Benihana’s Birthday Freebie

Benihana's Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free $30 gift certificate with the purchase of a 2nd adult entree
  • Dinner
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Benihana's Japanese Restaurant birthday freebie is pretty darn awesome, if you ask me. What other place gives you thirty bucks every year? That's right, not a single one, and I should know because I've been going through way too many of these lately.

The coupon will be valid on Monday – Thursdays for the month of your birthday, so find a sitter one night and enjoy a meal! Well don't find a sitter if you don't have kids. That'd be a little creepy.

25 comments on “Benihana’s Birthday Freebie”

  1. I am so disappointed !!! I have applied and reapplied to get my Birthday coupon to no avail. I have been receiving coupons in past years but, I have not received one this year. My birthday was in August. I think you should send me my coupon along with an apology. I have been a loyal customer and I feel so disappointed and mistreated.

  2. Sad..the days I have off are fri., sat., and sun.. You guys should make it able to be used any day or at least weekdays, because many of us miss out on a great opp.! and of course most of us would bring guests as well…

  3. Tabby-

    I think you can still sign up and the coupon will be e-mail to you by Sunday. Last month I signed up 2 days before my b-day and it got to my inbox in time! It was a great experience! I ordered a seafood meal and everything was very fresh! The meal was like $36 so I only paid $6 plus tips. πŸ˜€

  4. I used this freebie last week. I love in North Carolina and there is no Benihanas near me, but I was in New York for a wedding and was able to use it there. I got a great meal, soft drink and dessert. The bill came to $29.35 before tax (coupon says you pay tax). It cost me nothing but the tip! Great freebie!


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