Coupon: Free Food at QuikTrip

Too bad QuikTrip convenience stores are only located in the Midwest, away from where I live, because they have a free food coupon available at The coupon is for a free deli sandwich, wrap, or salad – no purchase necessary! The coupon won't show up unless you have a QuikTrip in your zip code, but some zips I tried made the coupon show up, such as: 85031, 63010, 66109, 30106, and 30339.

Some coupons expires on 10/21 and others on 10/25, but either way you'll need to make a quick trip to use it! Haha, get it? Hello? Is this thing on?

10 comments on “Coupon: Free Food at QuikTrip”

  1. Wendy, please try a different zip code. Each region has a large amount of coupons available for free food and when they are all printed, it reverts to a $1 off coupon.

    I had it right when I initially published this post. Four days is an eternity when it comes to freebies.

  2. it is kwik trip,you said it was a FREE coupon,it is not free.
    the coupon says $1.00 off,not FREE. i wish you could get it right,how hard
    could that be. if it,s not free why do you print this.


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