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RewardsGold has new free Forbes magazine subscriptions for anyone who isn't already getting millions of magazines a week. Some Hiffers might want this freebie to keep up with financial and stock news, but not me. In fact, I don't even know if that's what Forbes writes about. I've never actually read an issue.

I'm going to plaster mine all over my apartment walls. With winter fast approaching, I'm looking for any way to lower my heating bill. I tried building a fireplace in my living room last year, but apparently it's not as simple as starting a fire under an open window. I'm still finding soot all over my house. Now that I think about it, I swear both of my dogs used to be yellow…

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  1. Hiya Gina, yeah great Maiden blu-ray. gonna try to watch it thru again this weekend.

    My wife’s name is also Gina…and she just turned 42 also….us damn old geezers!!!

    Up The Irons!!!

  2. Hey Sam, if you’re a geezer so am I(I’m 42 too!)

    The Iron Maiden special was great. It makes me want to see them in concert again.

  3. It’s a dead mans party, who could ask for more? Also, I’m very proud to say, I have never heard a jonas brothers song, but I do like me some nickelback. but what do you expect from a 42 year old geezer???

    *runs off to watch more of my Iron Maiden Flight 666 Blu-Ray!!!*


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