Free Chocolate Pineapple Pop

Free Edible Arrangements Pineapple Pop

Freebies are a tad lame today, but here’s a coupon offer for a free Edible Arrangements chocolate dipped pineapple pop. Finally, some fruit I don’t mind eating. Though even I’ll admit the sprinkles are a little much. Save those for the Brussels sprouts!

They’ll email you a coupon valid through Jan. 21, so make sure you have a nearby location first!

  • m

    They also want your name, address, and phone number filled in on the coupon once you get it. Plus you are added to their email list. That’s a lot of junk mail/email for this.

  • Rachel Ostrowski

    Who said you have to write your real name, address, and phone number? I didn’t write them on mine. I put a blatantly obvious fake, and the girl never even looked at it.