i’m always running out of pens.

  • Brook Lynn

    I love getting my Entertainment Weekly Magazine… =)

  • Patty

    The Oriental Trading Company 2011 Calendar. National Hugging Day – who knew?

  • Heather B

    Starbucks Via Ready Brew!!!! Oh So Good!! I’m totally addicted!

  • Kayla S

    I love getting the kraft sample pack. and also the free food… helped me save money :)

  • Julie Clifton

    Definitely the postal service sampler!

  • Marla

    The Kraft Sample Pack was my favorite this year…it was even fun ordering it since I don;t know a single word of Spanish! I also love all the free subscriptions to magazines, although my mail carrier doesn’t!

  • Danielle

    My favorite was the smoking jacket T-shirt. I gave it to my daughter and she was just so cute in it.

  • Charity H

    Last year my favorite was the USPS package. I was shocked at how much full size stuff came with that. The Kraft package is a very close second! :)

  • Brenda

    All of the above. The most expensive item was the Marlboro Outwit the West promotion in which I (have not received yet) was the netbook computer. Yeah!!! What a wonderful year, thanks to you Goob.

  • FatmanOSU

    I loved the Kraft pack. The mac and cheese was great.

  • Wow, it’s hard to chose just one but, what comes to mind immediately is the quarterly P&G samples. Love em’!

  • Demonstrable

    I really liked the Uniball pen.

  • Stefanie

    My favorite freebie were the Food Should Taste Good chips, a whole bag that tasted so delicious! Thanks for all your freebie sharing!

  • Christina

    I chew gum 24/7 so definitely the stride gumm! :)

  • Katie

    #37 Bag of Natura Advantage dog food because my Basenji is ALWAYS hungry!

  • WIldcat

    I really enjoy racing against friends in the free sample game… it started with a couple of us and ended with 6 to 10 of us competing. Magazines subscriptions seem to be the best in my mind! Or maybe it was the adult diapers used by Santa this year.. lol

  • I really enjoyed my subscription to both Business Week and Forbes.

  • Lisette

    I love all of them! 2010 was a great freebie year and hopefully 2011 will be better! Thanks for all of your hard work and freebies!

  • Aubrie R

    I’m addicted to Oreos, so the free package was a great addition to my habit!

  • Brooke

    the american apparel thong or that free pen from uniball! the tena underwear didn’t hurt as prank gifts either.

  • Dina

    I really enjoyed most of the freebies that were listed. It definitly helps to save a dime or two around these times. And of course free stuff is always awesome!

  • Christine

    Thong was great. :) Many things were useful.

  • Laura

    I loved the free uniball pen!!!

  • Joshua

    I’ll go with the Kraft Sample Pack as well, with the Johnsonville Deli Bites as a close second.

  • Rachael

    my favorite was probably the delicious Extra gum. Or the Tom’s bracelet. thanks Hey It’s Free!

  • Debi

    The Extra gum. Yay Key Lime. ^_^

  • Heather

    I loved the sample of Starbucks Naturals. :)

  • Chris

    My fave was the 5# bag of Natura dog food. Have 5 rescued Dals, and the 14 yr old was not eating well, until she tasted this stuff & regained an appetite. Was astounded to learn that one small bag of dog food was $17 at the pet store –gulp!

  • Deanna

    my favorite was one I didn’t see you list. I got a package of Johnsonville(I think that is what they were), deli bites. In that package were 5 or 6 sample packages. they were great. thanks for your great site, love your weekly pictures of free stuff.

  • Jill

    I loved the diaper samples and the coffeeeeee!!!! with a new baby i never realized how much coffee i would be drinking and how expensive diapers are!!

  • Lisa Timmermeyer

    my favorite was the multi-tool knife. I love it and carry it in the car to keep it with me wherever I go!

  • Cesar

    My favorite was the Wall Street Journal. I never thought they would be so interesting.

  • Joann

    I think my fav was the Kraft box,, all things I would use and tasty too,, loved the coupons to enjoy after we ate up the box contents

  • Elisa

    My favorite freebie was the MegaRed Fish Oil sample. I got it for my dad as well and he really liked them. His health is not the greatest so I was super happy to get him something that is good for him and he can continue to use! Thanks!

  • tiffany b

    I signed up for the right at home sample pack and ended up getting two full sized lysol canisters and two packages of lysol wipes- awesome!

  • Katy

    Definitely enjoyed the excedrin coupons the most… it is so expensive to buy, but really works great… thanks hif for all the great things you get us all!

  • Susan

    That USPS Sampler was like opening a present from the freebie gods!

  • AG

    My favorite freebie was my vitamins. It also happens to be my only one so far….

  • Brandi M

    My favorite was definitely the excedrin coupons because my dogs give me headaches everyday! :(

  • Georganna Moses

    My favorites: glasses from Coastal Contacts, Excedrin Coupons, Kraft Coupons and the coffee. Thank you HIF! We love you!

  • cheryl

    Kraft sample pack with lots of goodies!

  • Monica

    I liked the pocket constitution =) that was pretty cool …

  • Jaclyn

    I loved the Extra Desserts gum and the free bottle of Suave Professionals!

  • Edna

    I really love the samples.It is hard to choose.They give my family a chance to try new products before spending hard earned money. The pens were my fav amoung the non food items and the deli bites were from the food catergory. Thank you so much for all you do to bring these tidbits to my mailbox Happy New Year!!!

  • Amanda Westgard

    I just started really getting into all the freebies…but i got a lot from allyou.com…Most everyday i get something in the mail!

  • Kelsey

    My favorite was the full-sized bottle of CoffeeMate Creamer!! So delicious!

  • Anna

    I loved all the magazine subscriptions. Some of them had really nice coupons.

  • colleen

    My favorite was the free Excedrin not too long ago. Reading your posts give me a headache, hahah! But seriously…good stuff

  • My favorite was probably the Redken Shampoo samples. So great! :)

  • Laura Davis

    I can’t decide if my favorite was the SOG pocketknife, the Natura dog food or the Glidden paint. I was able to redo my bathroom with the paint for free. Thanks for your hard work

  • hollyd

    The bite sized sausages. They made my husband oh so happy, which made me happy. And of course the extra deserts gum was awesomel

  • Amanda

    I love the free excedrine! My husband uses it a lot so it comes in handy!

  • Lori

    My favorite was the free bottles of Excedrine. They have definately came in handy after the stress of the holidays.

  • Mama Hellcat

    My favorite freebies that I received this year were my $80 skirt, a 13″ Where The Wild Things Are monster, hungry hungry hippo game, exedrin and about 18 magazine subscriptions! Hopefully I can start 2011 off with $50 ;)

  • Steven

    granola bar is my fav!!! TY all!

  • Larry

    My favorite has to be the Uniball Super Ink pen! I love a good pen!

  • stupiedshannon99

    I LOVE the full size sample of the M&M Pretzel candy. I am so Hooked on them now.

  • Megan

    I really loved The US Postal Service one – it came with a lot of cool stuff. I also like the any of the adult underwear ones, I send them to my parents and grandma as a joke. lol

  • Tiffany Diem

    My fav was the magazine subscriptions. Got one to Cosmo, and Women’s Day!

  • Ruth

    Loved the Kraft free products and coupons. Also, we are saving for Disney and the extra Disney points are adding to our count My grandson was in Huggies and we still have our rewards account, now we pass the free huggies to the church.

  • Kelsey

    I loved all the Kashi products! I’ve already used all the coupons they send with the freebies. Also, I gave my dad the Harley Davidson poster (thank goodness I chose the right model) and he loves it. :]

  • sylvia bengisoy

    Hillshire Farm Smokies. There were 6 packages that were vacumn-sealed. It was a challenge to get into them because of the packaging but they were so fresh and delightful. Also gluten-free. Everybody who tasted them couldn’t believe how good they were. This made a consumer of me!

  • Daphne W

    The magazine subscriptions .I sent them to my husband in Afghanistan…along with most of the other samples. ; )

  • Mars

    that USPS sampler was pretty choice!

  • Bernadette

    I am a fairly new to HIF, but I liked the free bottle of Advil!

  • Someone’s Mom

    boo hoo… by the time I try, most of the actual real free items are all gone. A multi-tool knife? I get offered a cents-off coupon in exchange for my firstborn.

  • Laura

    I got several Nescafe instant coffee sampler packs, and I now buy and use these most mornings instead of brewing a pot.

  • Kathy

    this sounds kind of dorky but my favorite is actually the sample packet of nature bounty gummy vitamins that i went to my walgreens in between class to look for them!

  • AJB

    I love the Kikkoman’s silicone basting brush and use it often. I also have to plug the free bag of “Food Should Taste Good” chips because they taste great (especially with hummus) and are healthy too. My vote for strangest freebie of the year was the Jose Cuervo margarita ball, which I somehow ended up receiving 4 of!

  • Kasey

    I love all of my 19 FREE magazines, my FREE Advil and Excederin and also the MP3 Amazon credits were pretty awesome too!!

  • marrissa ralston

    Package of Cottonelle flushable moist wipes. i have a 3yr old who is has a high acid in her urine and these thing did wonders for her skin

  • Corrina

    My favorite freebie would have to be the free Advil coupon. A close second would be the Extra Dessert Delights gum. I chose the strawberry shortcake variety and it was so good! Unfortunately, I have not been able to find it in the stores.

  • kanwal

    thanks for all your hard work for the freebie post sometimes im lucky i get them and other times not so lucky.

  • Jo Hunt

    The free bottles of Excedren. My husband go’s throuh a bottle a week.

  • Judy

    My cats, Malcolm & Tabbie loved the Natura Evo pet food.

  • Cathy

    I love freebies! So it’s hard to choose one, but my husband loves my uniball pen and claiming it’s his pen now :)
    For me, I love the Mrs. Fields cookies freebie.

  • Jorge

    The Purina One dog food

  • Nanette Cole

    My fave was the box of Clairol hairdye I got and included was a 25 dollar Amazon giftcard and Godiva chocoaltes

  • Jennifer

    FREE Oreos were my favorite!

  • Lisa

    shicke prize pack from their instant win game

  • Emily

    The Kraft boxes were definitely the best totally worth it

  • Crystal K.

    The free Kraft Sample pack was one of the first freebies I signed up for this year, and was probably my favorite. The little bags of Wheat Thins made for a great travel snack and the free Mac & Cheese was great.

  • Nneka

    The best freebie I received thanks to HIF and the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards point codes was a copy of the children’s story “On Top of Spaghetti.” The kid loves the book and its kind of funny that she partially “earned” the book purely by refusing to potty train thus far. To be fair, though, she’s only 18 months old . . . plenty of time yet to be potty trained.

  • Chris Phelps

    I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my Copenhagen flask. Great quality, that’s my favorite I’ve gotten in the past year.

  • Carolyn Daugherty

    My favorite was the free Melissa & Doug toys ( band in a box) from Gilt Credit. That what one of my girls favorite Christmas prestnes from Santa. THANKS

  • Allison

    Due to my not infrequent migraines and Excedrin’s wonderful combination of aspirin, acepteminophen and caffeine – the free Excedrin is definitely my fave!

  • Jennifer

    I think my favorite has been the fiber samples from Kellog!

  • My fav was the painting trim tape from scotch ;)

  • Julie

    hiya Goob…I love your site and my favorite Freebie so far was the litre size thermos from Copehagan. Also took a loooong survey for the mini-tanto knife by SOG; Got it tho!

  • Kari

    um… I have LOTS of favorites! Right now my favorite is the Newcastle Brown Ale cup I got this past New Year’s Eve. It was my cup of choice for hanging out at my sister’s while we drank beer and watched movies New Year’s Eve. It’s scientifically engineered to give the best beer taste!

  • Chad G

    Loved the Kraft sample pack…

  • Amanda H

    My favorite freebie would have to be the Pretzel M&M package. I love the combination of sweet and slaty!

  • Jennifer

    I enjoyed the free full package of Green Mountain coffee and plastic mug!! :)

  • cheryl hill

    the full size piece of tarp supposedly for a garage floor but I use it under my cat’s food dishes, it works great to keep the food off the floor. also the thermos bottle from copenhagen are my favorites.

  • nece

    my favorite is family circle magazine

  • melissa neal

    husband loves the maxim mag of course.
    i think the pocket knife was my fave. put it in my bro-in-law’s stocking.

  • Heidi

    My favorite this year was definitely the VIA Starbucks coffee sample. I am a huge Starbucks fanatic.


    My favorite freebies were the Kashi granola bars. They were delish.

  • Ann


  • Stacy

    All the free dog food. I didn’t hav.e to buy dog food for a full week with all of it. Really helps since my bank account is less than full at the moment.

    Hope I win :) The 5th is my anniversary, and my fiances birthday too. Good day to win $50.

  • eM

    My favorite was the Veev reusable water bottle. I use it all the time!

  • I use the Annie’s Organic lunch bag almost daily – thanks for all your hard work, and hoping 2011 brings us all such a fruitful year of freebies!

  • monica

    my fav was the hard cover photo book from picaboo (had to pay for shipping, but way worth it). i documented my fam’s trip to sea world!

  • Huong

    Suave Professionals shampoo, loved this freebie and is one of those product try and then buy that makes me love this site. Gets me to try new things and bonus in saving me cash.

  • rachel

    Getting a coupon for free advil! It was my first freebie received, and super useful. That was the best. :D

  • Karen

    the Creative Zen MP3 player from Napster/Facebook was my fave freebie this past year.

  • Karen


  • Cori

    Really hard to pick just one, but I’m going to have to agree with a very popular response—that Uniball pen! THAT’S how you do freebies!

  • Roxanne

    Purina One cat food samples.

  • Stacey

    My favorite was the free box of Barilla Pasta that came with 5 buy1 get 1 free coupons. I wish I had gotten the kraft and usps freebies! hopefully there’ll be more like them this year!

  • Angel

    Kraft sample pack!

  • katie

    kraft sample pack! om nom nom!

  • Amy

    My favorite was the Excedrin migraine. I get bad migraines, so this was greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you Goob, Adam, and the rest of the HIF staff for finding all of the great freebies! Awesome job and Happy New Year!

  • susan

    We loved them all! From posters to silly bands!! But, my son loved the Extra Desserts Delight gum the best! Thanks HIF for all you do, going to the mailbox is fun again!! Happy New Year!

  • Dianne Vassallo

    Sounds like I missed out on a great freebie, the Kraft ample pack, but I looooove the thermos and t~shirt from the tobacco comp.

  • kimberly

    the box of mac and cheese was my fave! i love mac and cheese hehe.

  • Barbara L.

    The UFO light was my favorite free thing I got this year!

  • Leona K.

    My favorite freebies were items or food for my dogs! They definitely enjoyed them just as I enjoyed the freebies for me.

  • Barrie

    My favorite freebies were a big surprise. I was having difficulty printing coupons for Genesis Today beverages (50 cents off).

    I emailed them and they sent me 6 coupons for FREE products.

    That was so great. Too bad they don’t carry those drinks where I live now. :(

  • Jamie

    My favorite freebie was the US Postal Service sample showcase- it was like getting a Christmas present in the summer- so many goodies!

  • Erika

    Kraft sample pack

  • Suzanne

    Kraft sample pack was my very favorite! We enjoyed it all during the summer.

  • LaRae McCartney

    The Extra Dessert Delights gum was definitely on the top of my list!

  • Melinda

    My fav was the copenhagen (chew tabacco) thermos. I use it all the time!! I get two full cups of hot tea or coffee at work everyday!! Thank you and my co-workers thank you as I am not so cranky

  • Ted anderson

    The ferguson plumbing camoflauge hat was definatly my favorite. I wear it all the time and now i feel so ‘hip’ and ‘chill’ like my kids.

  • Cristy

    I loved the Food Should Taste Good chips!

  • My favorite was the free bag of expensive petfood from Naturapet. They sell extraordinarily high-quality food and it is EXPENSIVE. One free bag for my dog and later one free bag for my cat. That was over $50 in savings. Even the pet shop owner said, “That is an AMAZING deal!”

  • armin niaki

    I loved the extra gum dessert.

  • I actually have 2 favorites – a highest $ value favorite and a most-used favorite. The highest $ value favorite is a Creative Zen 1GB MP3 player from Napster. My most used favorite was the 6,001 (okay, maybe not quite THAT many) BOGO SoBe LifeWater coupons I received during their Aug/Sep promotion game. Combined with numerous sales on SoBe in my area, this was an AWESOME freebie!

  • John

    Despite the fact that some may disagree with me given the website’s performance and the expired coupons received, the Sobe game was fun. I won so many Sobe’s. My kids loved them, but yes, still trying to get the expired coupons taken care of. (Headache)

  • CP

    Magazine subscriptions were my favorite!

  • Sue

    I loved the free magazines.

  • Trail Mix!

  • Alicia

    Free Playboy Magazine. Thanks! :)

  • Pam

    I got lots of great freebies, but my favorite has to be the antislip pad that I got. I have been having troubles with my memory foam mattress topper sliding and I put this under it and it hasn’t moved since. Love it! I had no idea this freebie would be so large, I expected a 6×6 square.

  • Angie

    I got the saw blade for my husband. Now he actually make things in his “workshop”!

  • kirstin u

    My favorite freebie was a sample of Crystal Light- the sample was 3 packets and came with several $2 off coupons- I used these when the product was on sale and got 3 packages for free!

  • sheila wood

    My favorite freebie was the sample from vocal point. It was the barilla pasta with the free pasta and tons of coupons. It came in a cute bowl with a family game. My kids loved the game

  • Marvin C.

    Believe it or not out of all the freebies I’ve received here my most favorite one is the Uniball Super Ink pen. You took the words right of my mouth of what you said about it in this post, I never used another pen since and actually bought a few packages for myself and my family, needless to say we can’t go back to using other pens it just doesn’t feel right. So thanks for sharing that freebie with us!

  • Yajaida

    The Picaboo free photo book. We had a low cost wedding, and I always felt that skimping may have meant I missed out a little, but no more. For just the cost of shipping, I have a perfect book which reminds me how beautiful the day was in its simplicity and which allows me to show off in a big way.

  • Dawn

    It was only a sample of cheetos, however they sure were tastly!!

  • Meagan

    I used so many freebies I can’t remember my favorite!

  • Stacey

    At some point I got a full size bottle of Olay Body Wash. This was my favorite because I dont even remember signing up for it!

  • Patty

    I love all the freebies I get but I like the recipe books the best. Or maybe the food samples? There are too many choices to pick just one.

  • Jim W

    I loved the Mrs. Field cookie sampler. For referring a handful of people
    (I forgot how many). I received a nice basket of many delicious cookie and brownie samples, I wouldn’t have bought, because they are so overpriced, but for free they were greeat. Especially since all the email addresses I used to confirm the referrals were my own. I still have the nice wicker basket that I use for bread and rolls.

  • shan

    My favorite was the gum freebies! Thanks so much!!

  • Larry W

    I loved the pen too!

  • Steph

    I loved the Johnson’s Deli bites!

  • Lynn P

    Magazine subscriptions

  • Edward

    $10 iTunes gift card that I won from SOBE!

  • Laura Goewey

    All the free Disney reward points as well as the free workshops at Lowes are my Fav of 2010. Looking forward to new favs for 2011.

  • Becca

    My favorite was getting $100 on-board credit on my NCL cruise from Tropicana points!

  • Kelsey

    My favorite is the Kraft Sample Pack!! Lots of yummy items!

  • Cecil

    Goob has made going to the mailbox like a box of chocolates, You never know what you are going to get!!! MY DAUGHTERS LOVE IT and so do I!!!!!

  • Margaret

    Tylenol Sleep Pack – I received it 1/3/11, but it was ordered in 2010!

  • Extra Dessert Delights Gum! Their Key Lime Pie flavor was heavenly.

  • MAK

    The Uniball pen!

  • Lastasia Coates

    My fav freebie was the pedometer I received. I have used it a lot!

  • Deb

    Free subscriptions to magazines are my favorite. Never having to pay for magazines again is my goal.

  • Kevin

    I love getting free magazines.

  • Margaret

    I have 3 cats, so I LOVE getting free cat food for them!

  • Soozi Schuble

    I enjoyed the Extra Dessert Gum! Yumm!

  • Trish

    My favorite freebie was the Kraft Sample Pack. I wish I didn’t have to pick one favorite – I enjoy receiving freebies every day!

  • Kevin C

    loved the sausage bites from hillshire farms

  • Sharyn

    I LOOOOVED the Uniball pen and the fact that I am surprised on a regular basis by what I receive in the mail. (Mostly because I don’t remember signing up for a particular freebie)

  • Margaret

    The Kraft Sample Pack!

  • Rick

    I loved the Uniball Super Ink pen!

  • Grace

    My favorite was the chewable vitamin c. Better than taking tablets.

  • Stacy

    I’d have to say all the samples of laundry detergent – I haven’t bought that stuff in over six months thanks to all these freebies!

  • christopher lesser

    the kraft sample pack was my fav…..

  • Kaylan

    My favorite and biggest surprise was the Food Should Taste Good bag! I would never have tried it otherwise. I can’t stop buying the stuff now!

  • Jill

    My favorite was all the Kashi samples.

  • Rosanne

    My favorite was the Kraft Sample Pack!

  • Melody

    My favorite was the dog treats.

  • Kim

    My favorite was the Wine Spectator Magazine Subscription, so sad I just received my last issue :(

  • Dona

    I love all the freebies! My grandson loved the Harley Motorcycle Poster the best! He thought it was so cool and we had it framed and put in his room!

  • Leslie

    My favorite was all of the laundry detergent samples!

  • HJ

    I enjoy it all but loved the American Apparel shirt.

  • Yvonne

    My favorite freebie was the subscription to Real Simple Magazine. I ended up renewing my subscription for another 2 years!!!

  • Alyssa

    So hard to choose, but I do enjoy the free disney points.

  • Sarah Vega

    My favorites were all the free magazines!!

  • Carol

    It has to be the Food Should Taste Good Chips! A whole bag! great freebie.

  • Michele

    The Excedrine freebies were AMAZING! They saved me a ton of money this year.

  • Kari

    My favorite was the Febreze candle with the scent of Gain! Not just a sample size…full size!!

  • My favorite sample was definintely the free Gillete Pro-Glide razor!!
    Best sample of 2010, no, of all time!

  • DD Haigis

    My favorite freebie of the year is the free magazines

  • Darlene Schickram

    My favorite was the free 6 lb organic dog food. It was worth $12.00 at the pet store. My dog didn’t really like it better than Kibble & Bits but it got us through 3 weeks without spending anything.

  • Katie

    The thermos from coppenhagen is my favorite followed by the full sized roll of painters tape

  • Hope

    Extra Dessert Gum- Key Lime Pie ;0)

  • caraxxlynn

    It is so hard to pick just one thing. Everytime I opened my mailbox I would wonder what would be in there. The extra dessert gum was pretty amazing I got the mint chocolate chip.YUMMY!!!!!!

  • shannon

    My favorite was the thong, I just have to say what an icebreaker LOL, it was fun and used to make a redneck dream catcher as a gag gift along with some other “free” stuff, it was great :)

  • Susan Prokosch

    Goob, You Rock!

  • Terri P.

    My favorite was also one of yours … the Uniball Super Ink pen. I love writing with it; it actually makes me *want* to write! Thanks for the best freebie blog around!

  • Tamn

    loved the dove soap!

  • Danna

    All of the shampoo and conditioner samples I’ve received. I haven’t had to buy any at the store in months!

  • Amanda Biel

    I liked the UFO light, quite good quality!

  • Amanda

    My fav was the starbucks via samples, they are sooo cool!

  • Jill

    I love the sample packs! It’s like a whole lotta fun in one little box!

  • maria

    i LOVED My Copenhagen stainless steel thermos! Thanks, guys! And i Love the magazines too!

  • Angela

    The thong undies were my favortie!!!!

  • Donna V

    I love all the shampoo samples, and household samples!

  • Jackie

    The playboy and maxim mag for my hubby =] He was so happy with me!

  • Sonia

    My favorite freebie was SHAPE magazine!!! Love getting free magazines!!!

  • Jenny

    I liked the free Barilla pasta coupon which came with a bunch of BOGO coupons as well!

  • Jessie

    I love the Mrs. Field’s cookie tin. It rocks my socks!

  • Brandy

    My favorite was US Postal Office Sample Showcase and the Strawberry shortcake gum, yumm-o

  • Kathy

    My favorite freebie of 2010 was free spicy chicken sandwich from Chikfila…we got a whole meal…sandwich, waffle fries and drink with V.I.P. treatment! Loved it!

  • fanniefarkle

    SOG knife, or was that 2009? otherwise, Stide gum

  • Jay

    Playboy and maxim subscriptions are tied!

  • Jen

    I’m still waiting on playboy, hoping it comes. I liked all the kraft freebies and my pets love getting treats when the mail comes.

  • Kristin

    My favorite thing is opening the mailbox and finding more free things! I was able to gift several items, razor for my son-in-law, hunting hat for my step son and Harley poster for my grandson. We are on a very tight budget and freebies rule!

  • Joyce

    The Uniball Super Ink pen was definitely my fave. I am now hooked on these pens, too!

  • Sandy

    I love the free full size coupons, the Advil and Suave shampoo the best. Thanks Goob for a great year!

  • Scotch painter’s tape was much much needed to do our tshirt aligning project and those mini Kashi snacks were a lifesaving when hunger attacked.

  • Denise

    The bestest freebie was definitely the big bag of Reese’s Pieces (not a sample size). YUM!!

  • ashley

    mine were the HK Anderson pretzels and the jose quervo margarita ball. we were having a get together at my family’s house and one of the condiment bottles busted so to the rescue i used the margarita ball for the ketchup. lol. everyone loved it!!!

  • Cathrine

    My fav by far was the Jose Cuervo margarita pitcher!! It was put to great use.

  • Kathy

    Starbuck VIA coffee samples.

  • Janice

    So many free sobe drink coupons.

  • Lisa

    Goob, They were all my favorite I can’t pick just one

  • gette

    My postman is becoming annoyed at delivering all my freebies! lol

  • Ricky

    I thought the magazine subscriptions were/are awesome. Also, my dg loved the Greenies as well.

  • Elisabeth

    I really enjoyed the Starbucks VIA coffee, I can see why people are in love with Starbucks!

  • Brittany

    My facorite freebies are the Disney Movie Rewards Points. I’ve got over 1000 points now, and I’m trying to decide if I should spend them on something or keep saving for those lion king broadway tickets. :)

  • catherina

    Have loved all the coffee samples that have come in the mail: Starbucks Via most, but also Taster’s Choice, Folgers, and 4 oz. of Seattle’s Best.

  • Valerie

    I was so excited to find out about this site and all the freebies I could receive! It almost becomes an addiction. I love the postings about free food at restaurants, like ice cream, coffee, fries, and especially free Chick-Fil-A. Those are always fun. Thanks Adam and Goob!!

  • allie

    mine was either the post office sampler pack or the mrs fields cookies. Wait – now that i am typing this i realize it was in fact the cookies. I mean UPS shows up and brings me yummy free cookies in a tin…it was a happy day.

  • Rebekah Sandoval

    Wow so many comments wonder why? I love the glad febreeze bag but smells to good for trash :)

  • Kristine

    I was most excited about the dog leash from Snapfish – but never got it since they cancelled my order when they ran out :( However, I really did appreciate the Nicorette Gum – it can really help me with my new year’s resoultion to stop smoking! :)

  • Rev Robin

    Got sooooo many freebies and I’m very grateful for all your hard work guys, thanks!!

  • Carol P

    Lots of favorites, but the most recent that I can remember were Shout Color Catcher, it worked well and Scotch blue painters tape, which was a full size roll and I was just about to start painting a bedroom.

  • Shari Hightower

    I loved all the free dog food samples! I could almost feed my mini Pom ‘Little Bit’ for the whole year and these very healthy sample packages.

  • becky clowney

    Craft sample packs are one of my favorites

  • Oh, there are too many to choose, I guess I would have to say the free food samples or full size products with a coupon were nice to have. My husband always asks where did you get this, and I say “Hey it’s Free” site. Thanks Guys for all your freebie posts!!!!!

  • Margaret

    The Planters Trail Mix!

  • Lisa W

    My favorite has to be the pet treats– they now watch me opening the mail just in case

  • Dr. M.A.K.

    I enjoyed the orange juice!

  • Lindsay

    Um…I would have to say the reeses pieces. Theya re my fave!!

  • Alexandria S

    The box of Barilla pasta! You got so many coupons with it to where if you bought one, you got one free! Awesome deal!

  • Margaret Ann

    I really, really enjoyed using your birthday list! I got so many freebies and BOGO’s for my birthday in 2010. My birthday is a month away and I’ve already received 2 freebies for 2011!

  • Risa

    Loved aall the margarita balls that came bouncing my way :0}

  • Meg

    They are all very much appreciated. The ones I don’t use myself, I give to friends and family members!
    If I had to pick just one it would be the Glidden paint samples. In June 2009 I got a free pint of their paint through HIF, then in June of 2010, I got free paint samples with a brush in the lid, in the same color. Since I hadn’t used the free pint yet, the samples came in very handy!

  • Margaret

    The Johnsonville bites were the best!

  • mags

    my favorite sample would have to be the free gillette proglide razors.my boyfriend always jumps my case cause i always check the site when i get on the computer.when i started getting cool stuff that he liked,he shut up :]

  • Abby

    I liked the Kraft sampler & there were some dog treats one time that my Italian Greyhound went nuts over! It was a full size product.

  • Melly

    I loved the Starbucks vanilla infused coffee…delicious!!!

  • Alesha

    I have to say I love all the free things that I received. Thanks to HIF! my fav things were those bottles of excederins! now I can get worry free headaches!

  • Jenn

    My favorite was the kashi sample

  • Brenda

    I received many awesome things this year. I really enjoyed the free 1 year of Norton Security from Vocalpoint. By the way, Jan 5 is my 40th birthday. I really hope my name gets picked.

  • Melissa

    my free American Apparel undies!

  • mary

    i liked the natura dog food . a bunch of us ordered that and gave it to a dog rescue.

  • Julie

    I loved all of the coupons I received for free Excedrin and Advil!!

  • Caroline

    I would have to say the flushable moist wipe from Cottonelle. They always come handy during a car ride to wash up before the kids eat anything.

  • Desiree Torres

    My favorite freebie was the Copenhaagan silver thermos!!!! I was not happy to part with it but gave it to my brother for Christmas because money is tight. BUT, SO GRATEFUL to you for telling us about it. You have saved me lots of money and given me so much Goob, thanks for all you hard work!

  • Yam

    I liked all the stuff from the tobacco companies. The multi-tool was pretty sweet, and I got 2 themoses :D

  • Faith

    I loved the excedrin and the starbucks via packs!! But really… I love all the gree stuff I get in the mail! Goob, YOU are THE MAN!!! :)

  • Debbie James

    My favorite were the Starbucks VIA coffee samples! They were delicious!

  • Margaret

    The gum!

  • d

    The Extra desserts gum is amazing! I never would have bought it on my own..now I am addicted!! Thanks for letting us know all the offers.

  • Harry Hood

    most definitely my subscriptions to SI and Playboy :)

  • Margaret K.

    My family loves the coffee samples.

  • Maggie

    I loved being able to give away the water!

  • Paul

    Thanks for all your hard work Goob. You have a great site! Loved the Gillette razors.

  • Meggan

    I loved the USPS sample showcase – I really, really hope they do that again!

  • Carly

    the free condom… we’re done having kids, it just made me laugh :)

  • Tony B

    Thanks for everything Goob!

    I’m a total dork, but my favorite was the “Spread Wellness” Rubber Bracelet! Ha!

  • Barbara

    Well, if I win this gift card, that will definitely be my favorite:)

    But up to now, guess it’s the carton of Tropicana orange juice.

  • christina

    Hi Goob! My favorites were…
    4 pack of cascade action packs
    Free product coupons – Advil, Excedrin, Cottonelle, Suave
    Full size bottle of Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion
    and all the mini deoderant samples!

    So many freebies to choose from I can list forever!

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Scott Krieger

    There was a 25lb bag of dog food that was UPS’d to me from Sam’s. Didn’t have to pick the bag up and used my neighbors Sam’s card #. Classic.

  • JR Francis

    My fav was one of the tobacco rewards (Cope?) that send a stainless swiss army knife with NO LOGO!

  • Maria

    I would have to say the ProForce cleaning products. I have never gotten a freebie that big before! Awesome!

  • mk

    The cottonelle flushable wipes

  • Mary Ann

    My family loved the mac and cheese! Thank you!

  • Amanda J

    Thanks for being awesome, HIF! I just started visiting here in 2010… here’s to another year! :)

  • Meghan

    The excedrin coupons & free Redbook magazine subscription were my favs!

  • Julie

    I loved all of the freebies. The kraft pack was breat. Barilla pasta was awesome. I loved the Aveeno full sized lotion that I still use every night.

  • Lisa

    Definately the US Postal Office Sample Showcase. My daughter was jealous about it. I told her abou the HIF. Hopefully she joined.

  • Rose

    the Extra Dessert Delights Gum, I’m now hooked on this as well… my fav the strawberry shortcake

  • DarkMasterFox

    My favorite freebiee was the Secret Extra Strength Deodorant from Wal-Mart a few times ;D. Perfect sample size to stow away in my purse and gym bag.

    Also the Crest White Strips :D (people kept asking where I got my teeth whitened, amazing little suckers!)

  • Kim L.

    Two Proforce cleaning kits were my most favorite. I am an abosolute clean freak. I really enjoyed those products…

  • Katherine

    I love freebies! and free money!!

  • marvaann bochat

    My favorite of all was the kraft sample pack. Really enjoyed that. Thank you.

  • Kevin Mark

    The deodorant samples are the perfect size to pack for a short getaway!

  • Kiran Kapoor

    My favorite Box of Kraft macaroni

  • Dr. Margaret

    The Uniball pen – it writes very smooth

  • Connie

    All of the small toiletries which saves me having to buy travel sizes of these products. I love HIF-ing!!

  • Ashley A.

    I loved the Natura Dog Food one, it really helped us out in tough times, and was one of the few foods our dog with sensitive allergies did well with! Thanks!

  • Patty Crout

    One of my favorite samples was the cat food from Purina. Also the free Bic pen and all of the free coupons which I love! Thanks HIF!

  • Diane

    My favorite was the full size bag of Sun Chips. I wouldn’t have known they made Peppercorn Ranch flavor without the free sample!!

  • wakkosmom

    My favorites are always the free Blockbuster and Redbox movie rentals. My son and I are on such a tight budget that we rarely get to see 1st run movies. This really gives us a chance to see movies that most people see the week they come out. Thanks for posting them.

  • WIlliam

    My favorite was the Quaker Life Cinnamon Roll bars. They even came with a $1 off coupon!!

  • Julie

    Although I really loved all the FREE items I recieved in 2010 the Purina One dog food samples were the best. They came in handy between trips to the store!

  • Olivia Merifield

    I love all of the Berts Bees samles, they are always great!

  • Minde Yorchak

    US Postal Office Sample Showcase, there was a ton of awesome freebies in there!

  • LIz

    THere really hasn’t been one thing that I have gotten that I regret filling out a form for I love them all! Best are magazines.

  • rachel

    I loved that I could trust Wal-Mart and Target to send their freebies–that wasn’t always the case with other companies! Kraft sent out a few full-size samples, which rocked.

  • Jake

    I liked the thong also, because I sent MANY of them to family members and friends, who then had to explain, to whoever saw them open it, why they ordered a thong in the mail.

  • Stacey

    Definitely the post office sample pack! I get so frustrated having to go there in person-it was nice to get something in return!

  • My favorite freebie had to be the Kraft box. That was a great freebie and I LOVED getting it in the mail because I was broke and really needed the freebies from it.

  • Tracy

    Wow! – This was a great year filled some fabulous freebies … but I would have to say my absolutely favorite freebie was getting a FREE medium size pizza from Papa John’s Pizza. Free food even tastes better.

  • cheryl

    I luuuuved the USPS samples — I’ve already mailed out two late Christmas packages using the free boxes they sent me — pack as much as you can in a box — pay one low price, no matter the weight.

  • Gayle

    I’ve enjoyed the full size Aveeno lotion that I received.

  • Joann Brown

    My favorite freebie during the past year was a pedometer that I received, although I haven’t used it in a couple of months, it is very nice to motivate me to do some walking. I walked 2 to 3 miles, 3 times a week until the weather changed and my walking partner went into labor. When it warms up again, I will be sure to start that walking program again.

  • Heather K

    This is the greatest site ever!! I mean who doesn’t love to get free stuff. I have received a lot of free samples of things that I would not normally try without getting a freebee first – love it!!

  • Sarah C

    I gotta say I love the bracelet from Tom’s shoes I got it came the other day in fact i’m wearing it right now

  • Michaela

    My favorite freebie of 2010 would have to be the free Playboy subscription. The look on my boyfriend’s face when the first issue came in the mail was priceless. He said that if there were a Best Girlfriend Award, I’d have it, hands down. :)

  • marg

    I love getting the Disney Movie Rewards points, so I can get freebies for my grandsons!

  • Leah

    I loved almost all the freebies I’ve gotten this year but my favorite is probably the cucumber dove deoderent!

  • Meg

    I love all the freebies. If I can’t use it, then someone I know can! If I have to pick one, then it would probably be the Schwan $10.00 freebie with free shipping! I got the mini corn dogs and my family loved them.

  • Denise

    my favorite is the Glamour magazine subscription because its been a long time since I was able to treat myself to a magazine subscription in the mail.

  • Max Herron

    I liked the Uniball pen too…and yes, I did buy a whold package of them.

  • Margaret

    I have to agree with the Schwan offer. I got a free frozen dessert which was selling for $9.99, with free delivery!

  • Beth

    The USPS Sample Showcase box was definitely my favorite.

  • Kevin M

    My girlfriend loves the uniball pen I gave her.

  • Maria

    I would have to say that the free subscription to Playboy has been my favorite freebie. It continues to arrive in my mailbox each month! Can’t lose with the great articles in this mag! Oh and the naked women are just an added bonus.

  • Katy

    Betty cocker instant potatoes and hamburger helper full size boxes from univision. Plus coupon pack! Glad I remembered Spanish!

  • becky

    pampers and huggies points!

  • Kasie

    My favorite freebie was the Just Desserts gum – I now buy nothing else and I love it!!

  • Annie

    My daughter loved the mini Johnsonville sausages! They sent at least 5 snack packages.

  • Aaron

    The post office pack was great, I must agree

  • Jessica

    My favorite freebie was the Melissa and Doug agnetic wooden dress up doll I got with the discount from Gilt.com. Didn’t even pay shipping. I gave it to my 3 year old niece for Christmas and she has spent hours dressing up the princess.

  • Joanne C

    My favorite freebie was the magazine subscriptions

  • Shannon

    I particularly appreciated the coupon for a free avacado and the various toothpaste samples.

  • Anna

    I’d have to say the Starbucks Via sample pack. Delish!! HIF – thanks for all that you do!! Freebies and humor!

  • Jacqui

    My favorite was the full size bottle of binaca. :) I don’t care for gum so it is perfect!

  • Jacqui

    My favorite was the full size bottle of Binaca. :) I don’t care for gum so it is perfect!

  • Michelle

    My favorite was my free bottle of excedrin. Made the headaches of finding other freebies and cheap stuff go away!

  • Nicole

    My favourite was the free good housekeeping subscription! and the cottonelle flushable wipes…and alot of other stuff! :)

  • Emily H

    My favorite freebie was definitely the “Thumb Socks!” … every time I get in my car, they remind not to text and drive and are sure to give me a good chuckle. :)

  • Angela

    I have to say the free Excedrin was the best freebie of year. We are always going through bottles of this stuff!

  • Beth

    Giving away water was the best ! But the song downloads were pretty cool too!

  • Sara

    I loved getting the Excedrin free…I have migraines 2-3 times a week and Excedrin is my best friend when I have one!!

  • mary

    I loved the full size pantene, but any of the food was awesome too, i can’t belive how much money i have saved

  • majunee

    Wow- to just pick one… i love getting stuff in mail that are NOT bills!
    Well the one piece of bounty paper towel was def the best, was laughing for days that someone would pay postage to send me ONE piece of paper towel. LOL

  • Karen


  • susan ranney

    I just started sampling this past year and it really has helped out especially when your on fixed income. So many of the samples would arrive in my mail right at the time I would be out of that item. Also i’ve had opportunities thru sampling to try products that i’ve been wanting to try before I buy. I have tried several things this year that I really liked and because i liked it, I went to store and purchased items and am now using products that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Thank you and God bless you thruout this year….

  • dassuh

    loved the aveeno full size lotion. use it all the time!

  • avrum

    little shampoos and stuff, great for camping trips and traveling!

  • Debbie

    My favorite was the Harley poster as well. Very nice, much nicer than I actually expected. Either that, or the shampoo samples. I like trying new stuff on my hair.

  • Nick Porzelt

    My favorite was the pocket knife multitool, I’ve been using it a lot for fishing!

  • Bug

    The pack of silly bands was my favorite; they made for great rewards for my students in science class!!

  • I liked the giving away of the water and the song downloads as well.

  • Christy

    I love my thermos from copenhagen.

  • Jay

    I loved the USPS sample box =)

  • Felicia Morelos

    Couldn’t say which was my favorite. It was all good!!!!

  • Claire

    My favorite freebie was the Extra Dessert Delight gum.

  • corey schneid

    Box of Kool-Aid!

  • berta

    I really enjoyed the 12 can duffel cooler; real nice

  • Jolene

    The Extra dessert gum was my fave. Love full-sized samples!

  • Melissa

    Definitely the dog food! We can never have enough dog food around here!

  • Melissa

    My favorite thing I got for free this year has to be my PS3 Move gift pack with EA Sports Active 2 from Coke. I may have won it but it was still Free!

  • Kristy Henricks

    The Kraft sample pack was my favorite!

  • Eryn

    My fav freebie from here was the Annie’s lunch bag.. my boyfriend uses it for work!

  • Christine

    Mt favorite was the Purina cat food! I got it right when I had run out of cat food… and the hungry beast was lookin’ like he was going to sample “people” instead of finding himself a mouse.

  • Cozette Nichols

    I would have to say that the ear plugs were my favorite freebee. Nothing has ever given me a better nights sleep when lying next to my snoring husband.

  • Laura

    The gum was my favorite!

  • Katie

    I loved the Mujer sample pack! I also liked the Pampers codes. I save them for my sister, who is a single mother. Every little bit helps. Nothing makes a long day better than getting home, checking the mail and having free samples! Thank you for all the time you spend finding these freebies for us!!

  • Lisa

    I liked the different magazine subscriptions. I love reading all that free gossip. :P

  • Becky

    I moved into a new house so I don’t get a lot of mail…until I started using your website that is!!! I look forward to your postings as well as my snail mail items too. Thanks for making my day bright and filled with freebies :)

  • Brigitte

    As a teacher, I loved the Uniball pen! I don’t grade with anything else unless I have to!

  • Meg

    EasyGlide Bic pen
    Nothing better than a good pen.
    Also fyi … nothing better than a mailbox full of freebies either! :-)

  • Julie H

    My love and faves were the Magazine subscriptions did not know that I would really get them but I did..I felt like a kid in the candy store with all of these freebies thanks again:)

  • I got started kinda late in the year (August 2010) so my favorite freebie over the past couple months has been all the magazine subscriptions! I get Marie Claire, Redbook, Glamour, Cosmo, Self, Allure…every month…for free!

  • leticia

    Right when I went to throw out the trash, iIdecided to check the mail. Just my luck….a free odorshield w/febeeze trashbag was waiting for me! It went straight into the garbage pail! Kids fight over who “gets” to open freebies and eat them if they are food samples! THANKS

  • Michelle

    I loved the Kraft box as there was so much in it, and came at just the time of the month money is low. My dog loves the dog food samples though, and he sits at my feet just waiting when I go out and get the mail.

  • mMegan

    Food should taste good chips! yum

  • Rose

    My favorite freebie was the US Postal Office Sample Showcase. I also really liked the uniball pen and was very disapointed when I lost it.

  • ioana

    us postal service sample

  • riverrat

    The box of MAC & CHEESE was my favorite

  • MichelleS

    My favorite freebie was the Extra dessert Gum! YUMMY

  • Mollykate

    I love all of it. :)

  • Joy

    I liked all the freebies I received….they really help out alot!! Thanks

  • Sheri

    Hmm, let’s see….we just made guacamole with our free avocados, use all the free bars and snacks for breakfast at work, love the free travel size toothpastes (Tom’s of Maine) and toilet paper. I have enjoyed the free Women’s Health magazines. Perhaps the best was all the free meals and food during my birthday—enough to spread over an entire month!

  • Brian

    smoking jacket t-shirt

  • Brian

    mrs fields cookie tin was tops with me

  • Angel

    My favorite was the full sized double stuffed OREO’s…… I thought I had died and gone to heaven that day!!

  • Stephanie

    Awesome job! And awesome site!! Love it here, I think my favorite might have to be all the free snack bars/granola bars. I love them, especially any one with chocolate :)

  • Robin

    I have gotten so many great “free” items throughout the year. I love all of the magazines that come each month. It is always exciting to see what comes in the mail each week.

  • Alicia

    With HIF I received so many different freebies, that it would be terrible of me to just say one was my favorite. So I am going to say HEY IT’S FREE was my favorite. Without HIF I wouldn’t have had such a great year saving. Thank you HIF and HIFFERS for such a GREAT year with savings and all the free Samples.
    GREAT JOB…. I’m looking forward to 2011… :)

  • Deepu

    thank you for all the freebies posted this year…looking forward for many more.

  • KZ

    My favorite freebie was the Wall Street Journal subscription. I get a freebie in the mail every day!!!

  • Katherine

    Love all the shampoo! thanks for everything!!

  • natalia

    My favorite freebie was the aveeno shampoo and conditioner sample. It is now one of my favorite hair products!

  • Shirl

    American Apparel Tank Shirt and USPS Box of samples

  • Joa

    missed the postal pack but my cat loved all the food this year!

  • Nichole C.

    Im looking forward to viewing this website daily, I LOVE FREEBIES!

  • Shanski

    I liked the free dippin dots coffee mug-like thing. I use it everday to drink my morning coffee on the way to work!!

  • Marguerite Miller

    I love getting these freebies! My husband has opened some of the boxes and didn’t believe that they were free! Like the flask! Tried for a second one, but never got it! But I am happy with the one! And I have a samples basket in my guest bathroom for when friends come and stay!

  • Chellord

    I enjoy the free magazine subscriptions. I got Maxim for my boyfriend and I always end up reading the entire thing before he even gets to look at it, haha! But I also like all the rewards points posted. I got a theatrical Lion King poster from Disney Movie Rewards and I don’t know what is classier than that.

  • Kim H

    My favorite freebie was a potty training kit from Huggies. It also came with a Potty Dance DVD, which both of my boys love!

  • sarah r.

    my favorite was the barilla pasta. and self magazine. and shape! woo!

  • Janet Scott

    I am a new freebie-aholic. oh my gosh, your site is the best. my favorite is the dog food samples. My 75 pound 1 year Old puppy luvs it.

  • M Joyner

    OMG, the kraft sample pack was my absolute favorite ! I seriously hope they give out more this year :)

  • Joe Kupe

    There was a P&G Coupon book giveaway and it resulted in multiple boxes of free Swiffers (wet and dry). Also, loved the Que Rida Vica and the Bisquick with directions in Spanish! The pancakes still came out great!

  • Wanda

    The 3 free Adkin bars, I got one sent to my home and office. But my boyfriends favorite was easily Playboy.

  • Wanda

    Oh wait, I got a free vibrator too (Which I named BOB)!

  • Christine G

    My favorite was the Copenhagen Multitool. I’ve always had a weakness for multifunctional junk

  • Marcella

    The Kraft coupons were awesome. I think I made my cashier jealous seeing me get groceries for free!

  • aimless

    I like all the free points (Disney rewards, Pampers, Huggies). I’m not sure what I am saving them up for, but I’m sure it’ll be something good!

  • Hope Bishop

    My absolute favorite is the key lime pie gum. I’m diabetic so the “dessert” after lunch is great b’cause its sugar free. The Uniball pen is awesome (stolen shortly after) and the American Apparel thong was cute. Gave it to my boss lady..who ended up pregnant a short time later. Now when she makes me mad i imagine her thong all stretched to….well.. nevermind. u get the picture.

  • Crystal

    The gun never came for me boooooooo!
    But I do recall some yummy granola bar!

  • Matt

    I loved the free t-shirt from Black & Mild…hello sleepwear! =O)~

  • Denise

    I love all the free samples weather it is a sample or they send the full size. I’m now on a fixed income and every item helps and it introduces me to new items I’ve never tried or never knew of, So Thanks for everything you have sent our way!
    Greatly apreciated, Denise

  • Rachel Arreguin

    I do not advocate tobacco use in any way, shape or form, but…I love my full-size thermos received from Copenhagen!

  • Julianna

    I love the free magazines, especially Redbook. Also the food samples are great!! Thanks

  • Afshan Rajkotwala

    My favorite were the Starbucks infusion via packets! Sooo good! I love HIF! I check it about 10 times a day!! :)

  • Brice B.

    My favorite was probably the P.O. showcase box because it’s a bunch of freebies in one.

  • Sarah

    My favorite was the awesome Mary Kay fragrance box! It’s a nice magnetic box that came with four quarter oz. vials of perfume, and a lip gloss that has 2 ends — one that is the gloss and the other you can screw in a perfume sample and take it with you =3. It’s so cool, I take it everywhere! My favorite scent is Warm Amber :). TY!

  • Stephanie W.

    Received a lot fo freebies this year. Can’t really say what my favorite was because there was so many. I really liked the postit ones

  • Mandy

    My favorite freebie wasn’t listed! It was the Veria full size Vanilla organic lip balm. That stuff was AWESOME!

    Also, the Emergen-C freebies were a VERY close second.

  • Aurora

    Favorites have been any type of snack bar – great to take to work! My husband liked the 6 free packs the jerky snacks.

  • Elle Thomas

    My favorite freebie was from the Spanish language version of Betty Crocker. It came with 2 full sized food products and a few samples!
    Ellesjunkmail at gmail dot com

  • Amanda W

    My favorite freebie of 2010 was the Uniball Super Ink pen. I thought I had lost it a couple months back until I found it about a week ago, my husband had taken it, I guess I have to buy him his own now.

  • Emily

    The Kraft sampler pack FTW! The full size olive oil mayo was awesome, and I would have never tried that homestyle mac & cheese otherwise.

  • Hard to pick just one. So many great ones…. My favorites were the dog food samples. Our dog was going through a picky eating stage and a couple of free samples arrived one week. Turns out our dog loves the Purina One.

  • Madeinel

    I, too, have gotten many free things this past year. One of my favorite things was getting a gift basket from Kraft with coupons for free products and a $25 American Express card.

  • Suzayne Adams

    I loved all the free samples and coupons from Kraft.

  • NoriG

    LOVED the Extra Gum. Totally addicted to the Key Lime as well. :)

  • Anna

    I love all free shirts I got in the mail.

  • Lisa L

    Hmm, so hard to choose! But I think that the smoking jacket tee was pretty darned cool, and the multiple Marlboro (or was it Copenhagen??) canteens. Oh yeah, and the schnazzy black and red bandana too! All tobacco promos it seems!

  • ohmyitsjen

    oh my gosh, so many to choose from that’s for sure! love the extra gum defiently has been my fun fav freebie! so addicted! cannot wait to see all the new things to come!

  • Melissa

    I love all the freebies…they def come in handy at times………Kraft one was def my favorite though!!!!

  • Betsy

    Without a doubt the US Postal Service Sampler was the best freebie I’ve received. But I’m also lovin’ the free things I’ve been able to earn through the various points programs (Disney, Huggies, Pampers).

  • Rachel R.

    The free Kashi Go-Lean cereal was awesome! Being a broke college student, getting any sort of free food (or freebies in general) helps :)

  • Wanda

    LOVE Love Love the Uniball Pen.

  • jennifer

    enjoying the pamapers codes!!!

  • Angela

    The Skoal slap koozie was a huge hit at the beach this year!! Viva la HIF!!

  • Maddie

    I agree, lots of great samples and coupons. Hard to pick,- so I’ll go w/ the excedrins… I redeemed coupons and got free 50 reg excedrins and 50 excedrin migraine… same ingredients! 100 pain pills for FREE! Gosh THANKS so much!

  • Sara

    I found out about this website late in the year, so haven’t had a chance to get many freebies. But I’ve enjoyed using the codes for Blockbuster Express and Redbox to get free movies. I was kinda amazed the first time when it really worked!

  • Christine

    My favorite was the Kraft sample pack!!!!

  • Blanca

    I ? all my free samples… and I ? it when my mail box is full of little boxes!!!!

  • karen

    Hmm…it’s difficult to narrow it down, especially if I go back to when I joined in the Spring and the distributors were being generous. So I will say the full bottle of Aveeno lotion which I love but never would have paid $8 for without trying it firts, the Kraft sample pack, especially the yummy Homestyle mac n cheese which really does taste homemade and I’d certainly buy it now if I as in a rush–and I LOVE all beef hot dogs, and the Degree and Dove deodorants, because I really needed to find a new deodorant and these are two that I wouldn’t have thought would do the trick! But they are now regular purchases for me!!

  • Joe Azzolina

    autograph Kevin Bacon poster….yessss

  • Kelly Ledet

    The best freebie was the super plush robe from Dove!!!!

  • Lynda

    I definitly have to say my package from Secret Deodorant. I got 2 full sized deodorants and 2 full sized body splashes! It made my whole year!!! YAY! I love you and your site! The funny comments you make are just hilarious! Keep it up! ?Lynda

  • Allyson Moore

    My favorites were the all the awesome samples from Vocal Point….The dryer bar was AWESOME!!!! Love your site! you keep me laughing everyday lol :)

  • Briana

    my favorite was the free 6 month subscription to Wall Street Journal since my dad pays over $100 per year for an online subscription. He still doesn’t know i got it for free :)

  • Brit

    Definitely the Kraft Sample Pack with coupons! Samples PLUS 6 full-sized freebies- what could you complain about! :D

  • Grace T

    My favorite item was the bag of Reese’s Pieces. I like sweets.

  • kirsten

    I liked the free gum that you told us about..I am losing weight because I pop in some gum instead of treats thanks soo much you rock

  • Mauricio

    Goob, I was fortunate to have found your site on 01/01/2011, however, unfortunately I did NOT receive ANY freebies last year. I too would have been happy with the Uniball Super Ink pen or the LED UFO light . In any regard, I started the NEW YEAR off right with your site. Thank you for that!


    My favorite freebie was the box of Barilla pasta. That sample convinced me that my family should and because of that sample, did, switch to wheat pasta. I loved the flavor, and knowing that I was doing something healthy for my family.

  • Cami

    My favorite was also the Postal Service freebies!! Thank you so much for your insights and sense of humor!

  • My favorite freebie was also the Sample Showcase by the USPS! That was an awesome freebie!

  • BRM

    Barilla Pasta!

  • Tammy

    Since I am new to this & have only gotten a few items, my favorite so far is the dog & cat food samples, also the free advil! Thanks So much!

  • Amanda

    The Starbucks VIA sample pack was my favorite! Its was great to sample all 4 flavors.

  • Jenafer Barker

    The Excedrin Migraine was my favorite! It came at the perfect time because I was running out and I opted to try the geltabs which I never would not have otherwise tried because I am so use to the tablets and I know how well they work for my migraines if I catch it before it turns into a full on migraine.

  • Jill

    The Extra Dessert Gum in Mint was awesome and the Uniball pen was great too!! But I really appreciated all the free shampoo and conditioner samples as I travel a great deal. Thanks!!!

  • andrea

    I loved the Food Should Taste so Good chips and buy them all the time now!

  • tara

    i wish o would have started following your site sooner i missed out on some good stuff, but i loved the free playboys!

  • Dana

    Of all the awesome freebies that I received in 2010, my favorite was Mrs. Fields cookies.

  • Jessica

    I received two different full size beauty samples: A fancy Olay face wash and a fancy curl spray. I have no idea how I got them, but I have used both and LOVED. THEM.

  • Lindzee

    I have loved getting my freebie, and occasionally not getting them. ha I love free stuff like free migraine medicine.

  • Michelle

    My favorite freebie is the LED ufo light. Its small, but gives off a lot of light still and is very convenient.

  • Jaime

    The free hearing batteries you posted just recently are my all time favorite! I have to replace the batteries in my cochlear implant every three days, so getting a free “sample” is a real treat!!

  • Sheila Weisel

    I missed out on the Kraft and some of the other great freebies while in the hospital and recuperating from surgeries this year but I did receive all the coffee samples which I love (especially the full sized ones). I would have to say the coffee freebies were my favorites.

  • Sandy

    Disney Movie Reward Points. I didn’t know anything about them until you posted points. Because of HIF, I registered on the site and entered all the points from my family and my dad (who is a DVD collector). I now have 4400 points. Thank you!

  • Noelle

    I loved the Extra Dessert Delights gum freebie. I’m a sweet-aholic, and there was nothing in my house one dreary winter’s day, and I suddenly remembered the gum, and I was in sugary, dessert heaven!

  • Tammy S

    Definitely the Extra Dessert Delights gum.
    Like you, I am now totally addicted – yum – and how do they DO that?

  • Emi

    my fave freebie was the pantene shampoo… i thought they would send me a sample but i got a full size in the mail… love getting full size things for free.

  • Ashlee

    My favorite freebie would have to be the desert gum! Who knew it would be so good?!

  • Melody

    My favorite freebie was the free Tropicana OJ. I won’t drink any other OJ unless I’m dying of thirst. So it was a nice treat to get free juice.

  • Kelly

    My favorite was the uniball pen. But I love your site and love all the freebies! Great job!

  • Tammy Moore

    I received alot of great samples in 2010, but my FAVORITE was the Kraft sample pack.

  • me

    Honestly, I think that everything was my favorite sample. By that I mean, that everything was awesome!! I can’t just choose one thing. This website is awesome!! Thanks GOOB!

  • Kathleen

    My favorite was a pair of skechers tone ups I won from Dr. Oz. A Value of $110 for FREE!!!!

  • Christie

    My favorites were the Pantene shampoo and conditioner and the calendars.

  • Ashleigh

    my favorite freebie was the Avril Lavigne sample cologne! it smelled AMAZING!

  • Jerold

    my favorite was Playboy magazine subscriptions. I got every issue in the mail just like they said.

  • gerry

    rachel ray dog food samples

  • Ash

    defenetly the shampoo samples, i honestly live off of those!!! whos needs to buy a ton of shampoos and conditioners your not gunna like in the end?! totally worth it!

  • Lena

    My favorite freebies were the ones for free cat food, lol.

  • Amy

    Thanks for the freebies all year! I loved the pocket knife and Copenhagen thermos.

  • Anthony

    Mac and Cheese for sure :P
    Yeah, it was pretty tasty stuff :)

  • :D

    Thank you for these great freebies offers!

  • Christina Pearson

    By far my favorite freebie of 2010 was a pair of free ski day passes to Northstar at Tahoe for the 2010/2011 season, valid any day. Got a hot tip one day that a local dealership was offering them with any test drive – no purchase necessary. Went down and had tickets in hand that evening.
    Valued at $91 each! Woo Hoo!

  • Sarah Eden

    I would have to say the smokers jacket t-shirt was my favorite, that or the playboy subscription. My husband was please with both. I was just so shocked when the playboy ACTUALLY came I couldn’t believe it. Love your site, thanks so much for providing us with such a cool service!!!!!!

  • Kat

    I LOVED the Kraft samples! Thanks for these great opportunities!

  • Bernadine

    I loved the work gloves I got!

  • Jana

    I don’t know if this counts, but I saved up all of those free Disney Movie Rewards points and got a free DVD–Enchanted, which I love!!

  • Net

    I loved the dessert gum. It tastes so much like the flavor that my kids want more!

  • Aileen

    Well I must admit all the freebies I received were amazing but when my dad and my fiance received the free playboy subscriptions that I signed them up for their reactions were priceless! But my new favorite freebie would definitely be the giftcard. ;) THANKS!

  • rwoolsey7

    My favorite freebie was the Kraft pack.

  • Shari

    Actually, I never received any of the freebies on the list. Requested a lot of them but never actually received them. Someone must be stealing my freebies. My favorite was the Jose Cuervo freebies, I received all the items that I requested and was very pleased with that. It was the best freebie of 2010.

  • Melanie

    Food Should Taste Good – a whole bag – yum! Enjoyed some today. Delicious. :)

  • Lauren

    Ooo so many to choose from! The Kraft Sample Pack was probably my favorite, though!

  • Neil

    The USPS Sample Showcase was awesome!

  • Shana B

    My favorite freebies were all of the food items!! I mean, who doesn’t love free food?!

  • Jan B

    My favorite were the Starbucks VIA samples as well. Conned me into buying it, even.

  • Kris

    My fave was the Gain dish soap.

  • Kristen

    I loved the promotion that Cooking Light magazine did back in the summer. I sent in two UPCs for McCormick Recipe Inspirations and got an apron, a sleep mask, another McCormick Recipe Inspiration packet, a few other random samples, and several coupons for absolutely free products! Definitely my favorite thing to open, and it came in the biggest box!

  • Adela

    I love, love, love the UniBall Super Ink pen!! It’s the only pen I use now, and I hope it never runs dry, ’cause our nearby Staples does not carry them!!!

  • Bethany

    I loved the full size Suave shampoo – that’s such a welcome freebie. The others are good, but anything food or hygiene-related are always so much more useful!

  • Amber H

    There are many (I JUST started in the middle of this year, so I’m kinda new to the whole thing) that I’ve thought were great, but I will pick the free bottles of Excedrin because they were the most useful to me. I LOVE Excedrin for tough headaches & to get 2 free bottles (which, if you read the label closely, they are the same ingredients… ahem… but anyway), and the 2 bottles that SHOULD be on their way to me. Great stuff! :)

  • KMS

    The free atkins bars were a real hit!

  • Margie C.

    The uni-ball pen! It is my favorite pen to this day!

  • Beth

    Gosh that’s a hard one, there are just so many to choose from, but I would say receiving a few free full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

  • Cathy

    Forbes magazine, Atkins bars, and Extra dessert gum–key lime pie, and since I got a whole pack, there was enough to share with my daughters who absolutely love that gum!

  • Kristen

    I like the Excedrin and any of the health and beauty stuff. Keep up the good work.

  • Joe

    Wednesday, January 5, at 10:30 pm est and still waiting for the winner

  • Tammie

    Thank you for all the coupons and the free stuff Ever little stuff help..

  • Wendy

    Loved the Harley Poster! It was a great gag gift for my hubby for Christmas.

  • Cassidy Butler

    My favorite was the Black and Mild Smokers Jacket t-shirt! I gave it to my boyfriend and he has got lots of reactions from it! Thanks!

  • Sarah

    My favorite was the magazines!
    thanks so much!

  • Christy

    I loved the free magazine subscriptions!

  • Bryon

    The easyglide bic pen, I use mine everyday! Thanks again HIF for all the work you do to get us free stuff!

  • j-o-y

    The Extra Desserts gum was my #1 as I got the mint ice cream flavor. I’m powerless over anything mint chocolate and don’t want the cure . Free Oreos was a near 2nd. Had they been mint chocolate too I would have had to go into a 12 step program…

  • Colleen

    The cottonelle fresh wipes! Haha.

  • Leticia

    Now I actually look forward to checking the mail and getting all the fre stuff!! (not just BILLS) Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

  • Debbie

    The Kraft sample pack was awesome!

  • Love this site! Love ALL the samples I get from it

  • Meliss

    Thanks to the small size deodorants, my travel bag is set and I won’t need to buy them for at least a year. (For my husband and myself)



  • Diana L

    My favorite was Shape and Latina mags this past year. Mags are freebies that give all year long!

  • April

    I love the barilla pasta

  • alyssa

    My favorite was the Kraft Sample Pack!

  • joe tolan

    My favorite was the red box free codes. Can’t beat a free movie!!!

  • April Tolan

    My Husband loved the ‘Feel U R Boobies’ free sticker when I wore it… LOL!!!!

  • Beth Perkins

    Although i never recieved half of the freebies i asked for…some of which i see others have…i enjoyed what i did get. Thank you for the site..i am kinda new so i hope i learn some tricks to get the better things. hugzz hope you and yours had a great holiday.

  • Janice

    #30 Bottle of V8 V-fusion green tea —-just loved it and I love my freebies

  • Colleen

    I like the Extra dessert gum and the Barilla pasta. It seems I missed out on the USPS and Kraft boxes (ugh). Started this site later in the year but now I’m hooked!!!!

  • Laurie

    I LOVED the USPS sample showcase! So many great samples…I can’t wait for them to do it again!

  • Melissa Sawulak

    My favorite was the Bag of Natura Advantage dog food. With two full grown Siberian Huskys, free dog food is always a plus!

  • Allison Jennings

    Mrs. Fields cookie tin Definitely the best!!!! mmmm tasty tasty!

  • Melissa

    My favorite was the coffee sample this year. EXCEPT my dog got into it before I did and made my house smell like hyper dog and coffee.

  • flo sacco

    I would like to be considered for these freebies that you always say that people get but i have nevere ever recieved any why! Iwould like to know why and when could i start recieving some myself.

  • flo sacco

    if you heard it before then when will you do something about it!

  • Rebecca Miller

    How do you get free stuff? I can not figure out how to get anything….

  • Joy Salladini

    My special is the Trail Party Mix, delicious and healthy at the same time.

  • Kristine Soder

    Love your site! Since I found it I look forward to gettting the mail,