Free Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

Free Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

No need to print out this image for some free Panda Express Honey Sesame chicken today only. Just show it to the cashier on your phone and you’ll be set. I’d love to go grab some, but I’m too busy trying to shop for shower curtains and trash cans. Oh what fun!

  • Dee

    Goob, thanks for the chicken offer.
    I have a tip for you. Hit up your Goodwill.
    Shower curtains at my store are $2.00, or maybe a dollar, if the color of the tag is featured that week.

  • Mike

    It was delicious, Goob. I hope you found the time to grab some.

  • Jah Princess

    ’twas very tasty. Thanks

  • moostermiley

    Dang I missed this one … I did try it at another time though … very tasty :)