Free Adam Levine Fragrance

If you’ve always dreamed of smelling like Adam Levine, then today is your lucky day (weirdo). Here’s a Facebook form for some free Adam Levine fragrance. Right about here is where I’d inject the catch phrase used on his singing reality / twirly chair show, but come on, you know me by now.

  • Jamie

    My sister’s birthday is the 8th and she won’t be giving out free bagels either. People with early February birthdays must be born under a cheap carb hating sign. Happy Birthday!

  • Sweet. Happy 30th Goob!! I turn 30 the day after you.

  • Beth

    Happy Birthday Goob! I hope you are feeling better and have a great birthday.

  • Whoa. How’d these comments get here?

  • Cath

    Goob, hurry up and get well. You’re the Grand Master of Birthday Freebies. You just gotta go out and get at least one of them on your birthday. Every year I envision you running some kind of marathon to see how many of them you can snag in one day, but maybe not this year. Is there a birthday freebie for Pepto Bismol? Well, frankly, I look at the emails I get from some of these restaurants and I think, Why’d I sign up for this? I’m never going to go there. Still, it’s kinda fun to have people you don’t know write and wish you Happy Birthday. Like me. Happy Birthday, Goob. Take care.

  • loshla

    I gotta tell ya Goob, I already signed up for the sample, but I had to come see what words of wisdom you had regarding “my boyfriends” cologne. lol Thanks again for all you do and Happy Birthday, hope you feel better!

  • Caroline

    Happy birthday, Goob!!! :)

  • emma

    Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the big 30!!! hehe

  • Cruiser3

    Does it smell like Jagger?

  • AJB

    Happy b-day, wish I was still that age :) I hope Adam sends a sample of both the men’s & women’s fragrances because I signed up via my hubby’s FB account and would like to also try it!

  • Happy early birthday to you too!

  • Happy birthday to your sister! What can I say, us Aquarius (Aquari? Aquarians?) must not have deep pockets :D

  • Thank you!

  • Haha, I do like to rack up as many birthday freebies as possible! I should film myself running around next year.

  • Jane

    Thanks, Goob! February 7 is my birthday too! A toast to us on our birthday! Or make that a toasted bagel…

  • jacurtis

    have a wonderful birthday, hope you’re feeling good, being 30 ain’t so bad….we hiffers appreciate all you do, keep it up!