Free Belif Skincare Samples

In order to get your choice of two free Belif skincare samples, listed below, you'll need to follow this link on your mobile device only. If you try signing up on a computer, it won't work.

  • Free Belif Moisturizing Bomb
  • Free Belif Aqua Bomb
  • Free Hungarian Water Essence

After you load the page on your phone, enter your email and then pick the following answers to their questions.

  1. The sound of hydration as it hits your face
  2. Hungarian water essence
  3. An explosion of moisture

Finally, fill out your address and click the confirmation link they email you.

You know, if we had more bombs made out of moisturizer and aqua, I wouldn't be so worried about global wars potentially breaking out.

3 comments on “Free Belif Skincare Samples”

    • After you select your two samples, scroll down and there’s a button that says “check out.” The next page to load should be a form to enter your address.


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