Coupon: Free Food at QuikTrip

Too bad QuikTrip convenience stores are only located in the Midwest, away from where I live, because they have a free food coupon available at The coupon is for a free deli sandwich, wrap, or salad – no purchase necessary! The coupon won't show up unless you have a QuikTrip in your zip code, but some zips I tried made the coupon show up, such as: 85031, 63010, 66109, 30106, and 30339.

Some coupons expires on 10/21 and others on 10/25, but either way you'll need to make a quick trip to use it! Haha, get it? Hello? Is this thing on?

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

10 comments on “Coupon: Free Food at QuikTrip”

  1. Wendy, please try a different zip code. Each region has a large amount of coupons available for free food and when they are all printed, it reverts to a $1 off coupon.

    I had it right when I initially published this post. Four days is an eternity when it comes to freebies.

  2. it is kwik trip,you said it was a FREE coupon,it is not free.
    the coupon says $1.00 off,not FREE. i wish you could get it right,how hard
    could that be. if it,s not free why do you print this.


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