A world renowned slalom skier, fluent speaker of 14 languages, and freebie hunter. Only one of those is true, but it makes my biography look much fuller. In my spare time I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.

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Free Panda Express Gold Bar on Feb. 8

Free Panda Express Gold Bar


*Goob rushes out the door to max out every credit card in his name*

What a day, that was way too fun. Look at all this awesome, pointless stuff I bought! So when do I pick up my free Panda Express gold bar on Monday, February 8? Should I bring a forklift or do you think I can load all the crates myself?

50 Free Kellogg’s Rewards

Free Kellogg's Rewards

Thanks to all the loyal Hiffers who keep commenting on our list of active free Kellogg’s codes. I often find codes like today’s 25PTBIGGAMEBONUS and CELEBRATEGAMEDAY first there! They’ll collectively give you 50 free Kellogg’s rewards points.

I don’t understand how Kellogg’s can afford to keep doling out so many high valued codes at this pace. It’s almost as if these points have no intrinsic value and Kellogg’s making this all up as they go!

As always, I keep an updated list of all the current free Kellogg’s codes available to new and old users alike.

Free LUB Adult Lubricant

Free LUB Adult Lubricant

Judging from the webiste, this free LUB adult lubricant is ideal for the next time you and your partner decide to get frisky in a torrential downpour or perhaps beneath a waterfall. Hahaha, look at that guy! He clearly did something to piss off Mother Nature, because that shower is directly solely at him.

For those easily distracted, the signup form is way near the bottom.

Dunkin Donuts & VISA Offering Free $10

Free Dunkin Donuts Credit

If you’re a frequent Dunkin Donuts customer, you might be interested in a promo they’re running with VISA that’ll allow you to get a free $10 to spend at DD. You’ll need to load $25 or more onto a new or existed DD card using VISA Checkout. Once you’re done, the card will then have $35 on it, meaning you get to spend $35 at DD despite only paying $25. Great, just what I needed in my life, more donuts.

You have until Feb 7 to take advantage of this offer and it’s worth mentioning that VISA Checkout actually works with MC, Discover, and more!

Free Elle Magazine Subscription

Free Elle Magazine Subscription

This free Elle magazine subscription is via ValueMag, so it probably won’t last for long. The first page is all you need to fill out, so don’t forget to skip all the crap they show you on the confirmation screen! It’s an upsell attempt and we don’t want any part of it.

Free Cal-EZ Calcium Supplement

Free Cal-EZ Calcium Supplement

EDIT: I’ve updated the link, sorry about that!

If you woke up this morning feeling a bit light on calcium and you haven’t fully committed to going green by replacing your lawnmower with a cow, then sign up for some free Cal-EZ calcium supplements.

Free Amsety Liver Bar

Free Amsety Liver Bar

Man, I wrote up this great joke about Hiffers owning illegal livers which needed amnesty. Then I had my first cup of coffee and realized this freebie is for a free Amsety bar. Darn it, where’d that phantom N go?! I can’t even begin to explain how childishly giddy I became this morning thinking about illegal livers coming here to prevent blood clots that American livers didn’t want any part of.

Pfree Premier Protein Product

Free Premier Protein Bar

Remember this freebie? Probably not, since it’s from August 2015, but it has returned as the prophecy foretold!

I couldn’t help myself in the title. :)

Workout buffs can get a free Premier Protein bar or shake today! Well, they can request it today. They’ll have to wait 4 to 6 weeks like the rest of us unless they’re John Titor.

Free Redbox Rental Code

Free Redbox Movie

If you missed out on the previous Redbox code, no worries, as I’ve found yet another! Code MCCT5553 is worth a free Redbox movie rental that’s valid for today only (Feb 1) and online only. However I normally advise Hiffers to reserve their Redbox movie online with the free code before heading to a kiosk anyway. You won’t pay a dime and you make sure not to arrive at the kiosk only to find the movie you want all gone.

Free Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Free Menchies Frozen Yogurt

If you live near one of their 500+ locations and aren’t still snowed in from last week’s blizzard, then swing by today only from 4-7pm for a free 6oz. Menchie’s frozen yogurt. This is the perfect dessert / meal ruiner for us adults who never listened to our parents!

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