Free Barron’s Magazine Subscription

I always dreamed of becoming a robber baron, so I look forward to the many enlightening articles I'm sure to read thanks to my free Barron's magazine subscription.

I also think this is the first time I've ever seen a RewardsGold survey that matched with the magazine. I came expecting to talk about my yogurt eating habits or my sock purchasing history.

Free Magazine Subscriptions

Free Magazine Subscriptions

Current Free Magazines

If you want to also lose every inch of kitchen counter and table space with free magazine subscription, then this page is for you!

RewardsGold is the irrefutable king of magazine freebies and it's not even close. After that I'd say it's RewardSurvey, RecycleBank, ValueMags, and Mercury Magazine all being great alternative sources. You can get enough reading material to last for hours every week and still have plenty leftover to donate, use for art projects, or burn in the backyard for impromptu s'mores.

Free Magazine Tip

When asked to refer a friend, simply make somebody up! I bet the guy who owns [email protected] hates me.

Free RewardSurvey Magazines

RewardSurvey updates their free magazine selection on a monthly rotation, like clockwork. In fact, I keep a running list of each monthly offering here! The beauty of RewardSurvey is they rotate some high-value magazines, like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Time, and Wired!

Free Trade Publication Magazines

One of the oldest sections of HIF is our free trade publications area. You've probably never heard of most of these. I sure know I haven't. But since they're insanely specific to certain jobs or professionals, I'll sometimes run across computer or website magazines that I sign up for. Seriously, they have an insanely massive list of free magazines up for grabs.

Give the “topics” list a glance to see if there are any you might find useful!

Free Valuemag Magazines routinely offers free magazine subscriptions as well. They typically have 5-15 offers available, with new publications rotating in every month or two. Check up this up-to-date list below!

Free RecycleBank Magazines

One of the best parts of free RecycleBank magazines are they're dirt cheap, points wise. Their rewards page for magazines has a whopping 64 free magazines right now!

Free RewardsGold Magazines

For over a decade, RewardsGold and their sister site RewardsCountry were the premier sites to get free magazine subscriptions. However, in December 2018, both sites went offline for an overhaul. If and when either site returns, I'll post a full list here.

You have to refer at least two friends, but you can always make up fake names and emails. These also require a short, 10 question survey on a random topic for many of them. They shouldn't take any longer than 2 or 3 minutes.

Now please don't sign up for all of these unless you want to give your mail carrier a hernia. 🙂

Free Magazines for Military Members

I hate that I can't personally sign up to verify this free magazine subscriptions for active duty military members offer, but the closest I've ever come to being brave and defending my country is killing waves of zerglings in Starcraft 2. Hey, we've all got our strengths! Fine, and weaknesses. Lots and lots of weaknesses.

Free Harvard Business Review Magazine

If you take a short survey about your cell phone habits, you can get a free Harvard Business Review magazine subscription. I've never read an issue of this before, but it's described as a magazine for “business leaders” and a subscription costs $80 on Amazon!

I'm not much of a leader though. I can't even get my family to follow me in going caroling. They keep using the same tired, old excuses of “we can't sing” and “it's too cold” or “hey, Goob's had enough eggnog, let's throw him in the snow and see how long he can last.”

Free Sports Magazines

I'm not much of an outdoors type: the sun's too bright, all that fresh air is stifling, and who in the world thought it was a good idea to let bugs just roam free in the wild?! That said, there are some decent new magazines available for anybody who enjoys exercise and social contact.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to hop in my giant bubble and get back to becoming the palest human ever.