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Birthday Freebies!
WRAL (Raleigh, NC) – May 1, 2013
“ has put together a very long list of companies who offer birthday freebies. I highly recommend you look through it to see what freebies the various companies are offering and then sign up for the ones you want. In the last few days, I have received e-mailed coupons for free lunch, free lunch with drink purchase, free ice cream, free cookies, free doughnut and drink, BOGO meal coupons and more for my birthday!”
I want free stuff!
Woman’s World Magazine – Apr. 22 2013
“From chocolate to movie tickets, there’s a lot of free stuff out there just waiting for you! [has] a lot of great stuff in terms of the variety and quality that’s offered.”
How to Get Freebies Without Giving Up Too Much Personal Information
TIME Moneyland – June 20, 2012
“Freebies are awesome…Just how much can you get for free? A recent HeyItsFree post runs down the blogger’s impressive haul collected over a four-week period.”
We All Love Free Stuff
The Today Show – June 19, 2012
“We all love free stuff, whether it’s cheese on a toothpick at the grocery store or a bag of makeup samples with a purchase. The Internet is bursting with giveaways and coupons that let you nab all kinds of cool things without spending a penny.”
Freebie Heaven!
ShopSmart Magazine – July, 2012
“[One of] the best places to find tons of freebies at once…Be sure to check out the website’s tips, blog posts, and giveaway reminders.”
Getting A Deal On Makeup
Washington Post – June, 2012
“…Rohlena recommends[sic] for free beauty samples.”
Great Birthday Freebies – April 9, 2012
“There are plenty of other birthday freebies available to anyone…Hey, It’s Free! has a long list of birthday freebies.”
How To Unwrap Birthday Deals – November, 2011
“Shoppers may soon get more birthday presents from retailers than their relatives. Free gifts and birthday discounts are one of the oldest reward program benefits, and many companies offer them”
Ease The Stress On Your Bank Account With “Hey, It’s Free!”! – September, 2011
“I was brought into the courts of Hey, It’s Free! (HIF), a nifty little website that has taken on the mission of going out and finding all sorts of free items for you to take advantage of.”
Followers Get Free Stuff!
Seventeen Magazine – September, 2011
“I learned about @HeyItsFree on Twitter after reading ‘Followers Get Free Stuf!’ in the June/July issue. Nows I’ve gotten stuff like Herbal Essences, Pantene, juice, and even cheese snacks!”
Finding Freebies!
PBS Nightly Business Report – August 17, 2011
“There are actual Web sites such as that track free items offered by companies who maybe just want people to sample their products.”
9 Ways to Get Free Stuff!
Money Talks News – August 12, 2011
“There are a lot of ways to find fun-size freebies, including getting lucky on frequent trips to the grocery or department store and signing up for endless email newsletters from your favorite brands. But wouldn’t it be nicer if somebody found these goodies for you?”
Followers Get Free Stuff!
KMSP (Minneapolis, MN) – June, 2011
“The name says it all. It’s (supposedly) run by a guy named Goob, and it sounds like a bad joke, but HIF is not a laughing matter. They post all the freebies available on the Web.”
Followers Get Free Stuff!
Seventeen Magazine – June, 2011
“I follow @HeyItsFree on Twitter. It’s a site that collects Web freebies. They tweet deals daily! … I’ve gotten free yogurt, a T-shirt, and even beauty products!”
Log On, Spend Less
All You Magazine – May, 2011
Get to know the aggregators. Follow handles such as @HeyItsFree … they often tweet about freebie findings.
Great Freebies!
Shop Smart Magazine – May, 2011
Who doesn’t like freebies? The sites listed here will show you the way. Each meet our requirement for privacy … we like Hey, It’s Free!
6 Simple Ways to Score Free Stuff
Yahoo Finance – April 1, 2011
Everyone loves nabbing free stuff. And getting it is easier than you think.
Free Stuff!
WGHP (Greensboro, NC) – March 15, 2011 is one of our favorites. Within minutes, Barbara has signed up to get a free cosmetic bag stuffed with samples from Target!
Facebook Freebies: How to score free stuff on the social network
WGN 9 (Chicago, IL) – February 21, 2011
Check out some of the many “freebie” devoted websites out there. is a great example.
Find Freebies On Your Own
All You Magazine – August 27, 2010
Check out regularly for samples and giveaways.
Point, Click, and Save!
Published Book – June 8, 2010
Find several freebies – with attitude – daily.
Hot (broke) Messes: How to Have Your Latte and Drink It Too
Published Book – May 20, 2010
Ryan Eubanks … became so good at spotting freebies that he created to share his finds.
5 Ways to Get Free Stuff On Twitter
Mashable – May 8, 2010
There are quite a few people on Twitter who only tweet out freebies, including free food at restaurants and free samples. A few that I follow include @heyitsfree
How To Get Facebook Freebies
KPRC Houson – May 6, 2010
Goob is a freebie fanatic. He runs a the website, where he shares his free finds with his readers.

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The Best Online Freebies
All You Magazine – April 23, 2010
The group behind this site promises that no listed free sample will require the purchase of something else first.
Three Savvy Strategies to Save Cash
Chicago Tribune – March 21, 2010
Check out You’ll be privy to the world of free movies, theater, sports events, and dining.
Live Well on Less
Woman’s Day Magazine – February, 2010
Go online and check out…sites like You’ll be privy to the world of free movies, theater, sports events, car washes, and dining.
Forget the discount, get your holiday gifts for free
The Daily Press – November 3, 2009
Eubanks’ Web site,, posts two or three new offers each day. Some are in-store offers, like the coupon for a free lip gloss at Victoria’s Secret. But most are Internet-only giveaways, such as the free yearlong subscription to Golf Digest.
It’s Free! (Really)
Smart Money Magazine – September, 2009
As more consumers have snapped their wallets closed, desperate companies have are bringing back the once-humble freebie. … According to Ryan Eubanks, founder of deal-spotting Web site, the value of offers on the site has spiked this year, with its volume of daily gimmes up 30 percent.
Get the Most Value
All You Magazine – August 28, 2009
Sign on to for daily updates on offers for free groceries, fast food, cereal, beauty products and more.
Freebies for the Family
WTMJ (Milwaukee, WI) – July 27, 2009
Angie first logged on to the Web site about 7 weeks ago. Since then, she’s received free samples or coupons for more than a dozen items.
Website Offers Free Deals
KIVI (Boise, ID) – July 10, 2009
Hey, It’s Free!, offers daily deals on everything from Arby’s food to paper towels. There are special sections where one can search for deals on electronics or cleaning supplies. The main portion of the page offers deals that update constantly throughout the day.
10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget – May 14, 2009
Run by a team of eccentric characters, HIF lists only the best freebies on the Web. Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing?
Web Sites Help Oklahomans ‘Get It For Free’
KOCO (Oklahoma City, OK) – May 12, 2009
Ryan Eubanks scours the Internet gathering what he calls legitimate, non-spam-producing offers, posting them to a Web site called
How Much Can You Get For Free?
The Today Show – Apr. 28, 2009
We like They’ll give you a whole list and directory; do you want toiletries, do you want food, do you want iPods, and they tell you where to go.
The 100 Most Useful Websites
MSN Money – Apr. 20, 2009
This site is entertaining and full of information about freebies.
A Golden Age for Cheapskates
The Washington Post – Apr. 18, 2009
Ryan Eubanks…became so good at spotting freebies that he created Hey, It’s Free! to share his finds. Lately, he’s gotten busier because businesses, hurting from a drop in sales, are offering more freebies. Marketing experts and behavioral psychologists said giveaways are more effective than discounts at drawing customers in and persuading them to try a product.
Hot Website To Snag Freebies
Woman’s World Magazine – Mar. 16, 2009
Log on to every day to check out all the latest no-cost, spam-free giveaways that are yours for the taking!
Freebies Without Strings
WESH (Orlando, FL) – Mar. 6, 2009
These days, it seems like everyone is trying to save a buck, but nothing beats free. One Web site is promising consumers hundreds of free products in a sluggish economy.
Free Stuff For The Taking
Woman’s World Magazine – Nov. 28 2008
Ever find a free offer only to discover you need to jump through tons of hoops to qualify? Nix the frustration by going directly to
Hey, It’s Free!
WSPA (Spartanburg, SC) – Nov. 11, 2008
These days, it seems like everything costs a fortune. High prices for groceries, gas, and other expenses are making it hard for families to make ends meet. What you may not know is that you can get many things for your family absolutely free!
Getting Something For Nothing
KMPH (Fresno, CA) – Nov. 6, 2008
In some cases you don’t even have to leave your home to get free products. One website delivers the goods right to your front door….Today thousands of consumers surf the page to read his reviews and follow through on deals.
Sites That Can Save You Thousands
Shop Smart Magazine – Nov. 2008
We’ve found another gem. Heyitsfree is a blog that was started by 25-year-old Ryan Eubanks when he was in college and broke. He scours the Web daily to find offers that are truly worth the other and posts them on his nicely designed site.
Money Saving Websites
CBS Up To The Minute News – Oct. 15, 2008
Heyitsfree is just a cool site. There’s a guy out there scouring the net for free deals.
Save With Dave: Hey, It’s Free
KOVR (Sacramento, CA) – Oct. 13, 2008
Hey, its,’ is a blog started by a broke college student three years ago. Now, it’s blossomed into a mecca for free samples and goodies.
Want freebies? Yes, please!
Ka Leo O Hawai’i (Honolulu, Hawaii) – Apr. 10, 2007
After eating your $5 to $7 lunch on campus, you look into your wallet and find only pieces of lint and a few coins left over. Sound familiar? In a reality where most college students must pinch pennies to survive, a Web site called aims to bring freebies to everybody.

Other mentions include:

Hundreds of local ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliates.

The Denver Post (Denver CO) – Apr. 27, 2009

WSYR (Syracuse, NY) – Jan 13, 2009 – “This is a blog that scours the web daily to find offers that are truly worth the bother.”

12 News NBC (Phoenix, AZ) – Nov. 18, 2008

Wall Street Journal – Nov. 4, 2008

CNN – Nov. 4, 2008

The Charleston Gazette (Charleston, WV) – October 29, 2008

Times Union (Albany, NY) – October 21, 2008 – “Each day the site updates their listings (after scouring the Web) so you’re bound to find something appealing.”

WXYZ Action News (Detroit, MI) – October 20, 2008

NBC KY3 (Springfield, MO) – October 13, 2008

Honolulu Star Bulletin (Honolulu, HI) – October 13, 2008 – “Having one of those lifetimes on the short end of the stick, and simply swiping a stack of office Post-Its just isn’t going to even the score? Then get free stuff with no strings attached.”

WPIX CW 11 (New York, NY) – October 9, 2008

WISN ABC 12 (Milwaukee, WI) – October 7, 2008 – “This is a good web name – Hey, It’s!”

Honolulu Advertiser (Honolulu, HI) – October 5, 2008 – “Rank of as the best site for freebies: 1”

NBC Today Show – Oct. 2008

WCBS (New York, NY) – September 29, 2008

MSN Money Central – September 14, 2008 – “Do you want to get free stuff on the Internet with no strings attached and no spam? Incredible as it may seem, you can (at) Hey, It’s Free!”

FSView (Tallahassee, Florida) – March 28, 2007 – Web site provides an opportunity for students to save money and try new products.

KHTS (San Diego, California) – July 19, 2006 – AJ’s Playhouse Channel 933.