Free PreSk8 Energy Shot

When this free PreSk8 Energy Shot comes, I have a feeling it’ll keep the folks at work far far away. I mean, if I get anywhere near the office coffee machine, my coworkers start getting jitters and shakes. Its not my fault that caffeine makes me super awesome now, is it?

  • faith

    i love energy shots!!! thnkx

  • Amy

    I don’t feel comfortable requesting this since they ask that only Hockey players request them.

  • Nez

    agree with Amy…. don’t feel right requesting sample if I’m not the right person…

  • Katie

    My husband plays hockey so I ordered them for him :-D Thanks Goob!!

  • Katie

    Oh no! I mean thanks Adam!!

  • Avril

    Yes, I agree with Amy. It asks ONLY hockey players order it.

  • janice

    Hey Adam..thanks!!!

  • Please respect the fact we are trying to provide players with free samples of PreSk8. For those above respecting this request, thank you. Thanks for your consideration.

  • April

    $5.99 shipping charge. bleh

  • Cameron

    i love hockey but i am not going to pay $6 shipping. not exactly free.

  • site says:

    “Please click the link to be forwarded to process your 2 FREE Bottles of PreSk8. We ask just to pay a shipping charge of $6.99…