Free Luminance Skin Care Samples

Free Luminance Skin Care Samples

EDIT: They’re requiring a credit card now for shipping purposes, so to heck with this!

I have a feeling these free Luminance skin care samples won’t last very long, but for the time being you can request a pack of free toner, moisturizer, and cleanser. You’ll have to add it to your cart and checkout, but they don’t force you to make an account or add any payment info, so it’s all free.

It even comes with a handy instruction guide! I bet the one direction is “put on face.”

  • Aaron McDermott

    great free sample, thanks!

  • Amanda

    hmm wonder if there’s a limit… ?
    I was going to order one for my coworkers and it let me! so idk!
    hopefully it doesnt come back around to bite me in the butttttt :)

  • Olivia

    Is there a limit to how much we can order?

  • Robbi Vazzy

    you have to pay for shipping

  • Joe Kupe

    They just added shipping charges, boo!

  • sami

    Yeah Hiffers! That’s how a company can get results!

  • Jordan

    it is not completely free!!!! you have to pay shipping.

  • Jane

    how much is shipping?

  • Karla

    Not free! They want shipping……

  • mangosmangos

    Those look really sketchy and super low quality…do not put them on your face.

  • Tammy Allen Hartsfield

    They are requiring you to pay $8.76 for shipping and to enter credit card information, so I declined.

  • Mike

    It WAS completely free!!! Sorry you were bringing up the rear, but some of us acted quickly as Goob advised.

  • bill

    I know this product from the farmers market and it is all natural super pure simple ingredients. I use his soaps and all his products, totally awesome. And totally worth 8 dollors shiping for all that.