Free Kellogg’s Family Rewards Codes

Free Kellogg's Codes

Last Updated: 04-04-2014

I frequently post free Kellogg’s Family Rewards codes whenever they’re released, but it’s hard to track which codes are available, which are dead, and which I missed. So in addition to posting them one at a time when they become available, I’ll keep this master list updated with all the available codes for anybody out there just joining.

If you haven’t signed up for for Kellogg’s Family Rewards, now’s the time. In addition to dozens of free codes they offer, you can earn points by entering codes found on most Kellogg’s boxes, included all the ones below. The points can then be redeemed for exclusive high value Kellogg’s coupons and even some rewards like magazine subscriptions or toys.

Current Free Kellogg's Family Rewards Points

So what the heck are you waiting for? Sign up!

Like their Facebook page and you’ll immediately receive a code at the top of the page. – 100 points
APRILFOOLSDAYFUN – 150 points *new*
SPECIALK5BONUS4U – 50 points
APRILFOOLSREWARD – 25 points *new*
SPIDEYEXCITEMENT – 20 points *new*
SPRINGONTHECOLOR – 20 points *new*
KFRSHARETHANKS20 – 20 points
HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 points

If any of the Kellogg’s Family Rewards codes above have expired or if you know of one I missed, please let me know in the comments!



  • tina

    TY TY TY for the 365 points!!

  • Terry

    The only ones that worked were Joinkellogg2save and Goodforyoucereal. The rest returned error messages!

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  • G$

    They all worked for me! Currently 10pm PST 8/2/13
    365 FREE POINTS! Thank u HIF!!

  • AJB

    Great list, thx! Going forward it would be great to designate new codes with an asterisk (or “NEW”) so we can tell which ones we’ve already entered :)

  • anger

    Thanks!!! They all worked! :-)

  • Shantilia

    Thank you :)

  • Cath

    Following up on the suggestion to note the new ones, I think dating them would work better. Or add a joke to each one; then I’ll know which ones I’ve entered and which I haven’t. Thanks for the list.

  • JRW

    All worked for me! Thanks!!

  • Beachplant

    All worked! Thanks!

  • Mary Kirkland

    Thanks for posting those. I thought I had all of them but I must have missed a couple.

  • Daniel

    I had all of them except for


  • Melissa

    Thank you!

  • Emily

    Thank you!

  • Matt DeVito

    I found the best way to keep tract of codes that I use is to cc & paste them all into a writing program then I cc each code & paste it on to KELLOGGS!

  • DJH

    Thanks so much for posting all these b/c I entered every single one of them…as you mentioned, why NOT do this?! Free stuff!! Thanks again for all you do!!!












  • shopit10

    This code worked for me: ZKRM-CJ8J-MTVG-N51K

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  • tburt97

    The codes inside the boxes/packages are a “one time”use only code and will not work multiple times.

  • Kayla

    BACKTOSCHOOLPOLL & GOODFORYOUCEREAL don’t work they systems says they are expired.

  • mommyof2

    a couple have expired the goodforyoucereal and backtoschoolpoll

  • Goob

    Good idea!


    These register as expired on 8/15:

    The rest are currently good… just started my account, so I entered all of them.
    Thanks bunches! :)

  • lucindap22

    Hi there~! I got the first one!! I appreciate the asterisk for the new ones! I tried all of them and had already redeemed the others, thanks to you~! Keep them coming!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Daniel James Saylors

    Your awesome ^_^ thanks

  • Mitchell Wischmann

    Thanks Goob! Now I can grab Pop-Tarts for $0.14 with that $1.50/1 Pop-Tarts coupon on KFR. :D

  • Goob

    Great, now I’m hungry :)

  • Mitchell Wischmann

    I would share if we didn’t live so far apart! :)

  • sprchk

    GROCERIESFROMKFR seems to be expired now.

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  • CaptainAng

    I just entered it yesterday and it went thru just fine! Maybe try again?

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  • Lori

    I just tried them. They said they were duplicates and wouldn’t take them.

  • Vicky


  • Goob

    Can somebody with a new account please confirm this? I believe ya Vicky, but if you look below to Sprchk and CaptainAng, it seems like some of these codes glitch for a little.

  • Utica Native

    These are both expired for me, I just signed up 30 minutes ago. Lol

  • Goob

    Thanks, I’ve removed those codes.

  • GradGeek


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  • kacy


  • BreAnn

    New account and all worked for me

  • John Teevan

    All the codes above worked perfectly! Thanks!

  • Staci

    The first one on the list said expired.

  • Sandy

    EUROPEANVACATION said expired

  • Sandy

    XGNBJLFT99W1R5ZH gave me 80 points

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  • LPN


  • Jay Melo

    Kelloggs are giving double reward points right now for Halloween. I got triple points for my Town House codes!

  • niteowl9

    LPN – Kellogg’s says the first code is invalid, and the second is a duplicate. It doesn’t show in my points history, so I think this is Kellogg’s way of saying it’s a one-time-use code and for anyone else it will show as a duplicate.

    For example, I recently got a code for a Shutterfly offer. It says it’s valid for a one-time entry.

  • rzrbkfloyd

    Thank you SO much for the codes! All of them worked for me except for: KFRFAVPOPTARTS10. It says that is expired.
    Thanks again! You’re a gem!

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  • niteowl


  • Angie Shelton

    thanks so much for keepin this updated, snagged a few Id missed :o) .. this one says expired .. KFRDELTAENTERNOW

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  • niteowl

    I used KFRDELTAENTERNOW back in December 2012, so it’s a pretty old code.

  • JG


  • Alyssa

    Try getkelloggpoints Should be 20 points.

  • erika

    I wasn’t able to get these codes to work: KFRDELTAENTERNOW HOLIDAYSTOGETHER
    Thank you so much for posting these!

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  • Charity


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  • ecvogel

    Of all listed below these work
    202013 Where Will Breakfast Take You Bonus Code
    20Scholastic Book Code
    50Great Start1Code i############BOOK1/7/2014
    502012 Q4 Special Bonus Code
    50MyBowl Bonus Code
    202012 How It Works Bonus Code

  • Goob

    Hey everybody, just updated the list and I believe it’s current. Thanks for helping to keep Hiffers (and myself!) in the loop by commenting here. If you find any that are dead, please continue to let us know!

  • lzobel

    TEXTINMYKFRCODES is dead but the rest are all working fine. Thank You!

  • steph

    Hey I just selected giant and it gave me 500 bonus points!

  • Brandi Young

    ooh what do you mean?

  • Kim

    I just shared on Facebook and it gave me 20 Bonus Points with Code: KFRSHARETHANKS20

  • Ellie Kingsley

    TEXTINMYKFRCODES has expired

  • cyanseraph

    SPECIALK5BONUS4U: 50 points
    KFRSHARETHANKS20: 20 points

    These aren’t in the list above but I checked them just now and they all work also the TEXTINMYKFRCODES is expired

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  • AJB

    Thanks, the KFRSHARETHANKS20 code must be new, I didn’t have that one yet!

  • Dawn

    TEXTINMYKFRCODES is expired…

  • HoneyB22

    OMGoodness! Thank YOU so much! I have just earned 160 KR points thanks to you! Awesome list :)

  • Vicky

    Thanks for the codes. TEXTINMYKFRCODES is expired but all the rest are still good.

  • Stacy

    EARNGREATREWARDS and KFRSHARETHANKS20 both worked for me also.

  • cyanseraph

    TOUC-HDOW-N4TH-EWIN Got this code today says its good until 2-9-14

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  • Lori Testy

    It says you can’t log in. They are doing some kind of work on the site!

  • Holly Landry

    JOINKELLOGG2SAVE is expired. But as of today, the others still work.

  • SUN123

    SPECIALK5BONUS4U 50 points.

    Can log in now (couldn’t earlier today either)

  • Thrilla Gorilla

    Yes, Joinkellogg2save is expired but as of today the rest work. Thank you!

  • Razberry9876

    SPECIALK5BONUS4U = 50pts.

  • Crystal Rose

    ILOVESOCIALMEDIA is good for 50 pts! and is valid

  • Shorty

    TOUC-HDOW-N4TH-EWIN came up as expired.

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  • sun123

    LOVEANDCHOCOLATE – valid and 100 points, woohoo

  • Niteowl

    LOVEANDCHOCOLATE worked for me, too!

  • audra

    thanks for doing this!

  • nboe

    these came up as expired today:
    Thank you for your all your dedicated work!

  • Gruneichtime

    LOVEANDCHOCOLATE has expired.

  • Eva Bach Engelhard

    oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox has now expired.

  • Ashley

    healthyreturns20 expired

  • cyanseraph

    fourleafclover25 was released today

  • Goob

    Thanks! Could somebody else please confirm this is showing as expired for them too?

  • Goob

    Thanks. Could somebody else please confirm this is showing as expired for them too?

  • Goob

    Thanks! Could somebody else confirm this is showing as expired for them too please?

  • Nicole Gomes


  • Nicole Gomes

    confirmed too

  • Nicole Gomes

    confirmed 3

  • Nicole Gomes

    also confirmed

  • Samantha

    ILOVESOCIALMEDIA and GETKELLOGGPOINTS have expired. All the rest worked for me. Thank you! <3

  • Gruneichtime

    Hey all! Here is one I got as an email today. F4KL-L9M1-71B5-131R

  • Vicki Schmit

    Expired now. (3/25)

  • ml

    I found, and used, a code yesterday that was online and worth 1000 pts. That code was:


    I didn’t see an expiration date anywhere so I hope it still works. Good luck. :)

  • tdollybird

    GETKELLOGGPOINTS has expired

  • couponchick



  • Brian


  • Gruneichtime

    Here ya go! FN45-K614-7L6N-MRKG
    Thanks Brian, and CouponChick for the new codes.

  • Lisa Mercurio

    JOINKELLOGG2SAVE has expired.

  • Lisa Mercurio

    ILOVESOCIALMEDIA has expired.

  • Lisa Mercurio

    fourleafclover25 has expired.

  • Lisa Mercurio

    GETKELLOGGPOINTS has expired.

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  • Sam

    I am pretty sure that the codes we receive in emails (with letters and numbers, as opposed to a phrase) are unique codes. I’ve tried entering some below that people said they received in emails and get the message that it is a duplicate. So as thoughtful as it is to share, I don’t think they’re valid for anyone else :)

  • Sammi

    They are as i have used them all and they worked for me if it says its a duplicate its because you have already entered it if you check your history it should show that you have already entered the code but the codes are not unique and can be used by several diff people

  • jewelsot

    I confirm that it’s expired also

  • Hana

    Same here.
    A month or so ago, when tried, said they were all duplicates, and then today tried entering even newest April fool’s day one, and says duplicate.
    Would be helpful if before each code, the date it CAME OUT listed would help us know if it just came out so wouldn’t waste time. :) Thanks!

  • jessika

    all codes worked for me except the one I had already entered! Thanks so much!

  • Gruneichtime

    Here is one good for 140 pts. OGXC-T506-TTPT-3JJL

  • Gruneichtime

    Hi, I posted the email code….I have had several people use the same code with no problems at all. If you get a message that it is a duplicate, check your list of entered codes, it more than likely is a duplicate.

  • liz

    says this is a duplicate

  • Chrystal Duke

    aprilsfoolsdayfun didnt work for me