How to Delete Facebook Apps & Likes

This post is outdated. I have an updated guide on how to unlike Facebook pages and remove profile applications here!

The most frequent question I get is “Goob, how do you stay so fit and handsome?” To which I reply, “please, please, let’s just talk about freebies.” The second most frequent question pertains to Facebook freebies. In order to get most of them, you have to like a company and/or add their application to your profile. However, what happens after signing up? The company hopes you’ll move along on your merry way and forget all about unliking them / deleting the application, but I’m here to show an alternative. The way I see it, each and every Hiffer should be able to get Facebook freebies.

First off, people complain about having to like a company. I understand that, as I don’t really like Emergen-C or Ritz or Burt’s Bees enough to “like” them on my personal Facebook account. So you know what I did? I used my freebie email address to make a second, fake Facebook account. Seriously, it’s free, it’s easy to do, and it’s the account I use for all of my Facebook freebies. I didn’t add any friends to it, I used a fake name, and I snagged a random picture off Google Images to use as my profile image.

But let’s say you’ve already liked and added a bunch of companies and apps. How do you get them off your profile? Go to your Profile -> Info -> then scroll down to “Activities and Interests. Here’s what mine looks like

Unlike Facebook Page

All you have to do is click on any of the companies that you want to unlike and it’ll take you to their Facebook Page. Let’s go with the Ritz Crackers page. Once there, scroll down until you see the bottom of the lefthand sidebar. There you’ll find a link that says “Unlike.” Click it and that’s it! You now no longer like the Facebook page and it won’t show up in your news feed or on your profile.

Unlike Facebook Page

Now what about those apps that want to access your Facebook info and friends? Well to delete them, go to the top right of any page and click the down arrow -> Privacy Settings.

Remove Facebook App

Once this page loads, you’ll want to look halfway down the page for “Apps and Websites.” Click the “Edit Settings” link there.

Remove Facebook App

Here’s my Applications page. There are a bunch of options here, but all you’ll want to click the very first “Edit Settings” button.

Remove Facebook App

This will finally pull up every single application you’ve added to your profile. How do you delete these? Easy, just click the tiny gray X on the far right next to any application that you want to delete. Confirm that you want it gone and you’re all set. It can now no longer access any of your information.

Remove Facebook App

Click to Enlarge

Here are the steps I usually take with a Facebook freebie. I like the company, I install the application, I fill out the form to get my freebie, then I immediately unlike the page and uninstall the application. Some people suggest waiting until you’ve received the freebie before unliking and uninstalling, but I don’t see the point. Then again, if you’re using a fake Freebie Facebook account as I suggested in the first place, it doesn’t matter if you never unlike or uninstall an application as there isn’t any information for them to access in the first place!

So there ya have it. Hopefully this helps a few Hiffers out there in cleaning up their Facebook accounts and protecting their privacy while also still being able to get a few Facebook freebies.

  • Melanie

    Thanks Goob – up until now i’ve just been skipping the facebook freebies – after reading your post i’m gonna start signing up for them too! :)

  • The Dawgboy

    I knew this, already, but I am sure this advice is the best freebie that many HIFfers have found all year. ;)

  • FYI: Looks like the applications/websites area is now under Privacy Settings instead of Account Settings.

  • Evita

    I found the “Applications and Websites” under Privacy Settings, not Account Settings

  • Shelly


  • Cathy

    I was trying to find the applications and websites on my account setting and can’t find it. Turn out it’s in my privacy setting. Thanks for the info :)

  • freebgeek

    Great minds think alike– I figured it out myself but it’s always great to see it in print as a backup. Thank you sir– you are a gentleman and a scholar. ;)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Whoops, thanks for pointing out that error! I’ve updated the post.

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just deleted so many apps off my facebook page.

  • I use a separate account for liking brands/adding apps. :p But thanks for the info!

  • Susan

    Thank you so much for this info!!! I’m not a big facebook user but I do like to get the freebies. I had a ton of cr…APPS on there.

  • mbonnet50

    It’s like you read my mind man!

  • AJB

    I detest corporate America’s attempts to hijack Facebook!

  • I’ve been doing this for some time. I didn’t having to ‘like’ them just to get the freebie, but if I can gt rid of them afterwards, that’s ok. And I usually delete the application and unlike right after signing up for the freebie and they still come. I’m sure in time they will catch up with us doing this, but as of right now…not yet.

  • domino15

    Dang, your knowledge just astounds me, lol. Love to get your emails every day as I love to read what you write plus I get lots of freebies in the mail! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  • Shari

    Thank You for the info, now I can get facebook freebies.

  • Hey Goob!!

    Thank you very much for this post. I went through and cleaned up my account today, getting rid of dozens of irrelevant apps and likes.

    I wanted to add something that I thought might help us freebie junkies. There’s apparently a way to mass unlike. It’s not really all at once, but it’s a really fast way to unlike a lot of pages, at least, a heckuvalot faster than visiting each page to unlike them.

    Here are the steps I took.

    1. Log in and click the Profile tab at the top right.
    2. Click on the “info” tab above the Main Content area.
    3. Scroll down and click the Edit link near the top right corner of the “Likes and Interests” section.
    4. Click on the “Show Other Pages” link, right above the Save Changes button.

    A pop-up box will appear with all of your Liked pages. You can click to unlike them individually without closing or leaving that pop-up. When you’re done taking out the trash, save the changes, and Bob’s your uncle.

    Hope that helps!

  • Rev Robin

    Goob, I did the same thing you did with the “fake Acct.” but, only after “liking” alot of companies on my “real page” first!!! I removed them from my news feed but, now I know how to get rid of them altogether!!!
    Thanks again, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

    Also, thanks to #17, Mike….Good lookin’ out : )

  • Crys

    Only issue I have with that is that in the TOS on fb, it says you can only have one account, and I’d rather not risk losing my fb account (although with the way fb is with scandals, I sometimes think about quitting anyway xD

  • landahoy

    The reason why companies want you to sign up for apps and Like their pages is to get information. ALL YOUR INFORMATION. And your friends’ information! For free. So, I doubly suggest you create a fake account.

    #19 – Facebook will not find out that you have made two accounts (just don’t make a /duplicate/ account). Even if they did, you could just make a new one. I think you’re putting too much weight on the TOS. BTW, they don’t care about you or your happiness (you’re obviously aware of the scandals), just your information.

    Also, your friends may start to think you’re a consumer whore with all the Liking of silly companies. lol

  • sherri

    Thank you so much for this information, didn’t have a clue as to how to
    get rid of these.

  • tara

    i’d love to do the duplicate account thing, but i only have one computer. i’m retiscent to create another since both accounts will have the same i.p. address

    thanks a lot goob :)

    how do you stay so fit and handsome?

  • Connie

    Thanks. I had so many “likes” I’m wondering what it is I don’t like! Gracias Goob!

  • kristine

    Thank goob! how do you remove a like when there is no unlike?

  • Donalda Sue Johnson

    I was just wondering about this,and now I know what to do,thanks a million.

  • cheapdate

    Regarding the alter ego FB account….how do you get around the annoying verify thing that asks for your mobile number. I’m getting tired of the capchas and I can’t use a fake mobile number if they use it to send a text. Really really hate FB and how so many companies use it.

  • krava

    Hi, I have been “unliking” a lot of sites lately just because my wall has been getting to cluttered.

  • Just for the record, I’ll start updating this guide with each new change Facebook makes.

  • melisa

    Thanks Goob – you’re awesome and I appreciate you sharing your mad skillz with the rest of us!

  • Donna

    Thanks Goob! I’m saving this so if I ever decide to do the facebook thing, i’ll know how to get myself out of it! LOL But until then, I’ve been skipping those freebies and trying to find the same ones on other sites….so far, so good. Thanks for all you do, appreciate it! :)