Free Here’s The Beef T-Shirt

The free Wendy’s Here’s The Beef t-shirt offer has been restocked. That means there are another 50,000 freebies just waiting for you to claim. Well, not all of them. That’d be greedy. Unless you promised to wear all 50,000 at once. Then I’d fully endorse you getting every shirt.

You have to play a few games before you get to the signup page, so try to power through them. It’s worth it since we know the shirt comes, as my previous post showed.

  • Lex


    thanks goob

  • danielle

    cool, actually told me which number i was.. 13,116 of 50k.

  • Karina

    i want a tshirt please

  • Monica

    It’s not showing that any are available :(

  • Carol S.

    Hey, where’s mine???? I ordered over three weeks ago!!!!

  • capnkaykay

    Woohoo! 14,434th shirt is mine!:D

  • cheye

    I can’t do it because I already ordered one last time! :(

  • Monica

    I’ve never ordered one before.
    It let’s me go through all the games and get to the order page, but doesn’t provide sizes for any of the shirts — and you get a “this shirt is not available in that size” error message if you try to submit.
    In the size box it only offers a double dash

  • Monica


  • Eric

    I got mine, and I’m in the 15,000’s!

  • Thnx u GOOB.

  • Sherri

    17,199 shirt reserved for you.

  • Sherri

    18.089 reserved for hubby. we have 2 mailing address, one will be forwarded. sorry guys.

  • ann

    i’m in the 18,000s!

  • Robynn

    19,699. Almost half way there…

  • Casey


  • Glow

    In the 20,000 right now.

  • Alex

    In the 20, 000s now!

  • Meg

    21209! they are going quickly

  • Lynn Bee

    Have you people seen this ugly T-shirt &
    would you actually wear it???? SERIOUSLY

  • Ran Daw

    I just tried and it said I entered for a CHANCE to win one of 30000 vintage Wendy shirts. Did I do something wrong? It was after the games on the Wendy’s facebook page!

  • Vicky

    It’s around 23,500 now. I just finished.

  • Stacey

    I’m number 26,496!

  • gina

    just got me another 1 i love free clothes

  • gina

    oh and i was #27,038 and it made me play the games this time too

  • Susan

    Also said we entered for a “chance”….boo hoo

  • OccupyFedEX

    try this junk again.. i tried several times before and it sucked

  • OccupyFedEX

    LMAO…. Fresh beef available only in the US and canada..

  • Jenn

    I couldn’t decide which design I wanted, so I just did it twice and chose two. I had to use my next door neighbor’s address and my little brother’s phone number, though, because it wouldn’t let me use the same information twice. Booyah.

  • OccupyFedEX

    30,377 is reserved for you! Huzzah!!

  • Erica

    Boom. Got that shirt.

  • Rose

    Baller status! I got 2!!! =D Thank you sooo much for sharing this!! I’m soo excited!!!!

  • Wilson

    #41,298 now!

  • Lolly

    i just got number 41,314

  • Tiffany

    42,649! (I think, 42,64something anyway). Thanks!!

  • Rebecca

    It says it’s all ready registered with my address. I know I signed up for one last time after they were all out. Does that mean I automatically get one?

  • I’m not seeing a number anywhere! Does that mean I didn’t get it? Apparently so, if everyone else has gotten verification. :(

    It just tells me to enter my info to be ENTERED to WIN a t-shirt. After I enter my info, it doesn’t verify that I will indeed get one. What gives?

  • ashley

    can anyone please tell me why it didnt give me a number after i filled out the drawing?? Am I too late or on the wrong contest?

  • Mike

    Awesome Thanks!

  • Sandy

    Got it, #44587. I’d tried earlier and it also sent me to be entered to win a t-shirt. this time it had me play all the games and see the video. I think was just too many people earlier. The having to slide back and forth got a little old, didn’t want to miss anything.

  • Anne

    I got it, but there’s not many sizes left.

  • Jess

    46, 129. All sizes of blue with old woman on them left, and large of wheres the beef in a red circle on a sand background left.

  • Kim

    SOLD OUT as of 7:08AM EST! Sucks! I actually thought I ordered one the first time but I guess it was just a chance to win one huh?

  • E.

    When I signed up last night it said I was 13 thousand something and that Wendy’s would send me an email to let me know when they reached 50,000 but I never got an email. did any one else? I hope I get it this time!!

    P.S this is my first time commenting on HIF. I LOVE THIS SITE!! I saw HIF in Seventeen mag. a few months back and have been coming here daily (sometimes 3,4 or 5 times a day HAHA) Thanks!!

  • GG

    Facebook sucks.

  • KDubs

    looks to be dead now…

  • okgirl158

    they told me im # 48,617 and now the offer is dead

  • haley

    all gone

  • Amber

    not exactly sure what just happened but just filled out the form, chose my size and a screen popped up that said Thank You! but right below said “click below for your chance to win a free t shirt in an upcoming drawing”? (there was no where to click) so did i get a shirt or am i in the drawing?

  • Kimm

    dead dear :/

  • raa

    @ 44 I´m waiting for the email also!I hope we get the t-shirt…

  • Vicki

    All gone. And FYI, if you already registered to win one last time, you can’t do it again. :(

  • ann ehrhard

    I hope I get my t-shirt, the system was acting funny when I put in for it.

  • Joan

    It says they are only available in S…what about other sizes???

  • Flowers

    Missed out last time, I did this really early in the week. My number was 26 thousand and something. Will be adding this to my collection of free t-shirts. Thanks.

  • Kristi
  • pro athelete

    ewww nasty wendy’s

  • Beth

    Got one last time, and got one this morning for the hubby, which, of course, I’ll steal from hime. :)

  • Where my t

  • Where my tee shirt

  • Krista

    All gone I guess. That was quick.

  • gabby

    I ordered one, does anyone know how long it will take?

  • Amira

    no more left :( (n) ;x

  • Joes

    So funny ones can be seen here..

  • Alanna

    Does anyone know the difference between “being entered to win” and actually getting one? I did the game and chose a shirt 3 times now (using different addresses, because it will say you’re already registered), but it never gives me any sort of confirmation other than saying “you’re entered” or whatever. I haven’t gotten one in the mail yet, so I’m thinking I’m missing out on whatever the actual give away is every time. Has anyone out there gotten a shirt in the mail after getting a “you’re entered” type of confirmation???

  • Erica

    they didn’t start sending them until they ran out, so it’ll be a while before we get them probably.

  • Erica

    TRULY EPIC. Me, my mom, my boyfriend, and my best friend are about to be ROCKING our WTB t’s :)

  • sherri

    It tells you what # you are when you get one. So if it didn’t say # such and such is reserved for you, you don’t get one. Sorry I must of taken your’s since we have two addresses and I got one for me and one for hubby.

  • alena

    dude, wheres my shirt? its been like months since i ordered it…