Free 9Lives Cat Food Donation

Free 9Lives Cat Food Donation

9Lives cat food wants to donate up to one million meals to animal shelters and all we have to do is watch a funny video. They’re only at 15,000 donations right now, which baffles me. The Internet loves cat videos, especially funny ones, and we love freebies. I imagine we can get them up to a million in around 41 minutes.

Make sure to stick around after the video and enter the code shown to make your view count.

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

  • Beth

    Watched 8 of them. So cute and funny. Love when you post these types of things. If I have time to sign up for a free sample of shampoo I don’t really need, I have time to watch a few videos for a great cause. Thanks Goob!

  • shb1964

    I did my part – I don’t usually have this much fun doing “good”! What a great thing!

  • Barbara E. Miller

    The videos won’t play…I’ll try again later

  • fran

    What a great service you are providing. You should keep posting this everyday. As surprised as you are that there are so few viewers to date.


    Too cute. You really made my day. Thanks, Goob.

  • Leslie

    I bet the reason they don’t have a higher count is that people miss entering the capcha phrase at the end. The video ends and there is a delay before that shows up. I missed it the first several times and went back & rewatched the videos to make them count

  • AJB

    Up to 20,103 now. The “Shell Game” video was pretty interesting!

  • I don’t think you have to enter a code any more. I didn’t see one and it just said that watching helped provide a meal. My friends may hate me but I tweeted and FB’d this like crazy.