Guide to Unlike Facebook Pages and Delete Profile Applications

I first posted this in December 2010, but with so many changes to Facebook since then I thought it was time to update and repost it.

LAST UPDATED: 08-15-2013

The most frequent question I get is “Goob, how do you stay so fit and handsome?” To which I reply, “please, please, let’s just talk about freebies.” The second most frequent question pertains to Facebook freebies. In order to get them, you have to like a company and/or add their application to your profile. However, what happens after signing up? The company hopes you’ll move along on your merry way and forget all about unliking them or deleting the application. But that’s not how we Hiffers roll.

Make A Dummy Account

First off, people complain about having to like a company. I understand that, as I don’t really like Emergen-C or Ritz or Burt’s Bees enough to “like” them on my personal Facebook account. So you know what I did? I used my freebie email address to make a second, fake Facebook account. I didn’t add any friends to it, I used a fake name, and I snagged a random picture off Google Images to use as my profile image. It’s what I suggest people do and I’ve had no trouble with it so far.

View All Your Pages & Easily Dislike

One of the big problems now is it’s hard to see all of the pages you like. But not impossible. The first step is going to your Facebook Newsfeed, finding Pages on the left column, and hovering to the right in order to see a blue More link. Click it.

See All Facebook Pages I Like

Now click the Create A Page button then Pages I Like.

See All Facebook Pages You Like

See All Liked Facebook Pages

Now you can see every page you’ve liked and quickly unlike any that you so desire.

Unlike A Single Facebook Page

But let’s say you’ve already liked a certain page and want to just take care of it. If that’s the case, go any specific page that you want to unlike. Let’s go with Mucinex. Once there, look for a box near the top right that says Liked with a check mark. Hover over it and you’ll be able to unlike that page. You will no longer like the Facebook page and it won’t show up in your news feed or on your profile.

Unlike Facebook Page

Delete A Facebook Application

Now what about those apps that want to access your Facebook info or post info on your own wall? To delete those, go to the top right of any page and click the down arrow -> Privacy Settings.
Delete Facebook App

Once this page loads, you’ll want to look on the left sidebar for Apps.

Remove Facebook App

Now you’ll see a bunch of options here, but you’ll first want to click the tiny “Show All Apps” link and then go through them all. You can edit their settings or delete them outright with the X.

Remove Facebook App

And that should do it. Hopefully this helps a few Hiffers out there in cleaning up their Facebook accounts while also still being able to get Facebook freebies.

Remember, if you make a Facebook account only for freebies, like I suggested earlier, then there’s no real reason to Unlike or delete any of the profile apps as there isn’t any information for them to access in the first place!

Questions? Comments? Insults? Fire away in the comments below.

  • Abby

    I don’t know if anyone else does this (or if you still can with all the Facebook changes!) but when they ask me “Who can see the stuff this app posts?” I always put “Only Me”…I doesn’t bother me seeing it and this way none of my friends can!

  • melmel325

    Whew! That took a long time! But thanks for the help.

  • Sara Floyd

    The problem is when you get to 5000 likes! thats all you can have

  • Jen

    Facebook sometimes will lock up or delete a fake account. I had a b.s. gaming account that had that happen. though perhaps some reported me. Another thing, don’t remove tons of FB apps all at once. I did that, and then was blocked for over a month from adding any other app (even completely legit like goodreads). if you reach 5000, just go unlike pages. I have heard unliking lots at once can be problematic too but do not have a personal story about that. to find pages you like, enter in search bar: “pages I like”.