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Free IHOP Short Stack Pancakes Today

Free IHOP Short Stack Pancakes Today

Things have been a bit crazy around Goob Central lately, so I’m a tad late to the party in announcing today’s free IHOP short stack pancakes offer. Veteran Hiffers will recognize this regular yearly offer, but here’s how it works if you’re new to the site.

  1. Go to IHOP today before 10pm.
  2. Eat one free short stack of pancakes.

That about sums it up. In lieu of payment, they’ll ask you to make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals charity. It’s not required, but it’s a nice thing to do. Besides, we’re all nice people here, aren’t we?

Free Meta Health Bar

Free Meta Health Bar

This freebie from Jan. 2015 has returned!

CVS’ free Meta health bar is so meta, I expect to see it star in an episode of Community next month.

Free CaviWipes Surface Disinfectant

free caviwipes cleaner

These free CaviWipes are intended for medical professionals to be used as a surface disinfectant. They’re not wipes for the back of your calves as I initially suspected.

The actual maker of CaviWipes also has a sample request button on their site. Not sure if these are the same company or if we can request double the freebies for double the fun.

Free 12 Years a Slave Audiobook

Free 12 Years a Slave Audiobook

How does a free copy of the 12 Years a Slave audiobook sound? I bet a lot like the actual book.

Free Zarbee’s Immune Support Supplement

Free Zarbee's Immune Support Supplement

There’s a free Zarbee’s Immune Support Supplement form on Facebook that doesn’t require a Like or access to your personal info. We get to pick between Elderberry Gummy for ages 12+ and Mighty Bee Gummy for ages 2+.

I know it’s crazy but I can still remember when I became an elder a few decades back. They were simpler times back then. Llamas stayed in their pens, nobody confused black and blue for white and gold, and young toddlers respected their elders. And the play time! Oh the play time seemed to last for hours on end.

Free Brown Sugar & Mountain Dew

free domino brown sugar

For today’s Freebie Friday, SavingStar is offering free Domino or C&H brown sugar while Kroger is doling out free Mountain Dew Kickstart. Bummer. I had my heart set on free IndieGogurt.

Free Twinings Tea

Free Twinings Tea

This freebie was originally available on Sept. 01 2012

The classic free Twinings tea offer has returned, so you know what that means! At least I hope you do. I can’t figure it out.

Free Advil PM

free advil pm

Today’s free Advil PM is made from only the highest rated Prime Ministers Great Britain has to offer. I’m assuming. I might want to go read through the fine print.

Free Philosophy Live Joyously Perfume

Free Philosophy Live Joyously Perfume

Today’s free philosophy live joyously perfume sample is both an excellent freebie and a healthy philosophy for living your life. Not sure how the perfume works into that though.

Free $25 Credit

Free Credit

Wow. This free $25 in credit from Vita Coco is an amazing offer. For those unfamiliar with Kiva, it’s a micro-loan site where users can loan small amounts of money to vetted recipients in need of finance to start or upgrade their small businesses around the world. After the loans are paid back, you can then re-lend the money to somebody else and start the entire process over again. As you can see, I’ve made loans all over the world and the only people who defaulted are living in a region currently controlled by ISIS.

The credit didn’t show up in my account, however it appeared at checkout and I wasn’t charged a penny for helping ol’ Barnohol buy some cattle.

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