Free NASA Autographed Astronaut Photo

According to NASA's Kennedy Space Center FAQ page, you can get a free autographed picture of an astronaut simply by asking!

Q. How can I obtain an autographed picture of an astronaut?
A. You may write or fax your request to the following address for astronaut autographed pictures:

NASA Johnson Space Center
CB/Astronaut Office
Houston, TX 77058

Here's an official list of active astronauts with direct links to their social media pages. Who knows, maybe you're about to discover your newest favorite spacefaring human!

1 thought on “Free NASA Autographed Astronaut Photo”

  1. Could i please have an autography photo sent to Star Johnson 13 Fir Drive Baltimore, MD 21220
    i have followed the space program for 65 years and loved every minute of it. there is nothing like
    the rumble under your feet and watching the shuttles take off. Thank you for everything. you do.


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